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User Info: fsablazingsoul

1 month ago#1
Introduction and Sign-Up
Welcome to Final Fantasy Threaded, a graphically-oriented message board version of FF1 whereby you command a traditional FF1 party, and you race other parties commanded by other players to complete a simulated run through of FF1. But there's a twist! You also have the ability to launch bombards that impede other parties. Read on for more information!

You are welcome to join at any time. Even if you join late, your team will gradually catch up to the current turn. Simply select a party comprised of up to four warriors (fighter, black belt, thief, red mage, white mage, or black mage) with RP names of up to ten characters for each warrior. You may want to read ahead to the abbreviated rules to consider your team composition.

Gameplay is as simple as entry. Updates are generally posted three times per week -- Tuesday, Thursday, and over the weekend. You merely need to read the thread and enter commands before the next update. If life intercedes, failure to submit a command is no big deal -- your team will merely idle for that update, and it's easy to catch up over subsequent updates. If you will not be able to check in for an extended period, you are welcome to assign temporary control to another player.

() The winner of the inaugural race will choose between $30 on Steam or Amazon (not much I know but enough to buy most games on sale).
() In the unlikely event two parties beat Chaos in the same update, AP remaining is the tiebreaker.
() Assuming interest in a second race after a breather, top performers will have more voting power in the evolution (e.g. fixes, randomization, more bombards).

Abbreviated Rules
() As stated above, this is a race, and the race is based around action points and artifact points. For a description of both, see the next sections.
() Each day, I will attempt to process all commands submitted by a player until their action points are exhausted or battle occurs.
() Mechanics and stats generally mirror true FF except as noted in the issues sections below.
() Stationary NPCs (e.g. Matoya and Bikke) exist. You will need to navigate to them to speak or interact.
() Mobile NPCs (e.g. townsfolk and bats) will not impede you, and you do not need to worry about interacting with them.
() I will generally post text when you enter a town or complete a task that aims you toward the next goal.
() If you have questions about this or true FF1, don't be shy! We have a very knowledgeable and friendly community.
() The penalty on party death is restoration to the most recent save point (except for action points which reflect interim usage).
() Unlike in FFD, pre-battle healing is not allowed, so plan your conditionals carefully before moving your party!
() You can reset the game at any time at no cost. A reset reverts your party to the most recent save point (except for interim action point use)
() I will auto-pause on death or on the arrival of a meteor, star, or blue vortex.
() This being the inaugural race, I ask for your patience when we bump into occasional bugs. If you spot a bug, please let me know. If you're the first to encounter it or it's rare, I will likely fix. Otherwise (e.g. a chest or a spiked square that some teams already encountered), I will likely leave for this race.

Action Points
() All FF1 classes are not created equal. The action point system is an attempt to counterbalance this.
() Action Points accumulated per turn (typically 1 turn = 1 update) = 10 FI, 11 RM, 13 BB, 15 BM, 19 WM, 20 TH, 30 Empty Slot
() Example 1: FI/BB/WM/BM = 10 + 13 + 19 + 15 = 57
() Example 2: Solo Thief = 20 + 30 + 30 + 30 = 110
() 1 action point is consumed in the following manners: 1 step, 1 battle command, 1 town command (buy/sell/inn/clinic), and 1 menu consumable/spell.

User Info: fsablazingsoul

1 month ago#2
Artifact Points and Bombards
() 1 artifact point is accumulated with each key item acquired (e.g. an orb, a vehicle, TNT). There are 22 artifacts in total.
() A party cannot hold more than 3 artifact points. Excess points earned while carrying 3 are lost. A party can only use one bombard per turn.
() Bombards can be launched via post or PM. Regardless of method, the attacker's identity will be made known on launch.
() Available bombards are shown below Lefein in the town summary images below.

Retained Material Issues
() BB/MA magic defense growth
() The PNEoP remains
() Weapon category/element values are never loaded
() Enemies always awake from SLEP after one round
() No regen
() HEL2 effectivity
() Intelligence is never used
() Bugged spells: TMPR, LOCK, LOK2, SABR, XFER
() Weapon critical rates use the weapon index

Fixed/Changed Material Issues
() To expedite the message board format, experience and gold gains have been doubled
() The airship cannot land on the caravan
() Houses save after restoring HP
() The BB armor bug has been fixed
() There is no auto-reordering of the party on poison or death
() Running uses the correct warrior's stats
() Mute status prevents item invocation but not potions
() Status effects are not attempted on misses after the first hit
() RNG for encounter steps is no longer from a fixed list

Town and Bombard Information

[Team sheets and leaderboard to be posted with the first update of this thread.]

User Info: robertebalmer

1 month ago#3
Poll: I'm fine either way. Since I'd imagine more people than not would want the extra safety of auto-pausing at critical hp levels, I guess I'd say I vote yes. If somebody then wants to opt out they can.

