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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#1
This is a topic to post any interesting info to hopefully get rid of topics that ask the same questions over and over. With the introduction to sticky topics, I think this can be a great time to post helpful information.

1. What is a pitfall?

A pitfall is an item that does what it's name is implied. You dig a hole with your shovel, and bury it. You can push another animal into the hole to make them mad for a short time. If you fall into a pitfall, rapidly press A to get out.

2. What do the special visitors do?
The dates they come are random for each town, but the times always remain the same. Talk with officer Copper for more info about visitors.

-Joan the Turnip seller: Every Sunday from 6:00 AM to Noon
-K.K. Slider the musician: Every Saturday from 8:00 PM to Midnight
-Gulliver: can be found washed up on your beach on random days, once a week. He gives special items to you for talking to him. He is in town from 6 AM to Midnight.
-Redd: When you check your mail, you will sometimes find a flyer for Redd's furniture tent. He is there from 6 PM of that day to 6 AM of the next day. He sells both common, and rare items for 4x the regular price at Nook's shop.
-Wendell: This hungry wallpaper artist can be found at 6 AM and stays for 24 hours. If you give him a fish, he will give you rare wallpaper that isn't sold in Nook's store.
-Gracie: She is a fashion designer with a dirty car. If you can successfully clean her car, she will reward you with rare clothes that aren't sold in Nook's store. She is in town from 6 AM and stays for 24 hours.
-Sahara: She is a camel who trades carpets. If you give her one of your carpets, and some bells, she will give you a rare carpet, not sold in Nook's store. She is in town from 6 AM and stays for 24 hours.
-Katrina: She is a fortuneteller, who may grant you luck or misfortune for a short time, for the price of 50 bells. She arrives in town at 9 PM and stays 24 hours.
-There are also special sales that Nook will have for his store. You will recieve a flyer in the mail about the date and time for these sales.

3. How do you upgrade Nook's shop?

When you first start the game, Tom Nook will have a very small shop with a limited selection of items to buy each day. After a certian amount of money is made, (from either buying or selling items), he will upgrade his shop. Store hours and amount of bells needed are listed below:

Nook's Cranny: Starting shop, Open from 9 AM to 10 PM
Nook 'n Go: 25,000 bells, open from 7 AM to 11 PM
Nookway: 65,000 bells, open from 9 AM to 10 PM
Nookington's: 150,000 bells, and a visitor from another town must have purchased something from your Nookway. Open from 9 AM to 11 PM.

4. What are some easy ways to make bells in the beginning?

Collect shells from your beaches. They respawn very quickly, and can be sold for a decent amount of money.

If you have another memory card with another town, or a friend that has Animal crossing, check their town to see if they have a different type of native fruit. Travel to their town and bring a lot of their fruit back, and plant some in your town. When the new fruit trees have grown, you can sell each fruit for 500 bells each.

Don't forget to ask your villagers if they have jobs for you to do every once in a while. If you don't like what they give you, you can sell it for some quick cash.

Look around every day for a "Gold spot" you can tell when you see one because the ground will have gold lights coming out of it. Dig there, and you will earn at least 1,000 free bells, once a day.

Also, try to hit every rock in town with a shovel. If you hit the right one, the rock will turn red, and the more you hit it with the shovel, the more money that will pop out.

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User Info: ItsThisGuyAgain

13 years ago#2
5. How do I get to the island?

First you must have a Gameboy Advance, and a Gamecube-Gameboy Advance link cable. You must plug it into the Gamecube, and turn on the GBA. After that is done, walk down to where your dock is, and you will see a boat, and on that boat is Kapp'n. Talk to him and he will sail you to Animal Island (You can put the name as whatever you want if it's the first time you are visiting)

6. How much do I have to pay for all house expansions?

1. Regular House: 19,800 Bells
2. 1st Expansion: 148,000 Bells
3a. 2nd Expansion: 398,000 Bells
3b. Basement: 49,800 Bells
(You can choose either one of those expansions. Don't worry, because after one is paid off, you get to choose the other one)
4. 2nd Floor (Final Expansion): 798,000 Bells.

Total: 1,413,600 Bells. Better get to work!

7. Can I really grow my own money tree?

Yes. Find a "Gold spot" (Mentioned earlier), and if it is in a good location (Ex: Not right next to a rock, other trees, or houses) you can bury some bells in the "Gold Spot", by going to your menu, and moving the cursor up to the "Bells" box and pressing A. This will bring up a menu that let's you select how many bells you want to put into a bell bag.

Once that is done, select the bell bag, and press "Bury". Your character will then bury the bells, and if you are lucky, a tree will grow in a few days with bags of bells on it.. 3x the amount you put in.

8. What is Fung Shui?

Fung Shui is a way of organizing funiture to help with luck. It's hard to explain everything about it, but the basic way of organizing is:

Orange Items go on the North side of the house. (Good luck in Money and items)
Red Items go on the East side of the house. (Good luck in items)
Green Items go on the South side of the house. (Good luck in Money and items)
Yellow items go on the west side of the house. (Good luck in Money and items)

Not all items of a color will affect your luck, however.

Some special items will affect your luck no matter where they are placed. Try to find out which ones those are!

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here, or if you want an even quicker response, check one of the many great FAQs written here!
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User Info: benthekid22

13 years ago#3
Excellent work. *Claps*
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User Info: metal_conker

13 years ago#4
here here

User Info: Sheepienator

13 years ago#5
On #3, what do you mean by a person from another village? Do you need someone to move from another village to yours?
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User Info: InfestedJerk

13 years ago#6
no, he meant you could use another memory card, visit the town, buy something, travel back, and HELLO Nookington's
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User Info: NeoFalcon

13 years ago#7
They didn´t stick it, they said it needed more things.

Some things you could add ot this topic so that they stick it:

Wisp: When you can find him, what you have to do to help him and what he gives if you do so.

Snowman: when he appears, how to make it, what items he gives.

Jingle: when he does appear, what items he gives, what to do so that he gives you more items.

Jack: The same that with Jingle.

Franklin: Ditto.

Golden Tools: What they are, how you can get them.

Igloos and tents: When they appear, what items they give.

Including some of these things may make them stick it. And there´s also a typo, it´s Feng Shui.
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User Info: thejames777

13 years ago#8
you dont need an e reader for the island. i already have a gba sp and link cable so i can get it?
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User Info: thejames777

13 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Nom_de_Plume

13 years ago#10
Good suggestions Neo!

I'm suggesting these:

Info on how to get the NES games

Info on how to get Island items
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