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User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#1
Guess the Character: Rules & Regs

This game is for fun. Approach it as some entertainment among friends.

1) Eligible Characters are limited those who appear KH1 only. This includes all of the characters in Jiminy's Journal, plus other Disney characters not named. Some characters appear prominently in cutscenes or as part of background art. This rulebook avoids a specific list of characters in order to encourage creativity in character choices. Use your discretion within the guidelines above. Note, however, that characters that appear only in Final Mix are not eligible. Characters should appear in plain-vanilla Kingdom Hearts.

2) Keep clues in-game: Only use clues based on source material in KH1 itself. Don't use outside material such as movies and television shows.

3) If the round host is missing from Guess the Character for 48 hours, another active participant may begin a new round as host. This rule will hold even if notice is given. The new host is anyone who starts a new round after the deadline. Extensions for extenuating circumstances may be granted upon request.

4) The host should only rule out characters guessed. For instance, if a person guesses Cards (Hearts) and that is incorrect, dont also rule out Cards (Spades).

5) One character per clue - no teams, such as Lock, Shock and Barrel. In this example, Lock, Shock or Barrel could be guessed as individual characters.

6) One guess per participant at a time. Make one guess, then await a ruling from the host before guessing again. Once your guess is made, do not change it.

7) If a guess isn't going to be counted for certain, for example if is a duplicate or a Heartless, then the guesser hasn't really used up a guess at all and can guess again.

8) When a guess is correct, the cluegiver announces the win along with an updated Current Scoreboard. The guesser's tally is increased by 1, and his or her name is moved to the top of that point grouping. The correct guesser then begins a new round as host.

9) Timing of clues and their content are entirely up to the host. Have fun and bring your creativity.

KathrynsDad is your benevolent despot. He will start the threads and close them if necessary. In the event of fighting, the thread will close for at least two days. If an argument goes more than two volleys it is likely the start of a fight. Discussion is fine but keep it short. OTOH banter, puns, and joke telling are encouraged. Have fun!

Remember that this game and everything on this site happens due to Gamefaqs giving us a place to congregate. Treat it with respect.


User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#2

KathrynsDad - 133
SinisterSandman - 61
GenesisSaga - 48
Yogos - 41
ContraPop - 38
Axilrum - 34
dragoonheart - 31
Hotel_Security - 29
falconesque - 17
ChickenBot - 16
BazookaKid - 14
MasterPillow147 - 13
Masterofflys - 13
CorbinSchmorbin - 12
JCBtheDirector - 12
SkylarAlpha - 11
MistressOfAllEv - 10
koollizard - 10
mongbeast - 9
GX1997 - 8
Chrono_D_Ninja - 8
showmevideogame - 8
KeybladeVIII - 7
lobsterfest - 7
MagiciteKefka - 7
itsyourlife - 7
BLucidity - 6
khcloud2005 - 6
guythesamuri - 6
Roxas_Is_Sora_X - 6
ChrisTaka - 2
TheArgonianKing - 1
jamwil2595 - 1
Weigraf - 1

User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#3

Clue 1: Light!
Clue 2: What did you say?
Clue 3: Side kicked.


Donald Duck
Jack Skellington
Mickey Mouse

User Info: SinisterSandman

1 year ago#4
Gum-Gum Gummi Ship: Blueprint Active!
"The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter! Let's have some fun!"

User Info: MasterPillow147

1 year ago#5
Jiminy Cricket
I'm that completist gamer who always tries to maximize values in video games.

User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#6
Not them.

User Info: MasterPillow147

1 year ago#7
I'm that completist gamer who always tries to maximize values in video games.

User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#8
Swing and a miss.

User Info: MistressOfAllEv

1 year ago#9
Winnie the Pooh
You poor, simple fools. You think you can defeat me? Me, the mistress of all evil?

User Info: KathrynsDad

1 year ago#10
Not him.
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