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User Info: Haste_2

5 months ago#1
Getting the mystic key and looting all the different treasure rooms.
"Ah, a party! We haven't had one of those. It could be fun! So... what is a party?" "Well, you drink punch and eat CAKE! ...I think."

User Info: beege_man

5 months ago#2
Picking your party at the start of the game. So many combinations...
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User Info: fsablazingsoul

5 months ago#3
That first time you see your number of hits increase when physically attacking. I still remember saying to myself 'whoa... 2-hits...'.

User Info: shadow_master01

5 months ago#4
"If you were looking for the Staff of Thunder you're in the wrong town, planet, and game."
~Well Inscription - Star Ocean 4

User Info: FreshFeeling

5 months ago#5
It just doesn’t happen in modern JRPGs the way it does in FF1.
The feral chocobo calls with a boisterous "wark," not the domestic breed's mild "kweh."

User Info: SchlossRitter

5 months ago#6
Crossing the bridge for the first time
Nothing to see here. Move along.

User Info: vp5489

5 months ago#7
Finally earning enough for that Silver Sword in Elfland

User Info: Gali1of1the1sea

5 months ago#8
Getting out of the Ice Cave
No true gamer is satisfied with merely beating a game 100%

User Info: I__I

5 months ago#9
Surviving the Marsh Cave.

User Info: KingRamz

5 months ago#10
Sequence breaking
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