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User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#1
Introduction and Sign-Up
Welcome to the main Final Fantasy Dynamics thread. Dynamics is a heavily modified text-based version of FF1 whereby you play the role of a single light warrior and interact with other message board warriors. You have the ability to join and leave parties, challenge individuals and parties to duels, strategize during unexpected events, struggle to control rare vehicles and artifacts, and more.

You are welcome to join this game at any time! Simply select a class (fighter, black belt, thief, red mage, white mage, or black mage) and a RP name of reasonable length. If you wish to catch up on myriad aspects of the story to-date, the current players have graciously formed a wiki for this game at http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Dynamics.

Gameplay is as simple as entry. You merely need to read the thread every 48 hours or less and enter commands. Failure to act within the 48 hour window is no big deal in town but, if you do not react in a battle situation, your character may attack a random foe or simply do nothing. Depending on when I sign in, updates may occur faster than 48 hours if an individual or all members of the party enter their commands quicker. If you will not be able to check in for an extended period, you are welcome (and encouraged) to post conditional "if X happens then do Y" commands covering your absence and/or assign temporary control to one of your fellow party members.

Abbreviated Rules
() Mechanics and stats will generally mirror true FF except as noted in the inventory of core changes.
() Experience (doubled) and gold is divided equally amongst party members.
() New equipment, class skills, and enemies will be introduced.
() There will be scarcity among rare treasures, new puzzles, missions, etc.
() Shop inventories will be provided as you progress.
() You can carry a maximum of 12 consumables (potions, phoenix downs, etc.) and 8 non-consumables (spare equipment, reusables).
() You have three spell slots per level but can forget spells to make room for others.
() The penalty for death is based on the circumstances surrounding said death. Gold is only lost if the entire party is wiped out, in which case 50% of all party members' gold is forfeit. Experience loss is based on the resurrection approach: If you are resurrected immediately following the battle with a life spell, you will not incur an experience penalty for death. If your resurrection is postponed or you need to be carried to a clinic, you will lose 5% * <Death# for your character> of the experience needed for the next level. This will never lower your current level though your experience may fall below what was needed for the previous level.
() Quests marked with a * can be taken after their initial completion. Plot quests are generally not repeatable.

Rules may be added or modified as the game progresses, though I will frequently poll the player base beforehand.

Inventory of Core Changes
This describes how the FFD engine differs from the NES engine.

Poison will now do 5% of max HP per round but will not land a killing blow.
Poison stacks and can be cured by an ESNA or by one pure per stack
Regen status works as the opposite of poison
Agility now influences turn order
Chance of running based on agility and luck
You can switch party formation in battle, but it consumes a turn for those moving
Magic defense now stops growing at a certain level for some classes (FI 20, BB 20, TH 35).
Foes generally target allies based on a chance out of 16, based on party size (10/6, 8/5/3, 8/4/2/2, 7/3/2/2/2, 6/3/2/2/2/1, 5/3/2/2/2/1/1, 4/3/2/2/2/1/1/1).

Scather - A Silver [S] that can drain damage into health once per day
Steel Kyouketsu - See Melmond weapon list
Masher - Mage masher; slightly better than Silver [K]; can MUTE on strike
Rod - Slightly more powerful than Silver [K] but with a much higher crit rate
Lit [S] - Jack's lightning-based weapon that has a charge of bolt (hit-all LIT) once per day
Focus [St] - Casts LOK2 when used in battle
Protect [St] - Casts FOG2 when used in battle
Gladius - Casts LIT2 after a critical hit
Thor's [H] - Now LIT-element

Scorching [R] - Scorch once per day
Might [R] - +4 DMG
Lupine [R] - Summon a FrWOLF ally once per day
Druid [R] - Regen status for party once per day
Defense [R] - +4 ABS
Genius [R] - +5 INT
Element [R] - Summons random elemental
Empowerer [R] - Shapechange into random non-boss
Force [A] - Protection from magic (properties not known)
Vitae [A]/[B] - Regenerative armor/bracelet
Evade [C] - +80 Evade
Gaia [G] - BW only, Casts FORC
SafetyBit - Protection from instant death/petrification
Cursed [R] - Random status ailments, powerful boost if curse broken

Equipment Augmentations
Critical - Rates augmented (see weapon notes in each town)
Tempered - The dragon, coral, were, and rune swords can be tempered (see Melmond notes)
Elemental Resist - Tim the Enchanter near Crescent Lake can enchant one piece of silver equipment per player against a random element for 10000g (see Crescent Lake notes)

Inventory Limits - 12 consumables (e.g. potions) and 8 non-consumables (e.g. spare gear)
Phoenix Down - Item that casts LIFE
HiPotion - Restores 90 HP
Gems - Summon powerful allies
Crystals - Somewhat random effects

White Magic Spells
AMUT - Prevents and cures MUTE, can be cast while MUTED
PURE - Now called ESNA and cures all statuses from one ally
FEAR - Now makes the enemy fear a random element
SOFT - Now called ESN2 and cures all statuses from all allies
XFER - Removes resistances and halves Mdef

