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User Info: Shadow_FF6

1 month ago#111
Stuck in the time loop permanently? Do you intend to return to this team once you finish moving?
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User Info: FatRatKnight

1 month ago#112
I'm just going to leave one more challenge idea to stack on all the mage challenge ideas.

Decide what spells you're going to cast, and in what order, ahead of time. You can't go to the next spell in sequence until MP on the prior spell in that list has been spent. You may repick your sequence at any instance where you can save your game.

Of note, you are free to simply choose to use a regular attack, a spell, a piece of equipment, a potion, or simply running away at any time. You are also free to select target as applicable. Just that when you use the spell, it must be done in sequence.

Sadly, the sequence will be deviously long toward the end of the game, due to MP. You can just create a short sequence, then any spare MP would just not go used, I suppose. It would also choke the speed of your challenge as you have to spend time choosing your spells ahead of time. And obviously, you'd have to track where in the list you are, good luck with that. If these problems won't stop you from doing intricate planning ahead of entirely random combats, then we'll see what zany plans you come up with.

For added fun, also come up with a looping sequence for using equipment. And maybe even a sequence for drinking potions, if it ever matters to drink those heals in battle.

... I think I suggested this before. Maybe in a different topic. Been a while.

Anyway, when you once again have access, I hope to see more interesting things to read.
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