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madspunky 6 years ago#1

It's done, so check it out! I'm not trying to be modest: I really believe everybody should jump ship and never look back at the original : P

"It's great!"
- OnOurLastLife

"Having a blast!"
- J

"Lots of fun. You've actually got me inspired to work a bit more on my Mod of Balance"
- Jeff Ludwig

" It was amazing! You did an incredible job. Love the new dungeons, the balance, everything."
- Mathew

"Superb and fun hack so far!"
- W_K

"I've been playing a little and really like it so far."

"Enjoying the game alot!"
Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition, my ultra hack of the original Final Fantasy:
Invisible_Ed 6 years ago#2
Awesome. I've never beat FF before -- I'm going to do so soon, and I'll give this a try right after.

Are all the spells explained in the readme? I can guess GLXY is a nonelemental multitarget spell but I'd want to be sure before buying anything.
I haven't changed my signiture in seven years. Except I just did just now.
madspunky 6 years ago#3
I should make a document of all the spells. Here's the first three levels:

Level 1 spells:
Fire = Deal a lot of fire damage to one enemy.
Bolt = Deal a modest amount of lightning damage to all enemies.
Slep = Put your enemies to sleep. This spell can be resisted.
Bind= Lower the evasion of enemies, making them easier to hit with weapons.

Cure = Heal about fifty hit points.
Holy= Deal a lot of holy damage to all undead enemies (like zombies and skeletons).
Invs = Increase the evasion of your party members. Good for long fights.
Wake = This spell will take away any paralyze and sleep effects from party members.

Level 2 spells:
Ice = Damage all enemies with ice. Does more damage than Bolt.
Aero=A lot of wind damage to one enemy, more than Fire.
Blnd=All enemies will go blind, making it harder for them to hit you.
Pois= Poison all your enemies, which will sap away their hit points at 10% a turn.

Heal =Heal about fifty hit points for the whole party.
Will= Reduce the chance of afflictions (like Stun, Sleep and Poison) to your party.
Shld = Raise the armor rating of your whole party. Great with Invs.
Purg= Takes away poison and stun effects from your party.

Level 3 spells:
Fir2 = Deadlier version of Fire
Blt2= Deadlier version of Bolt
Tmpr = Makes the members of your party hit harder. Great for long battles.
Chrm= Makes enemies fight for your. Can be resisted.

Cur2= Heals around 100 hit points.
Hly2 = A stronger version of Holy.
Slow= Makes opponents only hit once.
Clns= Removes all afflictions from your party.

GLXY stuns all your enemies at a pretty decent chance rate!
Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition, my ultra hack of the original Final Fantasy:
Invisible_Ed 6 years ago#4
That looks like an awesome magic list! Varied, balanced between offense and defense, direct and status. Good job.

I'd've named Bind and Invs Eva- and Eva+ or EvaD and EvaU or something, though -- Bind sounds like it inflicts Paralysis.

I'd also rename Will to Resi as in Resist and keep Purg as Pure. And Chrm as Conf, too.

But nobody asked my opinion :p
I haven't changed my signiture in seven years. Except I just did just now.
Black_Crusher 6 years ago#5
IMO Bind should make for a 0% evasion rate (or 100% hit rate).

I know it sounds pretty strong but with limited charges people would probably save this for bosses and the occasional strong random fights.

P.S: Unless this would make every attack land, in that case maybe all 8 hits of a black belt hitting would be OP afterall.
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madspunky 6 years ago#6
Is anybody else having troubles applying the patch?
Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition, my ultra hack of the original Final Fantasy:
madspunky 6 years ago#7
Here are the rest of the spells:

Level 4
HEL2: Heals everybody for quite a bit
SHEL: Defends party against elemental spells
BLNK: One member increases evasion a lot.
LIFE: Revives party member to 1 hp out of battle. Damages one undead in combat.

ICE2: Ice damage to all enemies
COMT: A lot of dark damage to one enemy
HSTE: Double attacks for party member
BIO: Poisons and sleeps all enemies

Level 5
CUR3: Heal a lot of hitpoints for one party member
HLY3: Damage all undead for a lot.
MUTE: Silence all enemies
SOFT: Remove stone out of battle, petrify one opponent in combat

FIR3: Deal a lot of fire damage to one enemy
BLT3: Deal a lot of electric damage to all enemies
STOP: Paralyze one enemy
WARP: Teleport back one story out of battle, lower morale of one enemy in combat

Level 6
HEL3: Heal a lot of hit points for all party members
WALL: Defend against all magic for party
CHKR: Fully heal and cleanse caster
EXIT: Exit dungeon out of battle, lower morale of all enemies in combat