However....for myself, I'm going to input a different standing auto-pause conditional, if that's ok. I realized with my current auto-pause level being 50 hp that if some sick, demented person really wanted to screw with me they could use a Meteor to wipe me out and make me lose all my accumulated gold/XP if I get below 25% of max hp. Not that I think anyone would spend points on Meteor rather than Lightning, but better safe than sorry. So can I revise my standing conditionals to say auto-pause if Max reaches 35% of max hp, rounded up? Sorry for making you do extra calculations, but if I picked a flat hp number as the cutoff I'd have to remember to keep updating it...

Also a question about the ASense bombard. I apologize if this was answered earlier in the thread but I scanned through and couldn't find it. So ASense is not listed along with Meteor, Star, and Blue Vortex as applying only to non-boss non-spiked battles. I'm assuming that means it can be used to make a boss encounter an ambush?
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User Info: SchlossRitter

1 month ago#4
Auto-pause for whatever is fine for me, though it doesn't affect me as much having low AP generation.

Crush Asp with heels, err swords.
Pause if poisoned, or...
Walk down over to just next to Elfland town tiles and shuffle up and down next to them until another encounter.
Nothing to see here. Move along.

User Info: goatfishman

1 month ago#5
robertebalmer posted...
I realized with my current auto-pause level being 50 hp that if some sick, demented person really wanted to screw with me they could use a Meteor to wipe me out and make me lose all my accumulated gold/XP if I get below 25% of max hp.

Lvl 27: 369/369hp, 250403xp, 9343g (Lvl 14: 75/75hp, 12/12mp
9/7/7/6/6/5/4/2, 9Heal, 0Pure, (2888gp, 6508xp, herb, herb, antidote, invis herb)

User Info: beege_man

1 month ago#6
Auto-pause on critical HP sounds fine to me.

*Swordy attacks Shadow2, Ruby/Ebony attack Shadow3. In subsequent rounds if two Shadows still live, Swordy attacks whichever has more HP and Ruby/Ebony attack the other. Finish it out.
*Continue to the north stairs
*If encounter single non-scum enemy, all attack
*If encounter 2 Mucks, all attack first enemy. If it lives after first round pause. If someone is below 50 HP, pause. Else all attack 2nd Muck.
*If encounter 2-3 Shadows, Swordy and Ruby/Ebony attack separate targets and follow similar logic to my first command above to finish it out
*If encounter Scums, run
*If encounter Crawls, run
*If encounter 4 or more enemies, run
*If anything not covered there, pause
*Pause if anyone gets paralyzed
*If anyone is poisoned, they drink a pure after battle
*If anyone gets below 40 HP in or out of battle, Ruby casts CURE on them, if Ruby is out of CURE then Ebony tosses a Heal at them instead
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User Info: gameenjoyer

1 month ago#7
I am fine with autopause at critical HP as well.

Question: can bombards stack? Like, let's say beege, our current frontrunner, retains that status and reaches the Sky Castle first, so we want to slow him down. So balmer unleashes Armechgeddon on him, bringing the forced Warmech encounter. Could I then wait until beege is about to enter Tiamat's room and stack a Star onto that Armechgeddon, thus giving the Warmech three rounds of invincibility to pummel beege and then become an unrunnable encounter? Or, better yet, could I put in an order in advance to use a Star when beege is going to hit that encounter?

Also, I assume the Warmech battle from an Armechgeddon is a one-time thing? If the Warmech then killed beege, he wouldn't have to face it again the next time through unless somebody else Armechgeddoned him, correct?

Okay, enough banter. Command time.

(command segment)

Both enemies attack Sahag 1 in round 1.

After that, if a Sahag is damaged but not dead, Belt attacks it and Red moves on to the next one, else both move on to the next full-health Sahag.

If either character falls under 30 HP, Red takes a round off from attacking to cast CURE on the character with the lowest HP.

After the battle, Red casts CURE on both team members until they are within 20 of max as evenly as possible, with priority to Belt, then the team continues on toward Elfland. Pause if another battle is encountered.

(end command segment)

User Info: ZeroType-X

1 month ago#8
Head to the Inn and rest.
Exit Elfland.
Back on the Marsh Cave trek we go!
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User Info: goatfishman

1 month ago#9
I......have no idea how much money I have.

Auto pause at crit health is good for me.

*Go into Elfland and rest at the inn

*Patrol Elfland some more, same conditionals.
Lvl 27: 369/369hp, 250403xp, 9343g (Lvl 14: 75/75hp, 12/12mp
9/7/7/6/6/5/4/2, 9Heal, 0Pure, (2888gp, 6508xp, herb, herb, antidote, invis herb)

User Info: SchlossRitter

1 month ago#10
goatfishman posted...
I......have no idea how much money I have.

It's been added to the bottom of the AP box (middle-left) on the update listings.
Nothing to see here. Move along.
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