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User Info: Dawid245

8 years ago#1
When I read all the reviews on the internet about the ps2 version I couldn't understand why they are so high. No I know why. It's because all the people that hadn't played the original can't tell the difference between both versions. I had completed deus ex on pc 4 times, and except half life this is the only pc game that I gave the maximum 10/10 score. It was and will be one of the best games ever created (pc version only). And then when they had released the ps2 port I was verry excited. So I bought the game as soon it was released and and went home. Well my excitment didn't last long. O.k here it goes the differences:
-Can't hoose the way your character looks
-levels are scaled down DRAMATICLY!!!, and their geometry is so simplified that it remind's me of the fps games on psx! How more chunky they could be!
-because the levels are hanged some scripted events where thrown out of this version like for example, the battle in hells kitchchen with the NSF troops (it's not in the ps2 version), and in the pc at the beginning when you walk out from the metro station in the hells kitchen and go your right in the alley you could play basketball and help a bum that was attacked by 2 thugs(it was cut from the ps2 version thank's to scaled down levels)
-I don't know about the rest of characters, but I never met the reporter in the bar in hells kitchen in ps2 version
-some music tracks are remixed, and they sound terrible, why hange something that's perfect??
-clunky item menu, It could have been done like in resident evil 4. whith the inventory screen still in this version
-character models have more polygons...and worse textures compared to pc version as well.
-animation sometimes drops even below 15 fps.
+they had hanged they way you can thorw a dead body, now it behaves more realistic.

I stopped playing it after JC returns to liberty Island from hells kitchen. But I don't believe it get's better because for exampe levels in france are a lot complicated in structure that the levels at the begginning of the game. Ps2 version of deus ex is a example how to not make a conversion! Don't play this game on the ps2, pc version is a lot cheaper, better and more afordable.

User Info: KrossRoads

8 years ago#2
I have the PC game and the North American version of the PS2 game.

As far as I know from that, levels are scaled down a bit to save disk space but all the important stuff is in tact, they're just divided by long spans of hallway with a loading screen in the middle of it. The NSF battle in Hell's Kitchen happens quite a few times, so you'll have to be more specific about the one you're missing. The basketball court and rescue the bum mini-quest are still there, they're just moved to a different part of the level. It's just a short walk from outside the metro station, through an alley with a dumpster and a bum.

Did you mean Joe Greene, the reporter? He's in the bar at the back near the pool table the first trip through the Underworld Bar.

The item menu was changed, but they did give you infinite room with the exception that you can only have four firearms at once. It's not as involved as the grid system, but inventory management is not as impressive to console gamers.

I'm pretty sure the PS2's graphics beat out the PC version. The characters are textured better, but there's a patch for the PC game that improves the textures so if you were using that, then yes they're going to be worse.

Basically they streamlined the game by removing less important aspects, like the grid inventory, the choosing your character's hair color and such, and having to manually remember passcodes. (That last one was a pain, the PS2 version did it the right way, I thought) The PS2 version is inferior since it can't be modded or updated, but it's still the same game with a few bells and whistles taken off to save disk space.If the PC version is 10/10, there's no reason the PS2 version (At least the NA version) shouldn't be a 9/10. And that is very impressive for a console game.
"Why, I never!" "You should, it's fun"

User Info: Dawid245

8 years ago#3
Thank's for the response. The reason why I hate this game is that it could be a LOT better!! Look at half-life conversion on ps2! Deus ex came out in 2000 on pc, the same year as ps2 came out. And when they had released the game they said that the reason for scaling down the levels was because the ps2 had limited amouth of ram?! I don't believe that console that came the same year as the game on the pc had ALREADY not enough ammouth of ram! Look at all of those games that came after 2002. Developers probably had problems when it came to make the games on ps2 at the beginning (ps2 was werry hard to program), so probably this is a reason why this conversion turned out this way.

When I play ps2 version I had this feeling that they didn't care about the overall quality, and when they had a problem they didn't tried to solve it, no instead they had cut everything and passed to something else so they could release the game on time. Graphics aren't better on ps2. I have the game of the year edition of deus ex on pc. With bumpmapping turned on in the pc, the textures smash those in the ps2 version, and even the pc version with the bump mapping effect turned off, has better textures (even textures in medium resolution on pc are better tahan those in the ps2). Lightning effects are also batter on the pc, just look at the street lamps on the pc version. And Ps2 has very blurred textures.

As for character models, I liked that on ps2 they had ayes instead of textures, but textures on characters are less detailed than on the pc. Compare the gunter and anna navare from the pc to ps2 models. Ps2 has more polygons on them, pc has more detailed textures. It is like this give nad take system.

About the missing character's, yes they are probably in the ps2 version. I din't care to check it. Inventory system worked in the game cube version of resident evil 4 so it probably had worked here. There are some rpg game's on ps2 that have the grid inventory system on ps2 and no one complained about that as far as I know. I think that it even makes the game more complex and "professional".

Overall I would love the ps2 version even without:
-lightning effects like those on pc
-higly detailed textures (textures on ps2 aren't tragic as for a console that has only 4 mb of graphic ram!)
-inventory system that was in the pc
-good framerate (framerate on ps2 drops dramaticly when there's a lot going on)
-but chunky, dumbed, scaled down levels are TOO much for me.

It's sad that there was no deus ex 1 on xbox. It would probably be better than ps2 version.
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