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User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#481
Pal part 2:

Dela Getchu->Reylon
2053EA9C 6C796552
2053EAA0 00006E6F
2053EAA4 00000000
2053EAAC 00D3000A
2053EAB0 000301B7
2053EACC 000000AA

Dela Yo-Yo->Bladetail
2053E974 64616C42
2053E978 69617465
2053E97C 0000006C
2053E984 00BB000A
2053E988 0003019F
2053E9A0 00000035

2053E7B8 6B697053
2053E7BC 69667965
2053E7C0 00006873
2053E7C8 0095000A
2053E7CC 00010179
2053E7E0 000000AE

2053E84C 6172694E
2053E850 726F686C
2053E854 0000006E
2053E85C 00BF000A
2053E860 000301A3
2053E878 0000004C

2053E8E0 626D7544
2053E8E4 0072656C
2053E8F0 0097000A
2053E8F4 0003017B
2053E90C 000000AB

Ela Ela->Passelon
2053E724 73736150
2053E728 6E6F6C65
2053E734 00D2000A
2053E738 000200C6
2053E74C 000000A9

2053E690 756E6947
2053E694 0061676E
2053E6A0 00C3000A
2053E6A4 000301A7
2053E6BC 00000022
2053E6C0 0000000F

2053EB30 61736143
2053EB34 6F726564
2053EB38 00000000
2053EB40 009F000A
2053EB44 00030183
2053EB60 000000AF

20530510 0000026C
2053063C 0000021B
20530640 00000238
20530644 00000243
20530648 00000263
2053064C 00000272
20530650 00000279
20530654 00000280
2052DD88 00000960
2052E410 00000708
2052E754 00001F40
2052F380 0000012C
2052F0D4 00001388
2052F75C 000004B0
2052F548 00000384
2052F970 00000FA0

Optional: (if using an exisying save after beating geloper and you want to get niloper)

2052E034 00000258
205303B8 0000022B

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#482
USA Final codes (part 1) (107 codes):

2052EE00 6B697053
2052EE04 69667965
2052EE08 00006873
2052EE1C 03860078
2052EE24 00688BA0
2052EE28 0052EE00
204FC1B8 6B697053
204FC1BC 69667965
204FC1C0 00006873
204FC1D0 03200050
204FC1D4 000412C0
204FC1DC 00000037
204FC1D8 000000AE
205063AC 0054F86C
2054DEFC 6B697053
2054DF00 69667965
2054DF04 00006873
2052EB54 61736143
2052EB58 6F726564
2052EB78 00688BA0
2052EB7C 0052EB54
204FBFC0 61736143
204FBFC4 6F726564
204FBFE4 0000003A
204FBFE0 000200AF
20506464 00691270
2054D9C8 61736143
2054D9CC 6F726564
2052F1DC 6C796552
2052F1E0 00006E6F
2052F1F8 03860076
2052F200 00688BA0
2052F204 0052F1DC
204FC490 6C796552
204FC494 00006E6F
204FC4A8 03200050
204FC4AC 000412C0
204FC4B0 000200AA
205060CC 0067A8A0
2054E680 6C796552
2054E684 00006E6F
2052EFC8 73736150
2052EFCC 6E6F6C65
2052EFE4 03860078
2052EFEC 00688BA0
2052EFF0 0052EFC8
204FC308 73736150
204FC30C 6E6F6C65
204FC320 03200050
204FC324 000412C0
204FC328 000000A9
20506014 0067AAA0
2054E274 73736150
2054E278 6E6F6C65
2052F3F0 626D7544
2052F3F4 0072656C
2052F40C 03860077
2052F414 00688BA0
2052F418 0052F3F0
204FC618 626D7544
204FC61C 0072656C
204FC638 000100AB
20506184 0067A4B0
2054EA8C 626D7544
2054EA90 0072656C
20688D08 62626952
20688D0C 6E6F7465
204FB118 62626952
204FB11C 6E6F7465
2052D770 62626952
2052D774 6E6F7465
2054B30C 62626952
2054B310 6E6F7465
20525CD4 61726544
20525CD8 6B617264
20525CDC 00686369
20525CE8 00050000
20525CEC 00000003
20525D00 0000000B
20525D08 00CD00FF
20525D1C 000DFFFF
20525CF8 00525CD4
20525CFC 00686ED0
20525D20 72706544
20525D24 6F636C6F
20525D28 00006863
20525D34 00050000
20525D38 00000003
20525D4C 0000000B
20525D54 00F900FF
20525D68 000DFFFF
20525D44 00525D20
20525D48 00687040
20525FE8 00050000
20526034 00050000
20526080 00050000
205260CC 00050000
20525454 00050000
2052D8EC 6F6C694E
2052D914 0052D8EC
2052D920 002800FF
2054B5F0 6F6C694E
2054B61C 0000002B
2054B67C 0000015E
2054B680 000002A2
205358EC 0000002B
20506334 00000003