Black Magic Spells
LOCK - Reduce a single enemy's evade to 0 temporarily
DARK - Cuts all enemy's hit% and evade% by 40
TMPR - Dmg+8 (stackable thrice)
SLOW - Causes affected enemies to act last every round
HOLD - Stuns a typical enemy for 2-4 turns
LOK2 - Lowers all enemies evade to 0 temporarily
FAST - Doubles Hit% (not stackable)
CONF - Causes all enemies to randomly target until an ally strikes them
SLO2 - Causes affected enemies to act last every round. Higher accuracy.
STUN - Stuns a typical enemy for 3-6 turns
QAKE - Small chance (5%) to insty plus earth damage equal to FIR3
BLND - Now FORC (forcefield) which absorbs the next 50 damage dealt to the caster for each spell charge used. The forcefield will last the current battle plus the next [assuming the battle happens in relatively short order. It will not endure an inn stay or shopping. If cast pre-battle, it will only last the current battle.]
XXXX - Now BIO, poison element damage to all enemies & 20% chance to poison

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#2
Class Abilities
Fighter+1 – Defend – 50% damage from physical attacks [Dwarven Village]
Fighter+2 – Cover – Accept next physical damage in lieu of another at their defense rating [Melmond]
Fighter+3 - Taunt - Halves chance of other party members being targeted [Dragon's Haven]
Thief+1 – Lockpicks – Pick non-magical locks [Pravoka]
Thief+2 – Mystic Key – Pick magical locks [Elfland]
Thief+3 - Poisons - Can use Vial to apply poison to weapon for various effects (Acidic 100% Poison, Nerve 15% Stun non-boss, Deadly 5% Insty non-boss/player) [Dragon's Haven]
Black Belt+1 – Block – 50% chance to take 0 physical damage [Dwarven Village]
Black Belt+2 – PsychUp – 150% DMG stat on next hit once per day [Melmond]
Black Belt+3 - Kick - Damage from single attack spread to all foes [Dragon's Haven]
Mage+1 – Int Boost – Raise spell effectivity [Elfland]
Mage+2 – Int Boost – Raise spell effectivity [Crescent Lake]
Mage+3 - Higher Charges - Access to Wizard spells [Dragon's Haven]

Fighter Class Change
Paladin - Casts White Magic, gains 9 L1-L4 charges
Knight - Guard (2 rounds of Defend + Cover, optional Taunt), Challenge (draw 1 enemy's attacks), Shield Bash (50% damage and maintain Defend)
Berzerker - Automatically temper self with each consecutive round where an attack hits (3 max; counts against temper stacking limit)
Dragoon - Jump (Leap from battle at the beginning of round to land an attack that ignores armor at the end of the next round) Can gain dragon mount.

Black Belt Class Change
Snake - Study (next attack ignores enemy armor)
Tiger - Double kick damage (but can only be used on multiple foes)
Crane - Counter -(100% chance to perform a single hit counter to physical attacks)
Master - Absorb = Level + absorb provided by equipment worn

Thief Class Change
Samurai - Casts Black Magic, gains 9 L1-L4 charges
Ranger - Tame familiar by surviving 8 solo actionless unbuffed rounds
Assassin - Smoke (guaranteed party escape from non-boss), Backstab (guaranteed first strike and crits in round 1 unless ambushed)
Ninja - Dual wield (off-hand adds 50% of power, 50% of hit%, special properties not applied)

Red Mage Class Change
Mystic - SwdMag (use a FIRE/LIT/ICE/QAKE charge to enchant sword the mystic's attack in the same round, extra damage for higher spell tier)
Red Wizard - Double-cast but miss next 1 turn 67% of the time
Weaver - MP turbo (pay additional spell charge for +50% damage), access to one L8 spell
Judicar - Can wear pre-CC Fighter armor of any slot

White Mage Class Change
Templar - Smite (1/battle double damage or triple vs undead), can wear pre-CC Fighter body armor
White Wizard - Double-cast but miss next 1 turn 67% of the time
Cleric - Direct healing effects +50%, personalized L9 spell
Alchemist - Drink your foes and their houses (100% heal, 100% pure, 40% hi potion, 25% panacea, 10% phoenix down)

Black Mage Class Change
EbonScythe - Focus (multi-target spell directed at single foe for +50% damage), personalized L9 spell
Black Wizard - Double-cast but miss next 1 turn 67% of the time
Geomancer - Elemental spells ignore resistance, can equip pre-CC Red Mage weapons
Blood Mage - Pay HP to increase spell damage by HP paid/3 (max +100%), can cast spells without charge for Lvl*25HP

Gaia Capital Infusion Market
The Franchises
- You infuse capital into a franchise of your choosing.
- The franchises affect purchases all over Gaia, not just a single city or shop.
- Going forward, you receive a percentage of all purchases and lose a percentage of all sales (rounded down).
- You can only sell your share for 50% of what it cost to purchase, so choose carefully.
- Only 100% share is available in total between all players.
- You can arrange trades assuming it does not violate above.

