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User Info: davidMAN00

13 years ago#41
This all has to be in order, not scattered throughout the topic. When it's finished it should all be put into a new topic, stickied and then closed.

Sorry if that is your intention already.
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User Info: GamecubeGuy3

13 years ago#42
Let's say hooray for sticky topics!!
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User Info: Mastermind3

13 years ago#43
Ok, glad to see this has been stickied :)

Oh and yeah, here's a good tip: The easiest way to get money is to sell fossils. As soon as you can, get a shovel, and find some fossils. You can easily get around 5 a day, and average ones sell at around 3000 bells. 15000 bells a day once you got a cycle going. Oh, and if you need letters, just head to the junkyard. There is always some there (I remember when i first started out, i always had so much paper and i couldnt get rid of it. Once i discovered fossils, i finally had a use for the stuff).
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User Info: kewlninjanaruto

13 years ago#44
HOLY ****! I've seen 3 stickies in the past week! Is it like a new feature or something?
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User Info: CubeDude04

13 years ago#45
yeah it was announced on mba

certain topics can be made sticky the mods choose them
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User Info: DMC_person

13 years ago#46
One question, how the hell do you pay off your orignal morgage? I have the money but I can't seem to pay it off. Do I talk to Knook for it? Is it at home? Do I buy something.


User Info: Veedrock

13 years ago#47
Go to the Post office. Choose the option Pay off Debt.

User Info: levibevi2

13 years ago#48
you know the post office? Talk to the person there and you should be able to pay off your debt there. Once you pay off all the debt talk to Nook and he'll expand your home (he lets you choose not to expand it, but either way the house gets expanded)

User Info: Pikachu4Pres

13 years ago#49
Not to cause trouble or anything, but doesn't this "sticky" feature often discourage people from reading the FAQs, which is what this site's supposed to be for?
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User Info: beanmarine101

13 years ago#50
idk if they "unstick" topics, but if people keep yackin here its gonna get untstuck if they do anything like that

and heres a tip:
when you ask for a job and are told to write a letter, attach a present(non-native fruits work best for me), and youll get furniture or sometimes another non-native fruit(this got me all the fruits in my town except coconuts).

and another one: when you write a letter to one of the animals, theyll probably talk about your gibberish or whatever unless you use their "word"(the word that they end most sentences with like 'whats up, slacker')
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