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#483
USA (part 2):

Dela Getchu->Reylon
2053E53C 6C796552
2053E540 00006E6F
2053E544 00000000
2053E54C 00D3000A
2053E550 000301B7
2053E56C 000000AA

Dela Yo-Yo->Bladetail
2053E414 64616C42
2053E418 69617465
2053E41C 0000006C
2053E424 00BB000A
2053E428 0003019F
2053E440 00000035

2053E258 6B697053
2053E25C 69667965
2053E260 00006873
2053E268 0095000A
2053E26C 00010179
2053E280 000000AE

2053E2EC 6172694E
2053E2F0 726F686C
2053E2F4 0000006E
2053E2FC 00BF000A
2053E300 000301A3
2053E318 0000004C

2053E380 626D7544
2053E384 0072656C
2053E390 0097000A
2053E394 0003017B
2053E3AC 000000AB

Ela Ela->Passelon
2053E1C4 73736150
2053E1C8 6E6F6C65
2053E1D4 00D2000A
2053E1D8 000200C6
2053E1EC 000000A9

2053E130 756E6947
2053E134 0061676E
2053E140 00C3000A
2053E144 000301A7
2053E15C 00000022
2053E160 0000000F

2053E5D0 61736143
2053E5D4 6F726564
2053E5D8 00000000
2053E5E0 009F000A
2053E5E4 00030183
2053E600 000000AF

2052FFB0 0000026C
205300DC 0000021B
205300E0 00000238
205300E4 00000243
205300E8 00000263
205300EC 00000272
205300F0 00000279
205300F4 00000280
2052D828 00000960
2052DEB0 00000708
2052E1F4 00001F40
2052EE20 0000012C
2052EB74 00001388
2052F1FC 000004B0
2052EFE8 00000384
2052F410 00000FA0

Optional: (if using an existing save after beating geloper and you want to get niloper):

2052DAD4 00000258
2052FE58 0000022B

User Info: jim_reaper95

13 years ago#484
Nice work. And glad to be of service with the testing and all.

So...almost 500 posts. Never thought that'd happen. Looks like this topic is headed for the little topic graveyard...also known as archiving.
Frosties are just cornflakes for people who can't handle reality.
is there any code to get some monsters from the beggining of the game? like demabugich and devaluch? ok demabugich i took it from the bug bh but the og beasthunters dont show up till dark forest ends....

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#486
Use the plants to synthesize them. Use any egg as the first item and a rare item (like the inferno book) as the 2nd item. There's a save spot right before getting to one of the plants. Can't remember which one. I used RESET if I didn't get the one I wanted and kept trying.

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#487
I will be releasing my final version on eurasia.nu. It has some minor corrections in it - mainly relocating the seed beast cocoons in different shops. It has codes/patches for USA, PAL, and JAP. It will probably be on there tomorrow. You need to sign up for a free account to download it though. It has an updated excel file which has JAP shop codes and some minor corrections. It also includes an informative readme.txt. - I even thank a few on the gamefaqs forum in it.