Inn 10% - 5000g (90% Renquist, 10% Magni)
Potion Shop 5% - 5000g (100% Renquist)
Weapon Shop 2% - 5000g [includes weapon augments like tempering] (64% Kronoan, 6% Ramza)
Armor Shop 2% - 5000g [includes armor augments like resistance enchants] (74% Kojak, 16% Kronoan, 10% Nielic)
White Magic Shop 1% - 5000g (25% Xscorpion, 4% Atma, 2% Ramza, 2% X)
Black Magic Shop 1% - 5000g (54% Dano, 20% Kojak, 10% Undine, 7% Guy, 6% Xscorpion, 1% X, 1% Koran, 1% Leon)
Clinic 25% - 5000g [clinic charge is always 100 x level gold; 100% Gaius]
Ferry 100% - 5000g [ferry charge is always 100 gold; 100% Obsidian]

- Homes and additions are intentionally expensive and meant as luxuries; not as investments.
- Each home has a bedroom for you and three spare bedrooms up to three allies.
- For 10000g, you can have a home constructed in any city in Gaia.
- Homes cannot be sold. The Gaian real estate market is in shambles.
- Other players can only stay when you are there. No copying house keys! =)
- No WARP or airship abuse to serve as immediate taxis.

Max - Crescent Lake
Guy - Melmond
XScorpion - Onrac
Dano - Coneria, Pravoka, Toroia, Crescent Lake, Dragon's Haven, Onrac, Gaia, Lefein
Renquist - Coneria, Pravoka, Elfland, Toroia, Dwarven Village, Melmond, Crescent Lake, Dragon's Haven, Onrac, Gaia, Lefein
Rocco - Onrac
Magus - Coneria
Jack - Onrac
Magni - Dwarven Village
Kojak - Gaia, Lefein
Pogs - Gaia
Romulus - Elfland
Pyren - Melmond, Gaia
Keelan - Lefein
Nielic - Gaia
Kronoan - Onrac

Types & Rules
- Ships carry 4-12 depending on size, ocean travel only, port needed to land
- Canoes carry 4, river travel only, fold up & are carried by character on land
- Airships carry 12 for air travel, plains needed to land
- Vehicles travel with owner when owner is Warped

Ship Owners
Dave Mlinko - Privateer Kusanagi
Bob - Cruiser Leviathan
Obsidian - Galleon Cthulu's Fist
XScorpion - Submarine
Keeo - GhostRider
Rocco, Bubble, & Keelan - Cruiser Mangusta
Shaft - Fishing boat
Selene, Leon, & Romulus - Cruiser
Pogs - Cruiser Roberto's Demise
Waylon - Cruiser Class Change Cruiser
Kronoan - Cruiser Bear Claw
Faust - Cruiser Edelritter

Canoe Owners

Airship Owners
X, Renquist - The Intrepid Thing
XScorpion - The Ship (no encounters)
Dano - Destructor (capacity 16)
Jack, Magni - Deathtrap
Walker - Invincible

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#3
Corneria City
You begin your journey in the city of Corneria. Wrapped within the protection of her city walls, numerous villages flank the path to the grandiose castle. Each village is similarly arranged with an inn near the entrance and separate sections dedicated to equipment, items, and spells. The pearl-white granite castle shines like a beacon for nearby adventurers and dares to challenge the sun in its brightness.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (10g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____10g Wooden Nunchuck (BB 12/0/5.5)
____10g Wooden Staff (Not TH 6/0/1)
____5g Small Dagger (Not WM or BB 5/10/3)
____10g Cloth Armor (All 1/-2)
____40g Wooden Armor (Not WM or BM 4/-8)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____None Available
__(4) Purchase spells
____100g Cure (WM, RM) = +16-32hp
____100g Ruse (WM, RW) = +80 self eva
____100g Fog (WM, RM) = +8 absorb
____100g Harm (WM) = 20-80dmg all undead
____100g Fire (BM, RM) = 10-40dmg
____100g Lit (BM, RM) = 10-40dmg
____100g Slep (BM, RM) = stun all temporarily
____100g Lock (BM, RM) = evade to 0 temporarily
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Imp Invasion!*
__(2) Where's My Metal?*
__(3) Swamp Potions*
__(4) Counterattack
__(5) 1v1 Tournament
__(6) Temple Detectives
__(7) Save the Princess
__(8) Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka Harbor

