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Metroid Fusion has been criticized for linearity, but has that changed recently?slk_2356/22 7:16PM
My fav Metroid game everFurryBoi24/30 12:58AM
Why are there organic parts in the BOX? Story/PlotHadaron32/26 11:10AM
The so-called TRO Trap. Better video than other topic. Also, slk_23 is a bot.Distant_Rainbow71/19 9:50PM
Trying to get Power Bomb in Sector 2. Stuck. HelpHylia611/12 12:59AM
Can't beat SA-X -- will never see the game's endingguy12345611/3 4:49PM
Just beat this game for the first time in 10 years and one question I have is...katman243211/3 1:54AM
Did people know that Metroid Fusion would be worse than Super Metroid back then?slk_23410/12 9:17PM
Does anybody here know about the TRO trap, where you can get permanently stuck?slk_2318/18 8:29PM
One problem with Metroid Fusion is the environment doesn't feel organic enoughslk_2347/1/2019
Save data suddenly deleted?xMarcitus04x37/1/2019
How do you rank this game?guy1234547/1/2019
Going for 100% - Any missables?MajinBalthier47/1/2019
I don't know why they didn't give you the option of skipping all that dialogueslk_23212/3/2018
Stuck at 73 Power BombsRedRose030310/26/2018
I can't play my cartrige of Metroid Fusion. Can you help me? HelpMagmaBoy27/14/2018
In real life, does electricity in water work the way it does in Metroid Fusion?slk_2353/25/2018
Adam understood this, and he spoke to me in my anger.Foxhound3857412/26/2017
So, when Samus gains the...(spoilers)Foxhound3857212/1/2017
Do you think they gave you freedom too late in this game? (possible spoilers)slk_23811/2/2017
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