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User Info: AstralEsper

1 month ago#491
[Yeah, as a player, I agree that Fasting Kronoan is definitely the better move for Obsidian.

Undine might feel differently, but w/e. She attacks the Shadow Dragon anyway.]

User Info: Kronoan

1 month ago#492
Thanks guys! :)
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[Yeah, I remember saying that I thought he needed to get up a couple of Tmprs before it was worth Fasting him, at least compared with our other attackers, but I thought it had to be the best play now. He should be doing better damage than any of us after that, though again, I still haven't actually gotten a Fasted attack off yet lawl. I expect his attacks to be closer to the 300+ range, with Kojak staying more around 2-250. Of course, Kojak still has no Tmpr, but I hope we kill this f***er before having to buff up too much more.

We should do well enough this round, as long as its physical doesn't target the wrong person at the wrong time.]
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User Info: FalxXD

1 month ago#494
AstralEsper posted...
Meow, meow meow meow, meow meow.

Falx, realizing he was already dead, knew that this was THE BEST TIME to pet the pwitty kitty!

His disembodied souls floated down over the unsuspecting feline and attempted to give her an ethereal nuzzle.
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User Info: BaconLicious

1 month ago#495
[Scather is known to eat souls, I believe...]

User Info: gameenjoyer

1 month ago#496
Okay, let's go with CUR3 on Selene, turboed with a level 3 and a level 2 charge.

User Info: AstralEsper

1 month ago#497
As she struck the blue flame and snuffed it out, Undine sensed an insufferably cloying presence bearing upon her, like a stale joke that just wouldn't die. It was a presence she would no longer abide.

Undine consumes Falx's soul

User Info: Qazitory

1 month ago#498
The heat was on now. There was only twenty things to do now to assure total agglomeration.

Cast MiniNUKE!

User Info: Bubbleboots

1 month ago#499
Bubble drinks the heals he found.
Kick the wraiths down.

User Info: DarthCansupes

1 month ago#500
New thread is up, enjoy.

Also I didn't comment on the targeting/AI questions from before but yes, targeting is still randomized. There have been a very small handful of times where it wasn't, and I'm pretty sure in all cases it was telegraphed as such (for instance, during the dragon invasion when Bubble was targeted, there was flavor text indicating it and the group of players there picked up on it appropriately). In fact, I can't even think of another example of it happening. Not to say it hasn't, just that I don't recall it. Anyway, while you can probably expect, say, the final boss to act in a fairly intelligent manner, otherwise it's something you might see less than a percent of the time.
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