give em your weapons guys i'm sure they're trustworthy

Dwarf Village
The dwarven village represents a feat in functional subterranean engineering with little regard to aesthetics. To the casual passerby, it would appear a meager series of passages with occasional niches for dwellings and stores. To the knowledgeable adventurer, it was a well-organized hierarchical web of districts -- residential, commercial, and mining. There were smitheries and shops to the north, mining regions to the south, and residences near the entry.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (40g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____175g Large Dagger (FI, TH, RM, BM 7/10/3)
____200g Iron Nunchuks (BB 16/0/5.5)
____450g Sabre (FI, TH, RM 13/5/5.5)
____3000g Long Sword (FI, RM 20/10/3)
____200g Iron Staff (FI, BB 14/0/1)
____1000g Copper Bracelet (All 4/-1)
____800g Iron Armor (FI 24/-23)
____100g Iron Shield (FI 4/0)
____100g Wooden Helmet (FI 3/-3)
____60g Gloves (All 1/-1)
____80g Cap (All 1/-1)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
__(4) Purchase spells
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Barracks Training I (FI & BB only)*
__(2) Potion of Invisibility*
__(3) Food Shortage*
__(4) Forsaken Labyrinth
__(5) TNT Delivery
__(6) How to Build a Dam
__(7) Ka-boom
__(8) Journey to Melmond

Elfland Mystical Kingdom
Whereas Corneria depicts the cutting edge of architectural and technological living with a series of specialized towns under the dominion of a well-fortified castle, the mystical kingdom of Elfland is its counterpoint. In place of technology there is nature. In place of city walls, a thick and verdant forest. The elves vary greatly in their opinion of humans -- some treat you with curiosity, others bid you welcome, and a few leer at you with disdain. All in all, you accept the mild disdain at the benefit of being able to relax in an aesthetically pleasing crime-free environment.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (40g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
__(4) Purchase spells
____1500g Cur2 (WM, RM) = +32-64hp
____1500g Hrm2 (WM) = 40-160dmg all undead
____1500g Afir (WM, RM) = Halve fire dmg all
____1500g Heal (WM) = +12-24hp all
____1500g Fir2 (BM, RM) = 30-120dmg all
____1500g Hold (BM, RM) = stun 2-4 turns
____1500g Lit2 (BM, RM) = 30-120dmg all
____1500g Lok2 (BM, RM) = All evade to 0 temporarily
____4000g Esna (WM, RM) = Cure status ailments
____4000g Aice (WM, RM) = Halve ice dmg all
____4000g Fear (WM) = Fear random element
____4000g Amut (WM, RM) = Cure mute or prevent next mute
____4000g Slp2 (BM, RM) = Stun all temporarily
____4000g Ice2 (BM, RM) = 40-160dmg all
____4000g Conf (BM, RM) = Confuse all
____4000g Fast (BM, RM) = Double hit% [no stacking]
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Elementary Magic School (RM, WM, & BM)*
__(2) Monster Infestation*
__(3) Astos Invasion
__(4) Journey to Marsh Cave
__(5) Crown Jewels
__(6) Astos Retaliation
__(7) Which Witch?
__(8) Not-So-Secret Hideout II (thieves only)*

Once the broken keep of the tyrant Astos, a newly-restored palace sits among lush greenery growing and blooming almost quickly enough to see with the naked eye. Tense dark elven sentries watch you nervously as you approach the ever-expanding circle of homes and other buildings being constructed, but when it's clear you're neither raider nor forest-dwelling monster, their bows lower and their expressions soften. Memories of war with Elfland are still fresh on both sides, but even so the people here are open about the changes to this once-desolate region - their former queen and two human heroes tapped into the Crystal of Earth, restoring life and vigor to the land. The dark elven people now sought to do the same within themselves.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (50g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
____2000g Vial (9 uses; counts as one consumable; thieves only)
__(4) Purchase spells
____100g Slep (BM, RM) = stun all temporarily
____400g Dark (BM, RM) = -40 hit and evade all
____400g Slow (BM, RM) = go last permanently
____1500g Fir2 (BM, RM) = 30-120dmg all
____1500g Lit2 (BM, RM) = 30-120dmg all
____4000g Fast (BM, RM) = Double hit% [no stacking]
____8000g Slo2 (BM, RM) = all go last every round
____20000g Rub (BM) = Insty one
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) What's in a Name?
__(2) Monster Infestation II*
__(3) Archery Training*
__(4) Teenage Wasteland
__(5) The Once & Future King
__(6) Hickory Dickory Dock

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#4
Melmond Warrior Nation
The once proud warrior nation of Melmond has fallen into ruin. The outlying farms, once filled with fields thriving with various crops, now held only dust and tumbleweed. The city itself had undergone a vast emigration from the drought and other unearthly happenings. Those that remained lived in fear and the shallowest of hopes that the plague striking the land would be lifted. As you enter the town, the saddened withdrawn eyes of its inhabitants search yours. Their thoughts are clear. What sort of madness would drive someone to visit this nightmare?

