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User Info: Alushen

4 months ago#1
I do want to try this, from what I’ve read, it seems to retain a lot of the flavor of the original. Though I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not out on consoles, it seems like the Switch would be perfect for something like this. I’m not a huge fan of touch screen controls, but maybe someday I might swing for the IPad app.
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User Info: beege_man

4 months ago#2
I haven't played them myself, but @ZomBULL has. From what he's said elsewhere about them, they don't actually maintain much flavor of the original. For example there are Ethers for sale that are very cheap which pretty much breaks game difficulty.
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User Info: FalxXD

4 months ago#3
Waiting for console
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User Info: TonyKojima

4 months ago#4
Its ok, a bit easy since they included ethers and phoenix downs but kept the original magic system. Defeats the purpose I think, however I just don't use ethers or phoenix downs and then it makes it more of a challenge like the original. Intelligence bug is finally fixed as well.
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User Info: The_Hacker

4 months ago#5
They seem to do this everytime. Fix one thing and ruin another. Infinite high level magic basically makes it easier than Origins easy mode I would think.

User Info: CrashGordon94_

4 months ago#6
I was wondering about it, honestly. Like whether it was just based on the PSP version and such.
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User Info: ZomBULL

4 months ago#7
Hey, lets not be completely pessimistic, I have been genuinely enjoying the FF2 Pixel Remaster at least! ... ... Although, that's because I am a sick weirdo who actually likes the stupid things about FF2 so discovering the new changes is entertaining - even if the changes are really dumb.
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User Info: magus84

4 months ago#8
Just beat it with a Fighter, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage party.

It's well-worth the money, even just for the revamped soundtrack alone. PS1/PSP/Origins versions are good, but I think this has my favorite remixes all-told.

Gameplay-wise, it's mostly vanilla (no GBA bonus dungeons/PSP bonus stuff) with bugfixes (Int works, Temper works, enemy attributes work) and some changes (inventory/consumables) that end up making it easier, even before the big difficulty change (exp curve). Empty chests have been replaced with Potions, as far as I can tell.

It's got a mini-map that shows chests/doors you've opened, and the World Map shows how many chests you have opened/unopened at each location. It makes the post-Mystic Key item roundup a lot more manageable.

It uses the original magic charge system. It adds Ethers, Hi-Potions, some status cure items (for Blind, Silence, etc) and Remedies. X-Potions, Dry Ethers and Elixirs are also available from a few chests (and maybe a really rare drop?) I ended the game with 1 each of X-Potion/Elixir and 2 Dry Ethers. Phoenix Downs are prohibitively expensive early on (500 Gil) but Ethers are amazingly cheap (150 gil each). This is with regular Potions coming in at 40 Gil and Antidotes at 50 Gil, for reference. (I may be misremembering Potion price, but I'm on my phone in bed at this point so eh).

The item management is more like later Final Fantasies (so you don't have to ration inventory space and throw away spell-casting items). INT bug and weapon properties are fixed. Peninsula of Power's gone.

The biggest changes that aren't related to buyable items or inventory space are the increased level cap (I'm assuming it's 99?) and the way faster exp curve. I beat the game just under level 51, after getting to class change in the late 30s. That's with what I would consider minimal grinding (only did so pre-Elfheim to buy all the stuff that opened up spell-wise). Especially early on, you'll have spell charges for higher level stuff far before you are actually at the point where you can obtain and afford spells for them.

The combination of the exp curve, level cap, consumable availability and inventory space changes combine to make it easier overall, but it's not quite as easy as the GBA remakes. Ethers, while providing way more spells than you would've had access to in the NES version, only restore one point per spell level. So they're less-impactful in-battle than an Ether usage in Dawn of Souls would be, though overall probably more useful.

Two standouts in difficulty are: My Black Mage getting one-shot from full HP (27) in the first encounter of the Temple of Chaos on the way to fight Garland originally. And my White Mage's only death of the entire game in the Tiamat rematch (one-shot from full before Blink went off). Aside from that, it was pretty smooth sailing: not as grind-heavy as the NES version but not as hands-off easy as the GBA one.

