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The_Hacker 7 months ago#1
Topic Title: What's Your Playstyle?

The Speedrunner

Speedrunners attempt to beat the game as fast as possible. Whether in real-time or segmented, cheating or not. They tend to run from almost every encounter, skip most chests, and are not afraid to throw cheese at bosses. Mute and Bane are two flavors I like to feed the boss monsters. Speed run parties typically consist of Fighters, Red Mages, and/or Black Mages, if you're a cheater. But for hardcore gamers, the Thief and White Mage are almost required, believe it or not. Of course, speedrunners despise the worthless wet bag, otherwise known as a Black Belt.

The Grinder

Grinders are a bit O.C.D. They must fight every battle, collect every chest, and they must get to level 50 before beating Chaos. Of course, any game is not complete until you've stomped on all possible enemies, including T-Rex and WarMech:). For some odd reason, grinders use Black Belts! Maybe they are a touch mental? Grinders are usually level 10 before even thinking of doing Marsh Cave, while other players have class changed already. Because you know, Black Belts get slightly better(LOL) at level 10. So yeah. And Thieves are trash;). Go punch some stuff!

The Casual Gamer

Most players fall in this category. Who cares about anything but having fun? They pick the Black Mage only because he is a cool looking Star Wars dude in a sombrero. (Or is he an Orco rip-off?). Who cares? Pick him! And Red Mage too because again....the hat! Am I right? You know I'm right;). Oh yeah, and a Fighter. Maybe two.

The Survivor

This player hates game overs. Really, really, hates it. And resetting is NOT an option. Save states? What are those? So of course, at least one White Mage is mandatory. And a Red Mage could help too, maybe. But Fighter is required. And maybe even a Thief. After all, you will encounter Sorcerers. You will try to run. And you will be punished to death by having the audacity to even think you can run from Sorcerers. Let the game over music commence. (Unless you have a Thief:).

The Magic User

Magic is fun. There is no debate on that. But what is more fun than Mages? More Mages! So bring 4! Red, White, or Black. There is nothing quite so satisfying as toasting 4 ZomBulls with your level 5 party in the first round of battle. Yeah. You know it ;). Who needs Fighters? Boring! And Black Belts deserve to be shamed by always being the perma-dead characters in solos, duos, and 3-party runs. Because, anyone who can never use magic has something very wrong with them.

The Fighter

Let's face it, Fighters are overpowered. Not just in a "best job" sort of way. They are absurdly, laughably, game-breakingly overpowered. Want to cake walk 90% of the game? Bring 4 Fighters. Want to cake walk 99% of the game? Bring 3 Fighters and an optional 3rd character, probably a Red Mage. Just as insurance for those hordes of undeads. Paraplink. Oh the nightmares....

The Low Level Gamer

These players like to punish themselves. They just LOVE playing the ship game over 200 times. Yay! They actually try to beat the game on the lowest possible level. Which, in theory, is 8. Or is it 16? Or even 1? It all depends on your preferred flavor of cheese. Wet mozzerrella? Overflow counter. Provolone? RNG manipulation and save state abuse. Aged cheddar? Pre-game battle table stacking. Bleu? Bring a Thief and White Mage and stay up all night gambling until you win. My record is 16 :D. I'm not quite crazy enough to attempt the legendary level 8 White Mages.

The Challenge Player

These players have beaten the game senseless more times than they can count. Chaos is an old friend from the 1990's. That old explorer's handbook may still be in a moldy cardboard box in the garage somewhere. So let's play the game with a twist this time. Like a solo White Mage. With no class change! Or 4 magicless Black Mages! Or maybe even, dare I say it, 4 Black Belts forced to keep nunchuks equipped the whole game, because we did it on accident the first time we played. And to throw salt on open wounds, no Heal potions! Yeah!
BareknuckleRoo 7 months ago#2
I'd probably qualify as The Survivor in most RPGs if only because it doesn't feel like I've really beaten it unless I can get through it start to finish without a game over. Unless I'm doing a really silly challenge run outside the norm where deaths are pretty much a given.
Jay_Shaw 7 months ago#3
I don't seem to fall neatly into any of the pre-defined categories. I've definitely used more physically-oriented parties during my last couple of run-throughs, but I was considering doing an Origins Easy-Mode version playthrough of the game sometime using mostly mages (since at least they would get a decent amount of spells that way). These days, I won't even try playing the game without a Fighter and a White Mage in my party, so it's really the remaining two characters that I'm willing to be a bit flexible with.