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (75g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____200g Iron Staff (FI, BB 14/0/1)
____450g Sabre (FI, TH, RM 13/5/5.5)
____3000g Long Sword (FI, RM 20/10/3)
____450g Falchion (FI, TH, RM 15/10/3)
____8000g Silver Sword (FI, RM; requires ore 23/15/3)
____5000g Silver Bracelet (All; requires ore 15/-1)
____15000g Steel Knuckle (BB; requires ore, +1% crit if in inventory)
____25000g Temper Sword (requires ore, adds 5dmg 1crit to dragon/coral/were/rune/giant swords)
____35000g Steel Kyoketsu (TH; requires ore 10/50/10 ignores absorb)
____45000g Steel Armor (FI; requires ore 34/-33)
____450g Iron Helmet (FI 5/-5)
____750g Iron Gauntlet (FI 4/-5)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
__(4) Purchase spells
____8000g Cur3 (WM, RM) = +64-128hp
____8000g Hel2 (WM) = +24-48hp
____8000g Hrm3 (WM) = 60-240dmg all undead
____8000g Life (WM, RW) = Resurrect with 1hp
____8000g Bane (BM, RW) = Insty all
____8000g Fir3 (BM, RM) = 50-200dmg all
____8000g Slo2 (BM, RM) = all go last every round
____8000g Warp (BM, RW) = travel to known town from outside (1charge/person)
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Barracks Training II (FI & BB only)*
__(2) Monster Arena
__(3) Steel Smelting (warning: Death Likely)*
__(4) The Undead Invasion
__(5) Petra Tabernacle
__(6) Rotting Catacombs
__(7) The Fiend of Earth
__(8) Journey to Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake
Sheltered by the continent's clearest waters, Crescent Lake dominates the southeastern corner of the Aldi Sea land mass. While the beauty of the affluent sections are known as far as Melmond, the seedier neighborhoods still bear scars from the not-so-distant past. Meanwhile, the Council of Sages are ever-seeking to solve the world's problems with guidance from the city's various talented mages.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (100g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____800g Silver Knife (FI, TH, RM, BM 10/15/3)
____8000g Silver Sword (FI, RM 23/15/3)
____2500g Silver Hammer (FI, WM 12/5/1)
____4500g Silver Axe (FI 25/10/6)
____7500g Silver Armor (FI, RM 18/-8)
____2500g Silver Shield (FI 8/0)
____2500g Buckler (FI, TH, RM 2/0)
____2500g Silver Helmet (FI 6/-3)
____2500g Silver Gauntlet (FI 6/-3)
____10000g Random elemental resist on silver gear (limit one per PC)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
__(4) Purchase spells
____20000g Esn2 (WM) = Cure status ailments all
____20000g Exit (WM, RW) = Up to four exit dungeon to just outside
____20000g Fog2 (WM, RW) = +12absorb all
____20000g Inv2 (WM, RW) +40evade all
____20000g Qake (BM) = FIR3 damage + 5% insty
____20000g Rub (BM) = Insty one
____20000g Lit3 (BM, RW) = 60-240dmg all
____20000g Stun (BM) = Stun 3-6 turns
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Intermediate Magic School (RM/WM/BM)*
__(2) Hi Hi-Potions*
__(3) Battle of the Oars*
__(4) Plight of the Magi
__(5) I'm Henry the Hudson, I am
__(6) It's Getting Hot in Here!
__(7) The Invincible
__(8) Journey to Land of the Dragons

Dragon's Haven
The Cardia Islands pepper the ocean below. Legends tell of a well-concealed settlement of dragons somewhere within, but many explorers have tried and failed to pinpoint its location. Once permitted entry by the settlement's reptilian denizens, Dragon's Haven reveals itself as an aesthetic tapestry of spacious caverns. Flowering moss, crystalline waterfalls, and neatly pruned fires highlight the relaxing environs.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (200g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____All weaponry and armor available at shops through Crescent Lake
__(3) Purchase / sell items
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
____1000g Panacea (cures all status ailments except death)
____2000g Vial (9 uses; counts as one consumable; thieves only)
__(4) Purchase spells
____All magics available through Crescent Lake
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Berserk Bahamut
__(2) The Art of War (BM/RM)*
__(3) Unbreakable (FI/BB)*
__(4) Assassination (TH)*
__(5) Advanced Triage (WM)*
__(6) Castle of Ordeals
__(7) I Stand Alone
__(8) Journey to Onrac / Gaia

Backed by mountains, surrounded by forest, and flowing into the sea, Onrac had been gifted with incredible natural beauty. The diversity of its denizens and constant influx of riches from its unrivaled naval merchant fleet would have made it a utopian city were it not for the troubling events of late. Half the tombstones in the cemetery were attributable to drowning, the once bustling shipyards had fallen silent, and even the shrine that once stood proudly overlooking the ocean had been engulfed by its vengeful waters.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (250g)
__(2) No equipment shop
__(3) Purchase / sell items
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
____1000g Panacea (cures all status ailments except death)
____2000g Vial (9 uses; counts as one consumable; thieves only)
__(4) Purchase spells
____45000g Arub (WW, RW) = Protect against instant death
____45000g Hel3 (WW) = +48-96hp
____45000g Sabr (BW) = +24hit +24dmg
____45000g Forc (BW) = Absorbs 50dmg per charge; lasts for two battles
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
__(6) Shipyards = Build 8-person ship for 25k
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) It's So Nice to Have Legs*
__(2) Shooting Star (Canoe required)
__(3) Shipyard Restoration
__(4) I, Robot
__(5) Neutralizing Nelietis
__(6) Searching the Shrine
__(7) Tidal Wave!
__(8) Deep Beneath the Waves

