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User Info: Strahl

1 month ago#1
Are there certain enemies that you just cannot run from? I'm doing a no Equipment challenge and whenever I encounter Wizards, it seems as though it's impossible to run. Is this a thing, and if so, what other enemies cannot be run from?
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User Info: AstralEsper

1 month ago#2
Yes, some battles are unrunnable - but it's specific battle formations that matter. It's a little counter-intuitive, but what matters are enemy groups, not individual types of enemies. There are 256 battle formations in the game, although some are unused. The below formations, and only the below formations, are tagged as inescapable:

Battle 1C (2-4 Wizards); Battle 8C (3-7 Wizards)
Battle 21 (1 Earth); Battle A1 (2-4 Earths)
Battle 22 (0-1 Cerebus, 1-2 WzOgres); Battle A2 (1-3 Cerebus, 0-2 WzOgres)
Battle 27 (1-2 Fires); Battle A7 (3-4 Fires)
Battle 2E (1 FrGiant, 0-2 FrWolves); Battle AE (2 FrGiants, 2-6 FrWolves)
Battle 32 (1-3 ZomBulls); Battle B2 (1-4 ZomBulls, 0-2 Trolls)
Battle 46 (1 Phantom); Battle C6 (2-5 Ghosts)
Battle 49 (1-3 Waters); Battle C9 (3-6 Waters)
Battle 4B (1-2 Zombie Ds); Battle CB (2-4 Zombie Ds)
Battle 4E (1 Blue D); Battle CE (2-3 Blue Ds)
Battle 57 (1-2 Worms); Battle D7 (3-4 Worms)
Battle 59 (1 Gas D); Battle D9 (2-4 Gas Ds)
Battle 69 (1 Eye); Battle E9 (2-3 Eyes)*
Battle 73 (1 Lich)
Battle 74 (1 Kary)
Battle 75 (1 Kraken)
Battle 76 (1 Tiamat)
Battle 77 (1 Tiamat [2])
Battle 78 (1 Kraken [2])
Battle 79 (1 Kary [2])
Battle 7A (1 Lich [2])
Battle 7B (1 Chaos)
Battle 7C (1 Vampire)
Battle 7D (1 Astos)
Battle 7E (9 Pirates); Battle FE (1-2 WzSahags, 8 R.Sahags)
Battle 7F (1 Garland); Battle FF (1-2 IronGols)

*This formation is not actually implemented anywhere in the game.

There are some enemies, like Cerberuses and WzOgres, that may be escapable on their own - but the formation that includes both is tagged as unrunnable. A similar situation occurs with Waters; on their own, they're unrunnable, but when paired with Nagas, they're escapable for some reason.

Of course, you may run into problems running due to the running bug, which usually makes it difficult for the PCs in slots 3 and 4 to successfully run...

User Info: Strahl

1 month ago#3
Thanks for the information! I knew i wasn't crazy.
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User Info: Peter_19

4 weeks ago#4
I have noticed that Thief/Ninja seems to have a 100% Run rate - he always runs when I want him to do that in battles where I know that it is possible.
So basically if he cannot run, then it's an unrunable battle.
...OR at least, that's what I think.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: beege_man

4 weeks ago#5
Due to the running bug, if a Thief is above level 10 or so and is in one of the top two slots, then yes that is true.
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User Info: essellejaye

4 weeks ago#6
To expand on AstralEsper's comment, some battle formations are intended to be minbosses or guardians for doorways and treasure chests. That's why some enemies can't be escaped in some formations but are runnable when paired with other monsters.

Also, the reason that some random battles are unrunnable is because they share the same battle data with one of the miniboss/guardian battles, but use the alternate formation.

For example, in AE's list, Wizards (Battle 1C) are guardians of the Crown and other chests in the Marsh Cave. However, the big Wizards group encountered in the Ice Cave (Battle 9C) is the alternate formation of 1C - and shares the same battle data - so it's also unrunnable.
Same is true for Water: Battle 49 is used as a chest guardian in the Sea Shrine, but other formations that include the Water enemy aren't. However, Battle C9 in TOFR is the alternate formation of 49 and is also unrunnable.

Since there's nothing in the original game that tells you this, you'll waste several turns and dozens (or hundreds) of HP trying to run before catching on that you can't. It's happened to just about all of us the first time through.

User Info: Peter_19

4 weeks ago#7
Some forced battles are very good for leveling, though;
I always harass the Red Dragon in Gurgu Volcano and the Eye in Ice Cave for a while, they give good EXP.
...OR at least, that's what I think.

User Info: essellejaye

4 weeks ago#8
Yeah, though I tended to fight the Agama that appears right before the Red Dragon instead of messing with the dragon, lower risk/higher reward.
Agama gives 2472 EXP vs Red D's 1701 EXP.
Agama has higher HP (296 vs 200), but lower defense and much weaker attacks.

User Info: shadow_master01

4 weeks ago#9
I prefer the side-by-side AGAMA spikes in one of the treasure rooms (it's the one with 2 chests on the east side of the room near the top wall) on the floor right above the bottom floor, myself. No risk of random battles that way.
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User Info: Strahl

4 weeks ago#10
I mean if we're talking about spiked fights, ZombieD are very easy to kill with pretty good reward.
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