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Sasuke Kusanagi 13 years ago#11
Defeat an enemy with a strong slash or rage attack. If blood mode is on, as described above, then the opponent will randomly either be cut in half or have blood gush out of them before collapsing.
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Kinggoken 13 years ago#12
And the fatalies are on the Wii version?
arcwyvern 13 years ago#13
yes they are.
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Finale_Ambika 13 years ago#14
Please stop confusing the users on this board.

There are two versions of Samurai Shodown II that are in this category, but there should be two separate boards for them.

The only one that is available is the Virtual console (Downloadable) version.

The other is the one that comes with the Samurai Shodown Anthology. ( Disc/ Must be purchaced at store. ) but is not available yet.

On the Virtual Console version, there is blood, but no death sequences in the finishing attacks.
(This is unusual seeing as there is one in Samurai Shodown 1)

Apparently, the Disc Version (Anthology) is said to have them in, but since the game is yet to be released in the US, it is hard to say.

Knowing how subdued the censorship is in this country, the game might be edited to differ from the JP version.
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Finale_Ambika 13 years ago#15
Please ignore my last post, it seems as I was incorrect.

Go to the options menu. Change the country setting to Japan and exit the options menu. Go back to the options menu, change the country setting to USA, then exit the options menu and start the game.

This enables the classic fatal attacks at the end of the match.
I was raised by Lord Ledgem himself. No other person in this world can say the same and keep their life.
TokyoXtreme 13 years ago#16
The Japanese anthology Wii version DOES NOT allow you to change regions in the options screen, and I assume the American release will be the same way... and therefore the VC version will have full fatalities via the aforementioned region trick, whereas the anthology disc will be screwed up (having red blood, yet lacking fatalities). I'm not sure which version the Anthology disc version of SSII is emulating, because it's not the arcade version (doesn't say "insert coin"), and it doesn't seem to be the NEO-GEO console version either (which I've played on MAME extensively). Perhaps it's the Japanese NEO-GEO console... but I don't understand why the SSII on the Jap Anthology has fatalities removed, while SSI on the Jap Anthology (EXACT SAME DISC!) has the slicing in half, blood geysers, and spilling bananas*. I played SSII in an arcade in Funabashi about two years ago, and there were definitely fatalities... who knows why this version got singled out for censorship.

* Cham-Cham spills bananas when she is sliced in half in mid-air.
Abster316 13 years ago#17
Ok. I stand corrected.

Essentially the VC version is stripped of most of the game's flashing effects and it defaults to the US AES, except there is red instead of green blood this time.

The SS2 AES blood code enables fatalities.
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