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User Info: harrypadar

9 years ago#1
I download fable from the marketplace and every time I try to enter one area (forgot what its called) when I had to do an escort quest It freezes while on the loading screen. Also earlier whenever I tried to do that bullying bit at the begining a screen always comes up that says that there is a problum with the disc even though IT IS DOWNLOADED SO THERE IS NO DISC! So I just skiped that part. Is it playable or did I just waste 800 points on this game?
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User Info: Bobber96

9 years ago#2
I bought it, although I haven't gotten into it. I loved numbers 2 and 3, and heard that 1 was the best, so I'm a bit disappointed I haven't really tried it yet... but anyway, I haven't had any problems up until where I'm at. If you can't fix it, then delete it and re-download it... it's free. Maybe something went wrong during the download, but other than that, I don''t know what to tell you.
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User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

9 years ago#3
I had this problem recently too, and it always froze whenever I went to train with the Guildmaster for the first time. First I got the problem with the disc message, and when I tried again, it just froze. I never tried downloading it again, but maybe I will sometime.
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