ICE3: A lot of ice damage to all enemies
DARK: A lot of dark damage to single enemy.
TPR2: Increase attack damage of one party member
GLXY: Paralyze and sleep all enemies

Level 7
CUR4: Fully heal and cleanse party member.
HLY4: Deal massive damage to all undead
IVS2: Greatly increase invasion for whole party
HEX: Poison, blind, sleep and mute all enemies

QAKE: Deal a lot of earth damage to all enemies
TNDO: Deal massive air damage to one enemy
DETH: Terminate one enemy
HST2: Whole party doubles attacks

Level 8
HEL4: Fully heal and cleanse the whole party
PERL: Massive holy damage to all enemies
SLD2: Greatly increase armor for whole party
LIF2: Fully heal dead party member out of battle, deal massive damage to one undead in battle.

FLAR: Massive non-elemental damage to one enemy
MTEO: Massive dark damage to all enemies
XZON: Terminate all enemies
TPR3: Massively increase attack power of one party member.
Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition, my ultra hack of the original Final Fantasy:
MasterKnight75 6 years ago#8
Okay, so I'm exploring Astos's castle early with a Paladin as my frontline guy and I have him use Holy to nuke the rigged tile undead enemies. Or I would have him do that, if HE DIDN'T KEEP GETTING STUNNED! Even without considering I have a Sage and a Ninja in my team, I shouldn't get punished for having a PALADIN in the front.

Stun needs to be nerfed to have less of a chance of sticking. As is, it's ridiculous right now that I can have party members unable to do ANYTHING for like 90 years. It's even dumber because nobody liked paraplinking back in vanilla FF1 either.
Master Knight DH at your service.
madspunky 6 years ago#9
You do have a point that the Paladin often gets stunned by undead before he can use his holy powers to make things much easier.
On the other hand, his high armor will make being stunned less nasty (fights will be still be long, but in practice, the amount of hit points lost won't be that much).
Another thing is that the WAKE spell, which is only level 1, carries more weight this way.

I want Sleep and Stun to feel different. Maybe I could change the lower level undead to induce sleep instead of stun: I'll test it next time I go through the game.

You're right that paraplinking is a pain in the butt; although I only experience it about three times during the course of the game, and I suppose the game is more exciting if fights against the undead make you anxious about this happening.
Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition, my ultra hack of the original Final Fantasy:
MasterKnight75 6 years ago#10
I took a gander at the Mechanics FAQ. Let me copypasta the relevant info from it:


"This represents an enemy's chance to inflict status ailments with a Physical

"1. Base Chance to Inflict

"Base Chance = 100
--If the Target is resistant to an enemy's Weakness*, Base Chance = 0

"*This is a bug. It should use the Enemy's Attack Element instead of its
weakness. I believe this is fixed in Origins.

"2. Chance to Inflict

"Chance to Inflict = BC - MD

"Select a random number from 0...200. If the number is equal to or less than the
Chance to Inflict, the status is applied. This is calculated separately for
each hit.

"NOTE: This is bugged on the NES so that (most) misses following a successful
hit get a chance to inflict the status as well. Misses because of rolling a 200
do not get a chance to inflict the status however. anomie has come up with the
following to illustrate this:

"H = Hit
M = Normal Miss
X = Miss from rolling 200
* = Chance to inflict status

"M M H* M* M* X M* H* X

"This _should_ be:

"M M H* M M X M H* X"

Oh, and MD stands for Magic Defense. I don't know why that stat isn't listed in-game. I wish it was. I don't know what you changed about this so I have only the vanilla game's mechanics to base my assumptions off of.

I'm not sure if you fixed that bug the guy complains about, but I can be sure the undead baddies being able to hit 3 times definitely contributes. A 25% chance per hit of inflicting the status on somebody with 50 Magic DEF, which would likely still be extreme for ANY character at this point in the game, has a habit of adding up, and Stun only need to be applied once to start its problems. I suspect the undead baddies could stand to trade hit count for attack power that would make them feel less cheap about threatening important armors. Enemies like Cockatrices who Stone with their attacks could be similarly checked to keep their shenanigans under control too.

...actually, I thought of an additional solution just now: doubling everybody's base Magic DEF but reducing most growths to only +1 other than absolutely special cases getting +2. Magic and whatnot isn't going to be common in the early-game, so that doesn't suffer a sudden unwelcome imbalance when the mage classes will have their HP tunneled through anyway because of bad Absorb values. Lategame will avoid losing status application to having only 10~15% chance of being put up, rather than 15~25%, both assuming ~L30 characters and Magic DEF current bases range 10~20.
Master Knight DH at your service.
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