CranberryPSO 7 months ago#4
I guess currently I'd fall into "The Challenge Player" since I am doing the "one of everything" challenge. Which also would make me a magic player since my challenge requires 2 white wizards and 2 black wizards.
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____bob____ 7 months ago#5
I usually like Fighters because I want to make use of the gear I find but I'm currently really digging my 4 BLM run.
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JOSHI_the_Drako 7 months ago#6
Depends on the version. This and Origins? Grinder because black belts are ridonculously good. Until level 8-10 (which is around the time barehanded becomes better) they deal pretty good damage with iron nunchuks, then they start rapidly catching up rapidly to the knight if only because they have twice the hitrate of any other class. (no, really, it's the hit formula muliplied by 2 at the end). They also have 50 Absorb, 206 Magic defense (if you CC at max level as I do) and a solid 100 Damage at max level, nevermind having lv*2 crit effectively making their hands better than the XCalibr since the type weaknesses are bugged... also, double most of these if you play on Origin's easy mode which is more in line with the other versions... 99 Absorb, 198 Damage and Crit... yeah...

They are also incredibly convenient for not needing expensive equipment and being able to carry most of a dungeon's loot for you to sell for your expensive redmage or knight.

My usual team is 2 bl.belts (take care of most things), 1 red mage (haste without CC, Fir2 for Lich and some neat buffs that hold up till endgame like fog, as well as some early game healing) and 1 white mage. (never leave the house without one!)

Anniversary? All mages baby! Nothing beats blasting everything with free Holy at Intx2 for 0MP at endgame thanks to sage's staffs and the lightbringer! I recommend 2 white mages for the bosses so that one can buff and the other can heal reliably each turn while the others blast away, especially against Chronodia. Whether you go for Red/Red, Red/Black or Black/Black is a YMMV thing. Personally, I like having one of each if only because I like being able to whack things when there's a magic-resistant enemy.

P.S.: There's two types of grinders: the type who just gets level and the type who desyncs characters and resets until he gets the stats he wants... trust me, there's a HUGE difference between the two.
SchlossRitter 7 months ago#7
I lean most towards the Grinder, though not to the point of maxing level or hunting down every monster in this game (but other games with a bestiary to complete...). However, I do tend to be over leveled and well equipped. Also, I always collect every chest, yes even the Cloth in the Ice Cave, but I'll drop the least useful equipment being carried and not be obsessive enough to have to sell everything off that's not being kept.

Though the Grinder and the Survivor sound like they'd have some overlap, that's not the case for me. I'm in the camp that white mages are one of the more useless classes because the main reason you need more healing is from them not helping kill stuff fast enough to not take as much damage in the first place, along with them making grinding take longer. Also, since you can't revive anyone in battle, that butts up against my obsession with keeping everyone at an even amount of xp. Thus to that end, I got into the habit of resetting when someone dies because it would usually be an unrunnable encounter, or just before someone else finished off the enemies, or the Life caster themselves going down. In fact, even when using a red mage now, I'll skip learning Life for those reasons.

Ironically, I do like playing healer in multiplayer games, lol.
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The_Hacker 7 months ago#8
Now that I think about it, this could have been a poll.
des223 7 months ago#9
"The Challenge Player" for me, definitely, as I've beaten the game with each of the 6 classes solo, with no class change.
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masuda 7 months ago#10
a bit of casual, a bit of grinder, and a bit of magician
i usually have a fighter, a healer mage, a dmg dealing mage, and a de/buffing mage for most fun
and since getting all those spells take a lot of money, i tend to grind quite a bit, but thanks to all that magic, it's not as bad as just pressing a single button
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