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User Info: DarthCansupes

3 days ago#231
Let's Get Crackin'

[Reposting the mini as a third guess has not yet been entered.]

Looking over their work, Arithon and Selene tried their next entry: Sword, Fist, Shield, Crystal. They placed the chips into the indentations and waited on the golem.


Progress! It was an improvement over their opening guess. If they could keep it up, they'd surely crack the code in time.

[Selene 439/458 8/8/8/7/6/2/5/4/1, Arithon 371/371 9/8/8/6/6/6/6/5/1]

Let's Get Crackin' 2: Look Who's Crackin' Now

RockGOL1: 1-Hit 90-Damage against Friend
Sorrell: Casts Tmpr on Friend for 8 Dmg
RockGOL2: Misses against Sorrell
Friend: 4-Hits 219-Damage against RockGOL1. Terminated.
Friend: 4-Hits 231-Damage against RockGOL2. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 4770 experience and 1000 gold
[Sorrell 275/275 9/6/6/6/5/4/3/0]

"Names are great," Sorrell's new pal said. "But you can't have mine until you earn more questions."

They continued along the path, hoping to catch up to Selene and Arithon. Not just yet, but perhaps soon…

[GrMEDUSA12 remain.]


Taking a deep breath, Undine unleashed a torrent of a rant detailing the events that had taken place in the Onrac of the past. Rocco nodded along as she went through point by point - he doubted he would have been quite as inventive with "colorful language" as the Red Wizard, and he really didn't think some of the suggestions she had for what everyone else involved in the debacle ought to have done to them or should do to themselves were physically possible, but the facts themselves were unassailable. Actually, by the end, he was impressed. Undine's rant could have put a dwarven blacksmith who'd managed to hit himself with his own hammer to shame. ... Well, maybe not quite that far, but close.

Flora blinked. "Wwwell… uh… if it helps-"

"It won't!" Undine snapped.

"Technically you still had sort of a net positive by bringing the Earth Crystal back corrupted, I think," Flora continued. "You removed corrupted elemental energy from the past and brought it into a time where it can be purged under more controlled conditions than, say, the middle of a collpasing underwater shrine with giant tentacle monsters trying to kill you."

"Bah," Undine said. "Way too tired to care. Don't wake me unless I sleep for more than a week."

Undine rests at the inn (500g)

Her dreams were fitful, and she couldn't shake the feeling that a large piece of her was missing. She woke up with the distinct feeling of being extremely hung over, as if she'd spent the last week or more on the world's longest bender.

[Rocco 433/642, Undine 372/372 9/8/8/7/7/6/5/0]
[You are in Lefein and may enter commands as you wish.]

User Info: ZeroType-X

3 days ago#232
Corneria is about to have a compete conundrum.

Attack FIRE1.

User Info: robertebalmer

3 days ago#233
Wizard Staff
Descent Info Sheet: https://tinyurl.com/y37ahfqr
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-I'm not sure where to go from here. But I think that:
A) There isn't a Sword on the board
B) There are 2 of one element on the board, but I don't know which one
"If you were looking for the Staff of Thunder you're in the wrong town, planet, and game."
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User Info: Amo387

2 days ago#235
Kill a thing XScorpion isn't killing
LV40 Jud 595hp 7Hi 3PN 2PU 9/8/8/8/7/7/6/0 673052xp 42969G
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User Info: gameenjoyer

2 days ago#236
Jack will equip the Gold Bracelet and the Ice Sword if either of those aren't already equipped and then attack Fire3.

User Info: Kronoan

2 days ago#237
Kronoan attacks R. SAHAG1 then R. SAHAG2 then WzSAHAG1 then WzSAHAG2.
Blue's Info - https://anotepad.com/notes/yxj8bn Kronoan's Info - https://anotepad.com/notes/bpxif5

User Info: beege_man

2 days ago#238
An explosion somewhere in the city rocked Obsidian out of his meditation, right as he was about to figure out a plan of action. "Dammit Guy!", Obsidian thought without even having any way to know he was to blame while running towards the sound of the blast. He got there in time to see Guy casually walking away from Dano's house in flames. WTF...?

*Obsidian casts an ICE2 and a few ICEs (or more if necessary) to put out the flames

[Bubble and Waylon, I'm assuming you'd have come along with me?]

Obsidian turned to Bubble and Waylon. "I'm worried about Guy. Something's not right here. But I also need to get to Flora. She's at the center of all of this and she's got some splain' to do. One or both of you should catch up to Guy and keep an eye on him and see if you can help him out with whatever he's dealing with. I'll be back soon, but I need to get to Lefein."

*Obsidian WARPs himself and anyone else that wants to come along to Lefein
*Find Flora and discuss the fact that she's at the center of all the time-shenanigans that's been happening lately, ask if she'd be willing to visit the Circle of Sages in Crescent Lake to try to gain some clarity on things
*Bump into Undine and Rocco, swap stories
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Slade attacks FIRE2 [not that I'll do much] =)


2 days ago#240
"Sounds like a good plan. I'll stay here and check up on with Guy, and ideally go back to Lefein on dragonback once I do."

Waylon goes in search of Guy.
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