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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#11
They didn´t stick it, they said it needed more things.

Yeah, I read it.. They said it seemed "Thrown together". We won't give up though!

Other random visitor info:

Wisp: This ghost appears in random acres from Midnight - 4 AM. We will most likely appear if you have a lot of weeds growing in your town.

When you are wandering around, you may find a "voice" that talks to you. If you look around in that acre, Wisp will appear and he will tell you to catch him 5 spirits. You need a bug net, and the spirits are weird little white floating things. They appear in random acres, like bugs.

After you have caught all 5 spirits (They need to be caught before 4 AM or else they will disappear). Go back to the acre where you found Wisp, and he will give you 3 choices in rewards:

1. Pull weeds! (He will pull all weeds in your town for you, very helpful!
2. Paint my roof! (Doing this will have Wisp paint the roof of your house the color of your choice)
3. Free gift! (Doing this will have Wisp give you a random item)

Snowman: The snowman appears in the Winter months (Around December 10th - February 25th). To make the snowman, you must find both snowballs on the ground. By rolling a snowball, in the snow, it will become bigger. When you push the 2 snowballs together, they will form together to make a Snowman. If you did a good job, the Snowman will send you a rare Snowman furniture set item. there are 12 total items to receive from the Snowman.

You can do this once a day. To find out how big you should make the snowballs, you are given a Snowman item on Snow day in your town (December 1st, talk to Tortimer to receive the item). Put this Snowman item in your home, and try to use it as a guide on how big to make the snowballs.

Jingle: This gift giving reindeer appears on December 24th from 8 PM - 1 AM. To get a gift from him, you must walk around town and find him, and talk to him 5 times in different acres. He will ask you questions about what kind of items you like. After you have talked to him in 5 different acres, you will receive a gift. After that he won't give you any more gifts as long as you remain in the same clothes.

Change your clothes into something that looks completely different from what you are wearing, and repeat the process of finding Jingle 5 times, until you get all 13 of Jingle's special items.

Jack: This Pumpkin head will be roaming around town on October 31st from 6 PM - 1 AM. All you have to do is find him and give him a piece of candy to receive a gift... The only problem is, everyone in town looks exactly the same as Jack.

In order to find Jack, you must wander around town, trying not to let anyone chase you, because if someone does catch you, they will demand a piece of candy, and if you refuse, they will turn your clothes into rags or turn one of your items you are carrying into either a Jack in the box, or a Jack-O'-Lantern, so don't carry anything important, or wear any rare clothes during Halloween.

You can tell which one is the real Jack, because he is the only one who won't run after you if he sees you.

You can store your candy in old letters you have received, and when you find the real Jack, you have to take a piece of candy out of one of your letters so you can give it to him.

Candy is sold in Tom Nook's shop during the week of Halloween. There are 15 total items to be received during Halloween.

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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#12
Franklin: This Turkey can be found on the 4th Thursday of November, from 3 PM - 9 PM. He is hiding out around town because he is afraid of Thanksgiving, and being eaten by everyone in town. He wants you to steal the silverware from the table where the Wishing well is located, and bring it back to him, but of course, Franklin is always in random acres.

The good news is, you can talk to your villagers, and sometimes they will tell you the acre where they have seen an animal acting strange.

There are 12 total Harvest items to receive from Franklin.

Other things

Golden Tools: Golden tools are helpful items that just make life a little easier.

-Golden Shovel: The golden shovel can be found by burying a regular shovel (You need 2 shovels), into a "Golden spot" (as explained earlier). Use the same method of making a money tree, except with a shovel, and in a few days, a golden tree will grow. Shake that tree and a Golden Shovel will fall out.

The Golden shovel will randomly dig up a bag 100 bells.

-Golden Axe: The Golden axe can be found at the wishing well, after a few days of having a perfect town (Explained below). Talk to the wishing well, and it will give you a Golden Axe. The golden axe will NEVER break, unlike a regular axe.

-Golden Fishing Rod: This is given to you after you have caught all 40 different types of fish. It attracts a fish's attention more, and gives you more time to react while fishing, when a fish bites.

-Golden Bug Net: This is given to you after you have caught all 40 different types of bugs. This net is about 2 times bigger than the regular net, so catching insects becomes a lot easier.

How can I get a perfect town?

To do this, you must talk to the wishing well. It will then tell you an acre that is "amiss". This means that there aren't enough trees in that acre, or there are too many weeds. Try planting flowers, and try making sure that trees aren't all right next to each other.

Keep checking the well, until it says everything is perfect, then just keep an eye on your town for the next few days, making sure you pull all the weeds. After a few days of having a perfect town, talk to the well and you will receive a golden Axe.

What does it mean when there is a "Great sadness" in my town

Chances are, you have used an Action Replay cheating device. As far as I know, there is no way to remove this message.

Igloos and tents

Igloos appear when snow is on the ground (Around December 10th - February 25th). A villager from your town will build an igloo for the day, and if you enter, you will sometimes be able to play some games of chance. If you win, you will receive a random item, but if you are lucky, you will receive one of the 8 special igloo items!

Tents appear during the summer months (June - September). An animal from another town, will make a ten in your town on the weekends. The same thing applies here as it does for Igloos. Play games of chance to win special camping items! There are 10 to receive.

How do I get another bridge in my town?

