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User Info: des223

2 years ago#81
Lorne11 posted...
Hey I am using a 2 person party (red mage and thief) Question, is there now a 50/50 chance of either getting hit or does retargeting cause the top character to take slightly more.

It seems the top character gets hit a bit more often to me

According to AstralEsper's outstanding FAQ (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/522595-final-fantasy/faqs/57009), if two people are dead (and occupy the bottom 2 slots), then the top character will get hit 67% of the time.
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User Info: Lorne11

2 years ago#82
Thanks that's what I thought.

Amazing FAQ of Astral's, though easy to miss something like that
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User Info: Lorne11

1 year ago#83
Hey this is a FF3 Q, however that board isn't very busy so maybe someone here can chime in

basically, my question is, why does meteo do so much damage, when it's base power is slightly lower than Flare (180 vs 200)

and it deals over 2000 damage to my FEOK, yet the ultimate Flarewave does less than 1'000 usually

Does Meteo ignore Mag D in this game? I doubt it yet it's the only thing that makes sense. At the very least why is it the strongest attack? Any comments appreciated, and if someone could tell me how to start a thread again, that would be great
Calm Before The Torrent Comes....

User Info: The_Hacker

2 months ago#84
Does anyone have a disassembly for this game? Or at least a ROM map? I'm looking for the battle damage formulas.
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