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#5
Named for the planet itself but known only to those fortunate and/or rich enough to experience travel through the skies, Gaia claims to be the birthplace of humankind. It resides in a fertile valley encased between two mountains -- the mother and the father forever holding it in their protective embrace. Its quaint item shop had long ago succumbed to the local flora which the owner took pride in accepting. The small community is protective of itself but learning to trust those from outside, slowly but surely.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (250g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____65000g Catclaw (KN, NI, RW, BW 22/35/3)
____50000g Gold Bracelet (All 24/-1)
____20000g Pro Ring (All, 8/-1/Arub)
__(3) Purchase / sell items
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
____1000g Panacea (cures all status ailments except death)
____2000g Vial (9 uses; counts as one consumable; thieves only)
__(4) Purchase spells
____45000g Cur4 (WW) = Cure for 999 and cure poison/stun/conf/petrify
____45000g Hrm4 (WW) = 80-320dmg all undead
____60000g Fade (WW) = 80-320dmg all
____60000g Wall (WW) = Strong to all elements except instant death
____60000g Xfer (WW) = Single target magic defense halved (high accuracy; stackable)
____45000g Brak (BW) = Single target instant death
____45000g Ice3 (BW, RW) = 70-280dmg all
____60000g Stop (BW) = Stun all enemies 1-3 turns (high accuracy)
____60000g Bio (BW) = 80-320dmg all + 20% poison chance
____60000g Zap! (BW) = Instant kill all enemies
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
__(6) Shipyards = Build 8-person airship for 250k
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Welcome to Gaia, Now Go Home
__(2) Gaia Does Not Want You
__(3) You're Still Here?
__(4) The Empty Spring
__(5) Oxy Ale
__(6) BIOlogical Warfare
__(7) Dragon Attack

Deep within an ancient forest and once host to an advanced civilization, Lefein is now merely a twinkle in the Hawk's Eye. The largely vacant city was once a work of symmetry through bridges, buildings, and canals. What little remains of its decimated populace recalled only pieces of their proud heritage. Most of its most advanced structures, once gleaming in the light of day and glowing brilliantly even at night, were now mere husks in whose shadows more modest buildings stood.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (500g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____12000g Energy Shield (All 4/0)
__(3) Purchase / sell items
____1000g HiPotion
__(4) Purchase spells
____60000g Lif2 (WW) = Resurrect to full HP
____60000g Nuke (BW) = 100-400dmg all
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Through the Mists of Time
__(2) Welcome to Warp Zone!
__(3) Shut Up & Take My Money
__(4) Into the Breach
__(5) Deepest Regrets

Holy Realm Bran Bal
The winding paths are tiled in irregular shapes ranging in color from a golden brown to a dingy near-rust. Their edges are marked by a strange bluish sort of leathery overgrowth. The buildings, if that's what they could be called, seem to be bizarre domes that almost look organic on the outside, as if someone grew a giant ball of muscle and carved a doorway into it. Decorative spires line the... the streets, and they too appear particularly strange, looking more like giant spines rising out of the ground.

There are people, though they give newcomers no special notice. A passerby or two might nod in acknowledgement of your presence, but none stop to offer any aid. If you're going to make any headway here, it would have to be on your own initiative.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (1g)
__(2) Purchase / sell gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____100000000g Masmune (All 56/50/5.5)
____100000000g XCaliber (Kn 45/35/3)
____100000000g Ribbon (All 1/-1, Total Protection)
__(3) Purchase / sell potions
____1000g HiPotion
____100000000g Elixir
____1000000000g Megalixir
__(4) Purchase spells
__(5) Clinic = Resurrect for 100 x level gold
(B) Quest
__(0) Random Encounter (easier than questing)
__(1) Are Those Real?
__(2) Let's Get Crackin'
__(3) Let's Get Kraken
__(4) You Left Too Early...

Camped around an oasis in the northern reaches of a desert, the caravan holds a number of exotic treasures. The master of the caravan holds court near the crystal-clear waters of a spring, protected by well-armed guards. His smiling face bids you welcome, but the uneasy way his eyes regard your weapons makes it clear he understands how dangerous anyone who can make the trip here must be. As you browse the wares, he mentions that they will change from time to time.