Look for it here:


User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#488
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#489
Someone check these codes out. These should put the 5 new seed beasts in regular battles in the Dark Forest/Lilith's lair. They replace the same beasts as the Boss fights they replaced. Please report back:

1. which level you found them on
2. do they appear roaming around the levels as the correct beast (or as the one they replaced)
3. Did they both use a regular attack & their skill
4. There may be already a passelon roaming around before any of my codes - he would only look around and do a regular attack - can anyone confirm this?


2053BA74 6B697053
2053BA78 69667965
2053BA7C 00006873
2053BA84 0095000A
2053BA88 00030093
2053BA9C 000000AE
2053BB00 0000015E

2053CB38 61736143
2053CB3C 6F726564
2053CB48 009F000A
2053CB4C 00030093
2053CB68 000000AF
2053CBC4 000002D0

2053B8B8 73736150
2053B8BC 6E6F6C65
2053B8C8 00D2000A
2053B8CC 000200C6
2053B8E0 000000A9
2053B944 0000028A

2053C164 626D7544
2053C168 0072656C
2053C174 0097000A
2053C178 00030083
2053C190 000000AB
2053C1F0 00000640

2053CE1C 6C796552
2053CE20 00006E6F
2053CE2C 00D3000A
2053CE30 000300C7
2053CE4C 000000AA
2053CEA8 000002EE


2053BFD4 6B697053
2053BFD8 69667965
2053BFDC 00006873
2053BFE4 0095000A
2053BFE8 00030093
2053BFFC 000000AE
2053C060 0000015E

2053D098 61736143
2053D09C 6F726564
2053D0A8 009F000A
2053D0AC 00030093
2053D0C8 000000AF
2053D124 000002D0

2053BE18 73736150
2053BE1C 6E6F6C65
2053BE28 00D2000A
2053BE2C 000200C6
2053BE40 000000A9
2053BEA4 0000028A

2053C6C4 626D7544
2053C6C8 0072656C
2053C6D4 0097000A
2053C6D8 00030083
2053C6F0 000000AB
2053C750 00000640

2053D37C 6C796552
2053D380 00006E6F
2053D38C 00D3000A
2053D390 000300C7
2053D3AC 000000AA
2053D408 000002EE

User Info: hunkster2

13 years ago#490
Where's a jim_reaper95 when you need one? I thanked him in my readme.txt in the final version I put on eurasia.nu for all the testing he did. Now, I need more testing from someone who has a save before the dark forest.

You can remove (if necessary) these lines from part 1 of the final version if you need too (they are currently not needed):


2054DEFC 6B697053
2054DF00 69667965
2054DF04 00006873
2054D9C8 61736143
2054D9CC 6F726564
2054E680 6C796552
2054E684 00006E6F
2054E274 73736150
2054E278 6E6F6C65
2054EA8C 626D7544
2054EA90 0072656C


2054E45C 6B697053
2054E460 69667965
2054E464 00006873
2054DF28 61736143
2054DF2C 6F726564
2054EBE0 6C796552
2054EBE4 00006E6F
2054E7D4 73736150
2054E7D8 6E6F6C65
2054EFEC 626D7544
2054EFF0 0072656C

Well, I also created the ones for the missing seed beasts and put them in the dark forest.


2053C4DC 64616C42
2053C4E0 69617465
2053C4E4 0000006C
2053C4EC 00BB000A
2053C4F0 000300AF
2053C508 00000035

2053BCC4 756E6947
2053BCC8 0061676E
2053BCD4 00C3000A
2053BCD8 000300B7
2053BCEC 00000022

2053C448 6172694E
2053C44C 726F686C
2053C450 0000006E
2053C458 00BF000A
2053C45C 000300B3
2053C474 0000004C


2053CA3C 64616C42
2053CA40 69617465
2053CA44 0000006C
2053CA4C 00BB000A
2053CA50 000300AF
2053CA68 00000035

2053C224 756E6947
2053C228 0061676E
2053C234 00C3000A
2053C238 000300B7
2053C24C 00000022

2053C9A8 6172694E
2053C9AC 726F686C
2053C9B0 0000006E
2053C9B8 00BF000A
2053C9BC 000300B3
2053C9D4 0000004C
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