After your town has reached 15 animals, Mayor Tortimer will offer to build another bridge in your town. He will be standing near the river, and if you talk to him, he will ask you if you like that spot for a bridge. If you say yes, a bridge will be built there, but if you say no, he will try a different place the next day.

Can you get in the lighthouse?

Yes, but only at certain times. In January and February, Tortimer will visit you and ask you to watch the lighthouse, while he goes on vacation. Every night of the week he asks you to watch the lighthouse for, at 6 PM, you need to go into the lighthouse, and pull the switch inside to turn on the light.

If you do this every night, you will recieve a special gift from him.

Whew, I'm thinking I should have been an FAQ writer, lol.

User Info: True_Blue_Shar

13 years ago#13
Just a comment on the Perfect Town info. The Well will guide you to a Satisfactory level, but then you're on your own. You need between 12 - 14 trees in as many acres as possible. You have to score 14 points to get a Perfect rating. Special acres will score 2 points each for 12 - 14 trees. The F acres are Special acres, so getting those 5 acres right, will allow you to get 10 of the needed points. Diagonally touching trees do not matter. The Well only looks at a tree count per acre. Touching and stunted trees are included in the count as are saplings (unless they die & disappear). Flowers do not score points, but they counteract weeds and can prevent you from losing points.
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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#14
I'm not too sure how this got pushed so far to the bottom, but if anyone wants to add anything else, feel free to do so.
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User Info: Nom_de_Plume

13 years ago#15
Bump to answer Pitfall question
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User Info: greatblackthorn

13 years ago#16
Anyone here willing to give me the code for a blue chair
im Max in Drinagh
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User Info: ResidentEvilest

13 years ago#17
Wow, sticky!

Why don't you go to the trading board to get your blue item?
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User Info: Snowcat21

13 years ago#18
Thanks lots, cool mario!

That really helped... I never knew most of that stuff =D
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User Info: WalMartSG

13 years ago#19
I can't make another topic cuz i just made this name but maybe some1 can help me, my gamecube currently has a problem with the lens, i dont know if it's dirty or what but it won't read the disks, well sometimes it will and sometimes it wont, i turned it off for 3 minutes and when i came back it said there was no disk read in the gamecube, even though AC was in in, any advice?

User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#20
Alright! Now that it's stickied, (Thanks mods!) I'd like to make some lists. First, I'm going to start with the dates and times for all festivals in towns, with the special items you can get from Tortimer, the mayor.

1st. New years day
Meet in the wishing well area from 6 AM - 11 PM to talk with Tortimer about the new year.
Gift: A new journal

2nd. Groundhog day
Meet in the wishing well from 7 AM - 9 AM for the groundhog event. After the event is over, talk to Tortimer, and you will recieve a flower model (The type you get is random, there are 9 types to collect)

14th. Valentines day.
Check your mail today to read all the valentines your villagers have sent you. They all come with gifts, and nice little poems.

20th or 21st. Spring sports fair
Meet in the wishing well to watch your fellow villagers participate in a number of games throughout the day. Talk with Tortimer to receive a Spring Medal, for your gift.
Time of events:
9 AM - 11 AM: Gymnastics
11 AM - 1 PM: Foot Race
1 PM - 3 PM: Ball game
3 PM - 5 PM: Tug-o'-war

1st. April fools' day
Talk with the villagers all around town today to hear strange stories, then find Tortimer, who will give you a special NES game to remember the holiday.

5th - 7th. Cherry Blossom Festival
The trees have all turned pink, and now the blossoms are falling everywhere. The music has also changed to fit the holiday. Down at the wishing well, your fellow villagers are partying the day away. Talk to Tortimer to receive a Pink Tree model.

22nd. Nature Day
Find Tortimer on this day to recieve a regular tree model.

1st. Spring cleaning
Yep, it's that time again. Find Tortimer, and he will give you a nice Dump Model.

2nd Sunday. Mother's day
To remember your mother on this day, Tortimer has a Lovely Phone to give to you. If you stand next to the phone and press the A button, it will call a psychic with a little advice for you.

2nd Friday. Graduation day
Most likely, summer vacation has started for everyone, so to commemorate this time, Tortimer has a Tailor Model to give to you.

3rd Sunday. Father's day
Find your town's father figure, Tortimer, to recieve a Locomotive model.

Every Sunday. Summer Fishing tourney
To win the fishing tourney, you must catch the biggest bass you can find, and give it to Chip, the beaver, who comes to visit. The winner of the tourney will receive an item in the mail from Chip. Tortimer will also be wandering around town, giving away an Angler trophy.

4th. Fireworks Show.
Independance day in the USA is as much of a holiday here, as it is in Animal Crossing. From 7 PM - 9 PM, meet at the lake in your town to watch the Fireworks show. Crazy Redd has set up a tent for you to buy either Fans, Balloons, and pinwheels. Tortimer is also giving away a bottle rocket as a gift.

Every Day. Morning aerobics.
Starting July 25th until August 31st.
From 6 AM - 7 AM, Officer Copper will be hold aerobics sessions. You can find Tortimer there, and he will give you an aerobics card. If you get it stamped 14 times, you will receive a free gift, an aerobics radio, which will let you work out in your own home.

You can do workouts by tilting the C stick in different directions.

Random day. "Your town" day
You will have to check your own calander in your house if you want to know what day this event falls on. This event is to celebrate your town. If you find Tortimer, he will give you a random Train Station model (There are 15 to collect)
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