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User Info: BigSexxxyNash

8 years ago#1
How do buff your body up to where you can pull the sword out

User Info: mrolympia78

8 years ago#2
think you have to max out all 3 strength skills
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User Info: aurllcooljay

8 years ago#3
This question has been asked frequently. Here's the proper answer:

The first time you try to pull it out you will fail no matter what (I haven't tried to pull it out for the first time with all strength stats maxed out).

When you fail the first time the game records your current strength stats. When you increase Physique by 5, Health by 2, and Toughness by 3, you will be able to pull the sword from the stone.

If your starts are too high when you try the first time you will just have to max them out. The final levels of the strength stats are quite expensive, so if you want to get the sword as soon as possible i suggest waiting to increase strength stats until you can get to the sword and attempt to pull it for the first time.
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User Info: SnoopLion

8 years ago#4
It's not even worth it if Have you have JoB sword...
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