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  3. ever give away stolen books the childrens school ?

User Info: manic2

8 years ago#1
I was just being a good guy and all by donating books to the childrens school.and the teacher would read parts of them to the kids.it was hilarious ! like there was this one with an epic poem in it about a hostile of this town by bandits.
"the bandits plundered thier town
and stole all thier riches
and with the money
bought gifts for thier.........
eerrrrrr ummmm ladies"
anyway,it became great fun.every time i saw a book,i nabbed it and gave it to the school and watched the comedy unfold.
plus,once,the school master insulted me after i tiressly hunted down books and selflishly donated them.so i gave him a rude expression fro my list.the kids began cheering and laughing.i found out they were the only ones i knew who thought it was funny when i farted and stuff.
then i did the chicken dance.this got a very big positive reaction.every daY,as i passed the school from my house,to go off adventuring,i did a show at the school.then one day i won the chicken suit and then i was a legend there !
just something else to do if you are looking for something else to do on this game.
i am an albert einstien in a world filled with beavus and buttheads

User Info: Think_Phone

8 years ago#2
that sounds like a lot of fun!
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  3. ever give away stolen books the childrens school ?
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