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User Info: ComeonFhqwhgads

13 years ago#11
I have to note

In my experience, your fast level-up codes, the 50k experience or so, don't function correctly. Usually, they only get my beasts up to about 14 after one battle and for the rest of the time it's on, nothing happens. The negative experience codes tend to actually function better, but the problem is I don't have a modifier to set it for all monsters, instead of the first 12 in growth order.

You mind helping me out once again here?

Other than that, everything seems to work great. The synthing is a bit irritating still, as always, fair. The only thing I'm still wondering about is since I only used a bunch of other codes, I didn't get the Delapon/Dumbler/Spikeyfish/Casadero seed beasts. I believe I've already asked this, but what is the method to adding in seed beasts?

Oh and, I haven't noticed anything yet, but having a bit of cocoons captured and using your all seed beasts code won't overlap right? I mean, going by the game's logic with the geloper, there shouldn't be an issue but I just want to make sure.

Another note though, unrelated, but seeing a chrome kalma and having one is pretty cool. The sucker has about 380 speed at four merges and is level 14 or so. Fun stuff.
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User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#12
Change the 2nd line "0007A120" in the code to whatever value you want in hex. 7A120 is hex for 500,000. Use windows calculator. Just go to "View-scientific" then type in decimal value then put a dot in "hex" on far left. Add leading zeros to make 8 digits.

Using all seed beasts codes should work fine.

You purchase the seed beast cocoons in the earth shops. You may have to scroll down the list to see them. They are in Earth Lurker 4, Groundwork 3 & Barren Earth 2.

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#13
If you are using the ppf patch version of V2 you can get the V1 attacks by replacing the V2 attacks using the USA codes:

Berserk Hit->Larvalize

204FC1DC 00000037 Change ability to Guts
204FC1D8 000300AE Change attack from "FFFF0087" to "000300AE" (Larvalize)
20506334 00000003

Berserk Crash-> Water Barrier

2052F40C 03860077 Change cocoon to Water type
204FC638 000100AB Change attack from "FFFF0088" to "000100AB" (Water Barrier)

Libaridian->Rage Chance

2052F1DC 6C796552 Change name of cocoon from "Dummy" to "Reylon"
2052F1E0 00006E6F Same as above
2052F1E4 00000000
2052F1F8 03860076 Change cocoon to Fire type
204FC490 6C796552 Change name of seed beast from "Dummy" to "Reylon"
204FC494 00006E6F Same as above
204FC498 00000000
204FC4A4 00C700D3
204FC4B0 000200AA Change attack from "FFFF0086" to "000200AA" (Rage Chance)
204FC4B4 00000039

Dark Impact->Seal
2052EFC8 73736150 Change name of cocoon from "Dummy" to "Passelon"
2052EFCC 6E6F6C65 Same as above
2052EFE4 03860078 Change cocoon to Earth type
204FC308 73736150 Change name of seed beast from "Dummy" to "Passelon"
204FC30C 6E6F6C65 Same as above
204FC31C 00C600D2
204FC328 000000A9 Change attack from "FFFF0085" to "000000A9" (Seal)

Vuritora->Dark Impact
204FBFE4 0000003A Change ability to Larvalize
204FBFE0 000200AF Change attack from "FFFF0075" to "000200AF" (Dark Impact)

User Info: ComeonFhqwhgads

13 years ago#14
The code I'm using modifies the experience needed. You got a condensed code that sets that into a deep negative number?
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User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#15
Quick Level Gain (500,000 EXP)
4087A000 0064006B
0007A120 00000000

I suppose your talking about the above code. You load the code, fight 1 fight, save, then load game without codes. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE. NO MERGING, NO SWITCHING BEASTS, ETC. The game reorganizes each of the beasts in memory. You can verify this by going to the room of life and choosing a different display for your beast: growth, alphabetical, etc. with a code enabled.This is why ALL beast codes (wether it affects 1 beast or more than 1 beats) are dangerous with codes enabled but there are relatively safe methods like the one stated above.

User Info: ComeonFhqwhgads

13 years ago#16
Ah. Once more I fail to read the instructions. So how long does that XP code last for? Once merge? A helluva long time?
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User Info: LancetJades

13 years ago#17
Hey hunkster, so I can update more stuff in my guide to synch with the stuff your complete version adds, can you, or jim, or someone do the following (finally):

-Stat comparisons between Mechalcoch vs. Deprolcoch, and Dondrackich vs. Deradrackich?

-All new seed beasts' stats (cost, evo power, attack, ability, element, etc) like I have it in my guide.

-All new moves' stats (MP, type, Pwr/Rcv, in-game description of effect, actual effect, etc) just like I have it in my guide.

And write up all changes in bullet-point form (sort of like I have it in my guide in the JC2 Complete section).
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User Info: BerserkerPk

13 years ago#18
Well i just burned my modified copy to a DVD anbd it works fine.

Now i aint posting about that as this changes nothing for anyone but me however in your "read me" file it says that alcool120% ISO file must be a certain size and if it doesnt match to try the other sugessted programe now mine was bigger ( not by much but still bigger ) but i tired it anyways and it worked fine .
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User Info: Innertensions

13 years ago#19
Deprolcoch (Alco) - (looks similar to the mechalcoch evolutions) - Looks like an airpline bird in its last evolution like mechalcoch.

Deradrackich (Drac) - this the drac you fight in the higher fire levels and in the arena (red snake type drac in last evolution just like dondrackich).

I probably missed something, but... elements on these? Are they obtainable via 2 or 4 genus medals, or are they merge-only?

I'll have to be on the lookout for a Codebreaker, given that my system's not chipped.

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#20
Deprolcoch (Alco) - wind
Deradrackich (Drac) - fire

The eggs are only obtainable via synthesizing with one of the complete edition patches. They were intended to be in the game during devolopment but removed because of minor graphical glitches

deprolcoch in one of in evolutions flys a little too high on the beast amulet
deradrackich during merging, one of its graphics slows the ps2 down (but it doesn't make it freeze)

The graphics are incomplete/wrong color during the load game screen if you saved with one of them on beast amulet for all evolutions except for the initial.
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