(A) Town
__(1) Rest at inn (N/A)
__(2) Purchase gear (Damage/Hit/Crit or Abs/Eva)
____10000g Light Axe (FI, NI 28/15/6)
____15000g Masher (FI, TH, RM, BM 12/15/4) (2 available)
____30000g Flame Armor (FI, NI 34/-10)
__(3) Purchase potions
____60g Heal Potion
____75g Pure Potion
____1000g Panacea (cures all status ailments except death)
____2000g Vial (9 uses; counts as one consumable; thieves only)
____25000g PhoenixDown (revives from death) (1 available)
____50000g Ether (restores some spell charges) (0 available)
__(4) Purchase spells
____400g Ice (BM, RM) = 20-80dmg
____1500g Afir (WM, RM) = Halve fire dmg all
____4000g Ice2 (BM, RM) = 40-160dmg all
____45000g Ice3 (BW, RW) = 70-280dmg all
____60000g Wall (WW) = Strong to all elements except instant death
__(5) Purchase unique items
____New Stock Due Soon

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#6
[Next update will be Friday!]

In Memoriam

Xscorpion: 9-Hits 471-Damage Poison against HADES
Renquist: Uses a HiPotion on Renquist for 90HP
Max: 2-Hits 5-Damage against Renquist
HADES: Casts Conf on Renquist Max
Cursed Ring: Xscorpion Dark
[Renquist 86/606 Conf 9/8/8/7/7/7/6/0, Xscorpion 588/588 Tmpr Fast Acidic Dark, Max 1/440 Conf 9/8/8/6/6/5/5/4/1]
[HADES remains.]


"Well, of course there's been groups coming in," the first man answered. "Can't have people working without getting here. So you're looking for friends of yours? What are their names?"

"Yeah, if you already know people here, I'm sure they'd vouch for you, right?" the second man added. "It won't get your sword inside, but I'll admit it would make me feel a lot better. Not to be rude, but you're kind of a weird group."

"I wasn't gonna say anything," the first man went on. "But he's right. Two tons of steel walking around with a dark elf girl too young to even be your mother and… I don't know if you're a child or just very short, third wheel, but either way you don't make this any less strange of a trio," he finished with a nod towards Slade.

"But look, we don't want to keep you separated from your friends," the second man said. "Just tell us who, we'll send for them, you can have a nice talk, and then you can decide if you want to follow the rules or leave. As for monsters, we've been lucky. Most of what's bad around here got used to not coming too close to the city when it was a city, and the stuff that didn't, ended up learning to be afraid of the dragons while they were here. I'm sure that'll wear off eventually, but for the moment, the most we've had to deal with are hungry wolves and a ghostly specter or two."

Nielic, Slade, and Bedlam exchanged glances. They still weren't keen on handing over their weapons, but the men guarding the wall seemed reasonable other than that firm demand on their part. Would they have let imps into the city, though? They might need to be direct about what they were looking for, or else try sneaking in at another gap in the city's wall. It was unlikely there were guards everywhere, after all.

[Nielic 628/706 9/9/9/9/0/0/0/0, Slade 211/246 7/5/4/3/2/0/0/0, Bedlam 220/279]

Castle of Ordeals

Sorrell: Casts Lit3 for ????1-121 ????2-330. ????2 terminated.
????1: 2-Hits 2-Damage against Sorrell
????1: 2-Hits 2-Damage Poison against Sorrell
Sorrell: Casts Lit2 for ????1-126. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 4896 experience and 204 gold
[Sorrell 268/275p 7/7/4/3/3/1/3/0]

The rising water had reached his chest now. If this continued much longer, Sorrell would find out just how long he could hold his breath. Something massive approached him through the water, based on the rushing currents he felt.

[Gr????? remains.]

Monster Infestation II

Ramza: Escaped!
Poison damage: Ramza 84
[Ramza 215/572ppp]

Dragging his poison-laden body back to the village, Ramza made his way to the apothecary in hopes of getting some much-needed relief.

Ramza buys & uses 3 Pure Potions (225g)

There was a bit of time left in the night. Hefting his axe once more, Ramza looked out to the forest. Something was definitely still lurking out there, if he wanted to take it on.

[Ramza 215/572]
[If you continue the quest, WIZARD123 remain. Otherwise you can end it here and collect the rewards for what you've taken out thus far.]

Deep Beneath the Waves - Pursuit

Rocco: Leaps high into the air
Arithon: Focuses Elem-Earth for STATUE-474. STATUE Dark.
Kronoan: 4-Hits 87-Damage against STATUE
Undine: Recovers from Doublecast
STATUE: Critical! 1-Hit 377-Damage against Kronoan
Keelan: Casts Fast on Kronoan
Selene: Casts Cur2 on Arithon for 63 HP
Keelan: Casts Lit3 for STATUE-82 [loses next action]
Regen: Kronoan 27 Undine 18 Selene 22 Arithon 18 Keelan 17
[Rocco 283/657 Tmpr x3 Fast, Kronoan 66/559 Tmpr x3 Fast, Undine 347/372 Tmpr x2 Fast Ruse x2 Invs x2 Lif3 8/7/3/4/4/2/4/0, Selene 458/458 Invs x2 Lif3 6/6/4/5/0/1/1/4/1, Arithon 321/371 Invs x2 Lif3 9/7/0/5/5/0/6/5/0, Keelan 352/352 Ruse x2 3/5/3/1/1/2/3/0]
[STATUE remains.]

