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turkforever6 9 years ago#1
you can fight kuroko multiple times, but its very hard. during the 2nd or 4th fight is the first time you can do it. after this you can do it after every second fight, meaning 4th, 6th, 8th etc.

the method is very VERY hard, and im not sure iirc. either way, i think you had to win 1 round, lose the 1 round and have a 3rd round happen. during this 3rd round you had to have less than 25% iirc (not sure, i used to play this game on my neo over 18/19 years ago) and not only hit but also kill the opponent with a super move (pow, a.k.a. the weapon breaker). what this means is you need to have 25%, have your super full, have the cpu at such a low amount of life that a super will kill them, and actually hit the super.

i have beaten kuroko 3 or 4 times during a single gameplay back in the days. it sucks that i, not posetive about the method, but iirc this is how it worked. i will try it when i plug my neo cdz in again, its in the shed as i mostly play on my ps3.
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Dark_Koopatrol 9 years ago#2
Fun game?
misterbum 9 years ago#3
Only the funnest.
runewalshPSiv 9 years ago#4
samurai showdown III is better imo.
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