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User Info: Qazitory

2 months ago#491
Sorrell pushes the Hawaiian button!

User Info: Voltgloss

2 months ago#492
Spiralex considered his supplies:

  • a serious-looking chipmunk wearing a fedora and a brown bomber jacket, carrying a rope
  • a mischievous-looking chipmunk wearing a red and yellow Hawaiian shirt
  • a rat (or maybe just big fat mouse) with a red mustache, dark cyan sweater with light tan jacket, and aviator's goggles, clearly looking around for cheese
  • a mouse with long blonde hair in a lavender jumpsuit, carrying a crossbow (?) made of a pencil, rubber band, and plunger
  • a blue-green fly in a red sweater

They appeared to be communicating excitedly at each other, but at a quite higher pitch and faster pace then Spiralex was used to hearing. Even from Guy.

Still, his course of action was clear. Cradling the Rod in his left elbow, he lifted up the box to eye level, folded down one side so that those inside could see out, and aimed them so they could see Fake Guy and the other "contestants." And spoke to them.

"Hello, heroes. I understand your motto is to watch out for everyone, and whenever anyone is in trouble, you're on the case. Well, here we are with some trouble: that cowboy character over there is impersonating my good friend - the hero of another story, you see - and seeking to usurp his place, threatening all the rest of us who are counting on him. Our only recourse is to win this bizarre 'race' that's been cooked up. Also, it should be quite dangerous, exceedingly fast, more than moderately thrilling, and above all, an adventure. Shall we give it a whirl?"

Spiralex then gently set the box on the skateboard, leaving it open so the fivesome could emerge to do their things, and took a stance upfront. He then carefully bored a hole with the Rod in the front base of the skateboard - careful not to compromise wheels or axles - and inserted the Rod as a makeshift control stick. Then turned back and addressed his companions (?) again.

"Gadget, I trust you can make sense of that strange device on the back. Mayhaps we're jet- or rocket-powered, or something similar. I'll leave those levers to you all to manipulate as needed while we get our skateboarding legs. But if you're wondering where to start, well, perhaps we push each one forward briefly for a few seconds, left, then middle, then right, and get a sense of what's what? Or if you all want to be more inventive, feel free. I'm here to hang on."

And Spiralex hung on, aiming at Track 2, since the heroes were in Box 2, and why spoil a good heroic thing.

Spiralex offers the above advice to, but otherwise trusts in, the Rescue Rangers to start things off.
[Took me a minute to understand, but if I'm reading right, we'll still have access to any of our supplies, but we're in our vehicles ready to go, yeah? Not that most of these supplies seem terribly useful, but an ominous button clearly begs to be pressed. I'm going to assume Kojak can work a gear shift, since this isn't the first time in recent memory that I've just magically appeared into a vehicle haha. I hope I don't need to do something with the fuel, since other Guy is already off and running, but I'll leave a provisional for that just in case.

My first thought was difficulty levels as well. 2 seemed like a good idea, just to try to find that Goldilocks zone, if they are difficulty levels. I was starting to think I might be going it alone on that route as I scanned the posts, but I see Spiralex looks to be headed that way as well. We don't seem to know which path other Guy took.]

Start up the truck and head for track 2. If it doesn't seem to start for some reason, look for the gas tank to pour the fuel into. Otherwise, drive aggressively (as one does in a pickup truck), but not too reckless. Do try not to run Spiralex over. If there's a long straightaway at some point, try pushing the button on the panel.
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User Info: Amo387

2 months ago#494
[Obviously, you should let Spiralex hang onto the back of the truck while The Power of Love plays in the background.]
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User Info: Booguwah61482

2 months ago#495
Presuming Rocco's truck has three pedals, he holds the left one to the floor, puts the truck in gear, then pushes the right one to the floor, then pulls his left foot to the left, popping the left pedal, and aims for Level 3!

[We've been playing a lot of board games of late. Zagrada, Whitechapel (I think it's called, anyway), one based off of formula one races, a fun quick card game called No Thanks, and Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion have been the biggest hits. The Mind, which is very similar to The Game, are another two really fun card games we'veplayed recently. I have a friend who is getting close to 400 games in his own library, so we still have a lot left to try!]

User Info: XScorpion

2 months ago#496
Booguwah61482 posted...
The Mind
love this one
(message deleted)

User Info: ActionIV

2 months ago#498
"I have no idea what is going on." Pogs hoped the Wheel icon would get the Chinchilla moving out of harm's way while he figured out what any of this meant.

Pogs presses the Wheel button

User Info: AstralEsper

2 months ago#499
Undine applies some heat-resistant hairspray, and puts the box on the seat next to hear for easy access on the fly.

Let's assume she eventually figures out how to insert the keys and start the engine. She experiments with the lever, moving it one-by-one from 1 to 5, observing what happens.

She'll try pressing the red button to see if anything happens.

Once she (presumably) gets it moving, she chooses Route 1.

User Info: des223

2 months ago#500
"Eh, close enough," Dano muttered as he pushed the "3" button.

Dano presses the "3" button.
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