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User Info: Adventuring

2 months ago#1
In the 2nd part of this particular level (The first pipe that a player encounters in this level that's entered), when Star Mario hits the enemy that's in the lava, the graphics of the lava enemy apparently look improper. I don't know the version of this game that this situation can be performed.

User Info: Lord_Wombat

2 months ago#2

User Info: Nicholas Harvey

Nicholas Harvey
1 month ago#3
Adventuring is referring to the Blargg enemy. Since you can't kill this enemy under normal circumstances (though, with good timing, you can get Yoshi to eat one!) the developers simply overlooked the possibility of Mario killing a Blargg while invincible, since (1) there is only one place in the game where this can be done and (2) you have to go out of your way to set this up. So they just did not give Blargg a proper death sprite.

There are other places in the game that present the opportunity to defeat enemies that normally cannot be defeated. For instance, in Forest Fortress, a Triangle Block can be used to hit Grinders with a slope-slide attack. As with Blargg, their death animation is glitched since the developers did not give this enemy a proper "dead" sprite.

Slides can also be used to "kill" the fireballs tossed by Iggy and Larry Koopa, with similar results.
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User Info: TriforceSD

1 day ago#4
I guess using a game genie (unless you know how to glitch the game into giving you a star in the box) you could try beating all the game's enemies and seeing what they give as a glitched sprite. One of them was a spikey bone beetle or whatever they are.
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