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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#21
12th. Meteor Shower
From 6 PM - 9 PM, meet your villagers at the lake to watch the meteor shower. If you find Tortimer, he will give you a Telescope.

21st. Founder's day.
If it wasn't for these guys, your town would never exist! Meet Tortimer at the well to receive a Weed Model

Every day from July 25th - August 31st. Morning Aerobics.

1st Monday. Labor day
Meet Tortimer at the well to get a Shop model gift to remember all the work that has gone into the town.

23rd or 24th. Fall Sports fair.
The same as the Spring Sports fair. Find Tortimer to get an Autumn Medal

Random day. Harvest Moon
Check your calender to see when the Harvest moon will be. From 6 PM - 9 PM meet at the lake to see the huge moon, then find Tortimer, and he will give you a Moon gift for your house.

2nd Monday. Explorer's day.
Find Tortimer to get a Bottled ship for your house.

15th - 25th. Mushrooming Season.
Every morning at around 8 AM, 5 mushrooms will pop up randomly throughout the town. Roughly every 15 minutes, a villager will find one. These sell for a nice price at Nook's shop.

31st. Halloween.
6 PM - 1 AM. Read about Jack in the above section of random visitors to find out about this holiday. Find Tortimer to receive Katrina's Tent model as a gift.

Random day. Harvest Moon
There is a chance your Harvest Moon festival will happen in October. check your calender for the exact date.

First Tuesday. Mayor's Day.
This day is all about the one who has been running the town, Mayor Tortimer. He's got a gift for you, the Well Model.

11th. Officer's day.
To salute the police force that has been protecting everyone in the village, (From what? I don't know..), this day is for them. Find Tortimer to get a Police Station Model.

Every Sunday. Fall Fishing tourney.
See the Summer Fishing tourney for information. Find Tortimer to receive a Fishing Tourney.

4th Thursday. Harvest Festival.
Yep, it's Thanksgiving time! Turkey for you and Turkey for me.. But that's not the case here. Franklin is a visiting Turkey who is fearing for his life. Read above, in the seasonal visitors section to find out what to do to get gifts from Franklin. This event goes from 3 PM - 9 PM. If you find Tortimer, down at the well, he will give you a Cornucopia gift.

4th Friday. Sale day.
Now that Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is on it's way, everyone is scrambling to buy gifts for their loved ones... but you don't have to worry here, unless you have other people playing in your town. Tom Nook will be selling loads of grab bags filled with 3 random items. The price depends on the year. (Year 2005 means that bags will be 2005 bells each, and so on.

Find Tortimer to recieve a Market Model.

1st. Snow day
Well, snow hasn't exactly come to the town yet, but since it is almost time, Tortimer has decided to start giving away Snowman gifts.

23rd. Toy Day.
Since it's almost that time of the year, Tortimer is in the gift giving mood. If you talk to him with a male character, he will give you a Miniature car toy, and if you talk to him with a female character, you will get a Doll toy.

24th. Jingle comes to town!
From 8 PM - 1 AM. Read above at the seasonal visitors section to find out how to get gifts from Jingle.

31st. New years eve
This is it.. The year is gone, so join the party down at the lake. The party starts at 11 PM, and there is a big countdown clock set up, ticking away the minutes to the new year. Talk with Tortimer there to receive a Noisemaker item to remember the occasion. The party ends at 1 AM.

Any other events?
Yes, sometimes, animals may ask you when your birthday is. When the day comes that you put in, your in-game mom will send you a birthday cake item and your villagers will send you random gifts and birthday cards.

User Info: NeoFalcon

13 years ago#22
Congrats on getting this topic sticky!
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User Info: Snowcat21

13 years ago#23
How did you get it sticky? O.o
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User Info: Marioface5

13 years ago#24
Why are there two topics?

User Info: Marioface5

13 years ago#25
Why do posts go to both topics?

User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#26
Why are there two topics?

From CJayC's post:

"Sticky topics will still be shown in the regular topic list below, so if you see the same topic twice in a row (one sticky, one not), that's not a bug, but how the sticky topics are supposed to work"
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User Info: crystalcroc

13 years ago#27

What about the forbidden 4?

Many people ask about how to get them.
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User Info: Marioface5

13 years ago#28
Thanks. How do you make a sticky topic?

User Info: Megarpggal2002

13 years ago#29
There's a topic in Site Suggestions where you can suggest topics to be stickied.
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User Info: Viiper

13 years ago#30
hey wtf wy dose this stay at the top of the board?????
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