People are calling these "demakes" or "demasters" but I disagree with that. They don't have the extra GBA bonus content, but these obviously have way more effort put into them than the churned-out iOS/Android/Steam remakes of the later games.

The spritework is painstaking and beautiful and detailed, down to each class having individual "ready for attack", "done with attack" and "hit reaction" animations pre- and post- class change, all while remaining pretty faithful to the original designs (unlike the gorgeous but not-exactly-faithful PSP version).

Individual weapons have different models (like the older version but more detailed) when you attack, different sound effects and graphics for hits/misses (like the original's different colored hits but more detailed), and the in-game minimap is a sepia-toned map of your current location on what looks like a scroll, with detail work all the way out to the edges.

Individual NPCs/villagers all have expanded dialogue with hints and background info and occasionally (surprisingly well-done) accents.

The music is a series of gorgeous orchestral remixes of the original tracks, with a lot of added guitar/flute/piano in different places. Someone who knows more about music can probably give a better description than I can, but they're pretty-enough that in hindsight I would've bought this for the soundtrack alone.

The default font's ugly, it doesn't have the GBA extra dungeons and it's a bit easier due to item changes/exp curve, but it's easy to see the work they put in on the things they did change (the graphics and music).

If you like Final Fantasy 1 at all, I'd highly suggest picking this up if just for the music alone. Also it seems like people are already making progress on modding it, so I can imagine any of the potential quibbles (no GBA dungeons, that ugly-ass default font, the exp curve) will likely be changeable in the near future.

Now I just need to figure out how to bribe AstralEsper into porting FF1 Restored and Rebalanced to this so I can play it on Steam. :(

The entire time I was playing I kept missing her changes to healing spell levels (so that WHM's Level 2 and 4 spells aren't completely useless).

In a few days I'm probably going to start another playthrough with my preferred Fighter/Thief/Red Mage/White Mage party, but I haven't used a Monk/Black Mage in so long that I went with them for my first playthrough (and also to test Int and Monk Magic Defense).

User Info: CrashGordon94_

4 months ago#9
Doesn't sound too bad, all things considered. At least not as wonky as the PSP version.

Still dropping in stuff like new items without really rebalancing the rest of the game around that isn't the best move.

Might still be worthwhile though.

But one thing...
Peninsula of Power's gone.
*Lil Jon voice* WHAT?!
Like seriously, that was considered such a good thing that it was left in every other version and now they just yank it out?
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User Info: DarthCansupes

4 months ago#10
Played a bit this morning, just a few thoughts.

It's the DoS script. Might be some tweaks I didn't notice, but at the very least that's what it's built off of. Also has the DoS starting equipment and 500 smackers instead of the vanilla 400. Prices for spells are reduced as well.

The minimap is nice, but I wish it didn't start out on full display for dungeons. Filling in as you go would be better for a new player.

Thieves have the DoS buff. Was getting 2 hits at level 1 with a rapier. Three hits by I think level 7 with a scimitar. Hit calculation is definitely different as even at level 8 he's got 30% hit rate.

ZomBULL pointed this out elsewhere, but it's really funny seeing enemies try to run and have a "Miss!" pop up when they fail to do so. Interestingly, goblins were trying to flee when I was still level 1, and ogres were trying to flee by level 5. I've yet to see an enemy successfully escape, though.

OddEYEs (Bigeyes here) have a physical attack to go along with their Gaze special.

SLEEP IS TRASH I REPEAT SLEEP IS NES-SLEP-LEVEL GARBO. I mean, this is a small sample size but I have yet to see an enemy remain asleep for even a single round, they always wake immediately. I'm not 100% sure but I think they even wake up at the end/beginning of the round as I'm fairly sure I had a sequence of "enemy acts"/"put to sleep"/"new round"/"enemy acts" happen, but I will watch more carefully for this in the future.

The music really is very good.

One point of interest I was very glad to see, inns still do not cure poison. I specifically tested this because it felt like the kind of change they would make, and they left it vanilla. I approve.

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