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Please understand that these are all cheat codes and I do not need your info. All these codes can be used by any player in any town.

I am creating this topic for those players who need to ask for codegen codes for untradables. I do not accept any responsibility for errors with these codes. All these codes have been copied and pasted with care directly from the codegen. If you do not get the item, get the wrong item, or get a glitched item, the fault is yours. You have entered the code incorrectly. Please copy down & enter codes slowly & carefully and I recommend saving your game before inputting any codes. If you want more info about this, please refer to the third post under 'Risks of using codes' on page one of my stickied topic, "Welcome to the Trading Board. Please read for info on trading & NES games".

If entered correctly, these codes all work perfectly the first time and will not harm your game at all.

Nook will only give you 3 items from codes per gameplay. Quit & restart to tell him another 3 codes. Repeat as necessary.

I will not post codegen codes for Bells, Golden Tools, or any item that is Tradable. If you really want those, they are available in UC lists under Codes & Secrets, the FAQs page, or other websites. Be extremely cautious with Villager codes from these sources because an error can destroy your town.

I cannot post codegen codes for the F4 (Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros, & Mario Bros), Fish, or Insects because they will not work or the codes do not exist.


To help you find what you need quickly.

Please note that All the Mario Theme Codes are on the first page of the stickied topic "Welcome to the Trading Board. Please read for info on Trading & NES games", just scroll down to the 6th post.

Island Items - Post 2

Wendell Walls - Post 3

Saharah Carpets - Post 4

Gulliver Items - Post 5

Gracie Shirts - Post 6

Other untradable & Secret Shirts - Post 7

Spooky Series - Post 8

Harvest Series - Post 9

Jingle Series - Post 10

Snowman Series - Post 11

Igloo Items - Post 12 - NO DUMMY code

Summer Camper Items - Post 13

Stationery - Post 14

Models - Post 15

Station Models - Post 16

Special Gifts - Post 17

Miscellaneous - Post 18 - Includes Pitfall and Sign Board

Unusable Errand Items - Post 19

Fossils - Post 20

Music - K.K. Songs - Post 21

Gyroids - Post 22