Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

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  3. Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

User Info: atakdoug

5 years ago#11
The implication of "[y]ou do not need to ever alter the Gummi ship to get through the game, especially not on Normal" is that it is hard to get through using without customization if you are playing on expert. To the extent that's what was meant, I respectfully disagree, for two reasons:

1. Playing normally, you will naturally acquire, without trying, lots of parts for new ships and blueprints with which to make them. By the time a better ship is genuinely useful, you will normally have access to one without doing anything other than selecting it.

2. Even if you don't want to do that, it's fine if you're reasonably careful. There is no section of the map that cannot be traversed in the original Highwind, though some of the later ones take some learning and some care. (There are enemy ships against which the Highwind is pretty well powerless, but they can be avoided. Trial and [probably some] error are the way to deal with this.)

The above are true regardless the difficulty setting.

In other words, if you hate the gummi ship customization (and I share your opinion — I think the UI is almost unbelievably poor), no big deal. Play on.

User Info: SinisterSandman

5 years ago#12
I find it easy and, dare I say, one of the most fun things to do once all else is done (even during the course of the game, in terms of all things but the storyline).

As said, I have a YouTube channel devoted mostly to the building of complex (but fun) Gummi Ships. My nick over there is MrSinisterSandman, if you care to search. I'm just too lazy and wary of advertising rules to post a link right now.
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User Info: PojoTheChicken

5 years ago#13
It's not that it's diffcult, it's that when you first start using it the controls just seem...odd. Once you get it down it's actually quite fun!

User Info: Raiu

5 years ago#14
I wasn't very creative. I just kept adding more armor parts, more wings, and more guns (and replaced the cockpit with one that gave more HP) to the starting ship until I had a hideous fast-moving monstrosity that filled the screen with bullets and lasers and shrugged off most enemy attacks (and yet I kept it compact enough that it wasn't that much larger than the original ship, so it wasn't a huge target)

If I recall correctly, the pieces don't even have to all be attached. (Or maybe that's KH2)

User Info: falconesque

5 years ago#15
Holds true in KH as well as KH2.

A couple of requirements KH has, though: 1 cockpit, which isn't optional, and at least 1 engine pointed the correct way (3.4 - Tips, Gummi Ship FAQ).
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User Info: Kenshinnok

5 years ago#16
It's somewhat annoying, but I figured it out eventually. It's just really complicated to move parts around on the grind and whatnot. Also I'm not a fan of how wings aren't symmetrically aligned to where they look weird as heck if you try to say, put one on the left side and one on the right side of your ship. Unless I'm doing something wrong with flipping them around.

User Info: WalkThruWalls

5 years ago#17
There are Left and Right pieces of each type.!118
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  3. Screw the fricken gummi ship. Why on earth did they make it so complicated?

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