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MajinBalthier 8 years ago#1
-Played the first hour of the game. Having absolutely no knowledge of Fable makes this interesting. I didn't even know what the game looked like. I picked it up on recommendations (while avoiding Fable 2 and 3 on recommendations... they're for the 360 anyway, which I don't have).

-It looks... a lot like WoW. That's about the only thing I can compare it to. It plays like a next-gen Secret of Mana would have, I assume. Real-time and all that jazz.

-The character models in the game are unbelievably bad. Especially the hero, who looks like the creepiest hobbit in all the land.

-The beginning of the game has you running around a peaceful town helping out REALLY HEARTWARMING CHARACTERS like a little girl who lost her teddy bear.

-....and then after a few minutes THEY ALL DIE.

-Sephiroth is gonna pay.

-Pretty depressing. I was hoping for the game to continue in that vein for a little while, with you branching out to help people in other towns. Instead, it goes the Conan story route of having the whole first area just serve as torch-fodder.

-The hero ages quite a bit after that, but he's still gangly and awkward. I wish he weren't a mute.

-I like the way you can choose to either be good or evil and the game fundamentally changes. Doesn't KOTOR do something like that? Mass Effect sorta does, except it's more like "Rule Following Calm Jack Bauer or Yells At People Jack Bauer" than it is good or evil.

-Peter Molyneux is behind this game. Apparently he wanted to do all kinds of stuff with the game like have it be an open, evolving world, and none of those things came to fruition. The game seems very linear, like it transpires in "levels". It certainly isn't everything they hyped it up as.

-Was it worth $4? Oh yeah.
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