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User Info: Kronoan

4 weeks ago#491
I'll make my way to Crescent Lake after I rest up at Coneria okay Game?
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[Yeah, I figured most of us would be resting in the very near future, but Selene does have Lif2 charges (and could be res'd easily), Spiralex has some Cur4 charges after he gets brought back, and there's a fair amount of other healing around afterward. So, I'd like to think most of us could make it to a destination, then rest there, but I'm fine however really. Very low on health, so hopefully we can set up some healing before setting out anywhere. I'll definitely drink any Heals I have left, which I'm sure isn't much.

Actually, just at a second glance, Guy casts Life on Selene, she casts Lif2 on Spiralex, Jack, and Romulus. Spiralex casts Cur4 on Kojak, Bubble, and Selene. That seems like a good start, using other healing to get the rest in good shape. Just a recommendation, but it seems to work well, if I'm reading the charges correctly.

Also, lol @ that gold count, given that the over/under was 250K. I'd have went for it anyway if I were close, since we'll surely fight a few battles getting there, but still. I'll happily take you up on that offer, game. I'll get back there whenever I need to, but it's worth a shot to go for, since I'll still have my SackLunch, and will have spent my money on whatever it is.]

Kojak will drink any Heals he has, hopefully getting a bit more healing elsewhere (someone else can have my Heals if I do get a Cur4, I'm guessing I have maybe 2-3 left)
Set out for Crescent Lake with Jack, Nielic, and anyone else that wants to make the trip
Trusting my soul to the ice cream assassin
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User Info: FalxXD

4 weeks ago#493
Oh shoot, forgot about teenage wasteland!!! I need to reach these keeeds!

Falx takes Teenage wasteland IN THE FACE!!!
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User Info: cyric32

4 weeks ago#494
confirming going to crescent lake with jack and kojack and others and resting after giving waylon his armor and reequipping mine.

User Info: Amo387

4 weeks ago#495
[LIFE everyone except Romulus. Have Selene LIF2 him. Romulus Bloodcasts any WARP charges that can't be covered by other BMs to get everyone where they need to go, Spiralex CUR4s him when he needs a recharge. Everyone just stays at an Inn wherever they get sent if they need to rest. That way you don't have to figure out who has to go where with who on what ship, etc.

Between Romulus and Obsidian, using that strategy gives you 17 castings of WARP. 7 from Obsidian, 1 from Romulus, and 3 each time Spiralex casts CUR4 on him (3 times).]
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User Info: ActionIV

4 weeks ago#496
Pogs stood where the shadow dragon's body had been before dissipating into nothingness, away from the congregated Light Warriors. No one was truly celebrating the victory found in Pravoka today, not with the somber action of needing to revive the fallen being performed and the husk of the city reminding them this was only the beginning. Moreover, it hung over their heads that this was what failure looked like. It was a view Pogs knew all too well.

He wanted to listen as Waylon laid out potential pursuits for the gathered heroes to take on next. He desperately desired instant transport to whatever inn someone deemed worth visiting before their path went elsewhere. More practically, he needed to reload on supplies. But he knew his destination was so painfully close. He had convinced himself to help with Pravoka as a potential last act of good before...whatever happened. Anything more could lead to doubt, avoidance...running away.

Pogs waited to see Spiralex return to his "body," whatever that really meant for the man. With everyone else focused on other things, no one noticed his absence as he quietly slipped away and began his journey over land to Matoya's cave. He carried the dagger as he went, prepared to speak with its prisoner the only way he could. By killing whatever foolishly chose to slow him down with it.

Pogs equips the ????? Dagger
Pogs heads for Matoya's Cave on foot

User Info: goatfishman

4 weeks ago#497
Guy watched the Shadow Dragon melt, literally MELT from the awe inspiring power of his incredibly holy casting and large pulsating muscles, whipped out a pointy hat, and began blowing a party favor while throwing streamers into the ring. Town. Town. Not a ring. Town.

"We did it!!! I killed two dragons!" Guy began cartwheeling.

"My fists. They barely did any damage." Bubble frowned.

"It's ok!" Guy said, clapping Bubble, Pogs, and Undine on the back despite the fact that all three of them were very far away from each other. "Truly the power of my winning spirit ignited the flame in all of us that allowed us to regain this town for the forces of the Not Dragon."

Milla roared.

"One Dragon!" Guy amended himself. "But we've done it! The town is rebuilt!!!!!"

"This town is not even close to being rebuilt." Pogs pointed out.

"Technically, you could just keep building things on top of things in every town, so really, is ANY town rebuilt? Maybe the true friends we made were the construction materials we acquired along the way." Guy exclaimed.

"We are literally standing in ashen ruins." Keelan pointed down. Some of the ashes had drifted over Spiralex's body, which Guy was standing thoughtfully over while raising the roof.

"I am raising the roof in preparation for raising the body!" Guy whooped. "This way I act as both a conduit and a shelter! I'm multifaceted!"

"Pretty sure that's not the right word." Waylon noted, while stepping away from Guy and maintaining direct eye contact.

"WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT! 100 DUCK SIZED MILLA'S OR ONE MILLA SIZED DUCK." Guy shouted to the world at large.

"What is WRONG with you." Rocco asked.

"Did anyone else hear that??" Guy asked. "But to answer your question, voice that is totally somewhere else and not here in Pravoka, I did NOT forget that, nosiree, nothing! NOW WE MUST KUNG FU FIGHT WITH DEATH. MY OPENING GAMBIT?!?!? A LIFE SPELL. HI YAHHHHHHHHH." And with that, Guy palm struck Spiralex in the chest and Selene in the shoulder, because you do not palm strike a woman in the chest without verbal consent. You probably shouldn't palm strike a man either without verbal consent, but Guy had been around Spiralex enough to know Spiralex was probably manipulating him into doing every action he had ever taken in his life, so Spiralex was probably banking on it.

"Now I'm gonna go hunt down J................jeans! Jeans for those kids! Who's with me!!!!!!" Guy yelled once everyone was on their feet.

"I........wait, can I pick something else?" Obsidian asked.

"We are still literally standing in ashes." Keelan pointed out.

"Gotta dispense life lessons like a fortune cookie." Guy began incoherently babbling. "The path to life is paved with special number 14. Allow 10 minutes per course. No credit allowed, only cash."

Kojak put his hands on his forehead.

*Guy casts LIFE on Spiralex, Selene, Romulus.

*Guy DRINKS the Shadow Dragon and also tries to drink the soul of Spiralex via blueflame but what in the, the bottle, it keeps breaking, help. help. please help.

*Guy wants to go to Dark Elf Village and do REBELLIOUS TEEN QUESTLINE and Obsidian is going there as well yayyyyy WARP US but uhhhh if there's any way to make a pitstop in Gaia so Guy can pick up Cur4 I'd like to do that beforehand.

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User Info: Qazitory

4 weeks ago#498
[Alright, Sorrell's ~ultimate technique~ failed to put him away...it's time for desperate measures.]

Sorrell turns around and faces his regrets!
Then he casts ICE2 at them.

User Info: ZeroType-X

4 weeks ago#499
[Oh boy, now I'm actually wondering if doing both a Caravan run and start Teenage Wasteland with those from Archery Training are gonna be too much of a hassle to get in time with everyone elses movements.

Unless Pogs wants to make an offer to sell me the Ice Armor in a warp portal right here and now on the next thread, in which case will allow me to forego the Caravan entirely. ]
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: ActionIV

4 weeks ago#500
[I’m not selling the Ice Armor.]
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