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Can't believe I paid 20 bucks for this a few months ago.. it has quadrupled $$$GangrenousKhan69/13 8:41PM
My fav Metroid game ever
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FurryBoi149/9 2:49PM
It's weird how Samus is a silent protagonist until telling Adam 'Open the hatch'slk_2359/9 2:45PM
This Game is f***ing hard the first time around
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
throwaway8906179/9 2:43PM
Nightmare Addendum to 1% Challenge TopicPre_PHD_Lee19/1 11:43AM
Secret Message on 1%/No Damage managedMasterKnight7529/1 11:27AM
Trying the 1% ChallengePre_PHD_Lee91/29 11:02PM
The so-called TRO Trap. Better video than other topic. Also, slk_23 is a bot.Distant_Rainbow91/11 6:14PM
What on earth could that flying thing in the background of sector 5 be? Story/PlotBecause212/1 9:48PM
Why are there organic parts in the BOX? Story/PlotHadaron411/10 9:54PM
Metroid Fusion has been criticized for linearity, but has that changed recently?slk_23811/10 9:18PM
Trying to get Power Bomb in Sector 2. Stuck. HelpDeleted611/12/2019
Can't beat SA-X -- will never see the game's endingguy12345611/3/2019
Just beat this game for the first time in 10 years and one question I have is...katman243211/3/2019
Did people know that Metroid Fusion would be worse than Super Metroid back then?slk_23410/12/2019
Does anybody here know about the TRO trap, where you can get permanently stuck?slk_2318/18/2019
One problem with Metroid Fusion is the environment doesn't feel organic enoughslk_2347/1/2019
Save data suddenly deleted?xMarcitus04x37/1/2019
How do you rank this game?guy1234547/1/2019
Going for 100% - Any missables?MajinBalthier47/1/2019
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