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User Info: CheezeMonkee

7 years ago#1
I went to the Temple of Avo in hopes of getting the Sentinus and age reduction, but I got cheated. I understand that my character is fully good, and that lessens my chances, but I donated OVER 200,000 GOLD. Any suggestions?

User Info: Door2Light

7 years ago#2
Well I haven't played the game in a while but that doesn't sound right. In the walkthrough by Jubgone, it say how it's done


Q: "How do I get the Sentinus?"
A: I do cover this in detail, but it is very simple, if you're half EVIL
donate 35,000 gold, if you're half GOOD, donate 60,000 gold.
Basically, the more you are to the GOOD side, the more you have
to donate to get the Sentinus.

Here's the wiki


So since your character is fully good it says you'll need close to 320,000... made you made it quite hard on yourself.
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