"Oh, boom, yeah!" the statue shouted triumphantly as it nearly carved Kronoan in two. "How you like that, big boy!? You don't like that at all, do ya? Maybe you'll all think twice about coming in here and stealing from me next time!" It waved its sword around, pointing it towards Undine and then Arithon. "Guess what, little missy!" it taunted Undine. "No more half power! You brought in help, now I'm gonna break you all! And you, rock boy!" it yelled at Arithon. "Quit it! I'm about done with you too!"

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 weeks ago#7
Deep Beneath the Waves - Panic in the Sea

Pogs equips his Gladius

Waylon: 5-Hits 300-Damage against BigEYE
Guy: Glug glug
GrSHARK1: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Waylon
Obsidian: 4-Hits 367-Damage against GrSHARK2. Terminated.
Romulus: Casts Lit2 for GrSHARK1-45 BigEYE-99. BigEYE terminated.
Pogs: Critical! 4-Hits 219-Damage against GrSHARK1
Gladius: Casts Lit2 for GrSHARK1-88. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 1662 experience and 958 gold
[Waylon 590/596, Guy 500/500 9/5/8/8/5/7/3/1, Obsidian 430/430 9/9/7/8/5/3/4/3, Romulus 487/487 8/8/5/2/2/4/5/2, Pogs 492/501]

GHOST2: Misses against O'Shea
Jack: 5-Hits 155-Damage against GHOST1
O'Shea: 1-Hit 63-Damage against GHOST3
Kojak: Critical! 4-Hits 479-Damage against GHOST2. Terminated.
GHOST3: Misses against O'Shea
GHOST1: 1-Hit 136-Damage against O'Shea
Dano: Casts Fir3 for GHOST1-177 GHOST3-126. Terminated x2.
Poison damage: O'Shea 10
Victory: Party members gain 990 experience and 990 gold
[O'Shea 54/200p, Kojak 669/670, Dano 562/564 9/8/8/8/6/4/6/0, Jack 361/408 9/8/8/7/7/4/5/3]

The convoy of Light Warriors headed east, then turned south at Obsidian's direction. Their large group seemed to be attracting a lot of attention from the Sea Shrine's denizens, but it was surely nothing they couldn't handle.

[Assuming both groups are going to follow the set of directions Obsdian laid out last update. If any of you wish to break off from that path and go elsewhere, just speak up.]

[Waylon 590/596, Guy 500/500 9/5/8/8/5/7/3/1, Obsidian 430/430 9/9/7/8/5/3/4/3, Romulus 487/487 8/8/5/2/2/4/5/2, Pogs 492/501]
[KRAKITE123 remain.]

[O'Shea 190/200p, Kojak 669/670, Dano 562/564 9/8/8/8/6/4/6/0, Jack 361/408 9/8/8/7/7/4/5/3]
[SeaHORSE123 remain.]

Free Enterguyse

Eschewing even a cursory check of Coneria for untrapped and unguarded chests, Guy and Muteki flew the airship north to Gaia, carefully avoiding the specific spot on the ground that would have forced them to have no choice but to face a multitude of bandits.

Guy opened the BOTTLE and the fairy popped out, darting off towards the town spring. The pair followed, meeting up with the fairy. "Thank you for releasing me!" she cried happily. "Here, have whatever I can find at the bottom of the spring!" The fairy dove into the cool mountain spring, returning minutes later lugging an object that definitely shouldn't have been there. "Enjoy this TNT!" she proclaimed, handing it to Guy.

[Received TNT!]

Guy pondered the things he might be able to do now. Of course, the bandit camp Muteki had suggested was available, but now they could go hand over this TNT. And there were a lot of areas they could hit even without turning in the TNT, if they were so inclined.

[You are in Gaia and may enter commands as you wish.]

User Info: beege_man

2 weeks ago#8
[Dangit. I hate Krakites.]

L39 423/423 9/9/8/8/7/7/7/6 HP8 Pa3 Int/MDef: 53/96
HDCEA: 106-101-96/49-51-44/3-4-6.5/82/46(37) Resist: (Fire)/(Lit)/Death AtkElem: Ice-Fire-Coral

User Info: shadow_master01

2 weeks ago#9
"Oh, did I chip one of your nails or something?" Arithon retorted, "Surprised you can even see it!"

Arithon uses a Hi-Potion on Kronoan
"If you were looking for the Staff of Thunder you're in the wrong town, planet, and game."
~Well Inscription - Star Ocean 4

User Info: Amo387

2 weeks ago#10
Recover without hurting self or Max
Conditional for Max to do the same without hurting himself or Renquist
LV41 Jud 606hp 7Hi 3PN 2PU 9/9/8/8/7/7/6/0 713932xp 62732G (200k)
Hit/Dmg/Eva/Abs = 147/61/72/53 (Topic 174 #7) There is no irl, just afks.
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