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9 years ago#21
just beat it yesterday with the tong ending.

User Info: Deathgyunos

9 years ago#22
I've just pulled it back out but, I am a bit upset that they are saying Mass Effect 2 is the start of RPG/Shooter. People have not played this game this game rules as an RPG we need to go on G4 message boards and remind ppl of this game.
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User Info: brute_strength

9 years ago#23
I agree...we definitely need to remind them of this one. I love all the different paths to the endings too!

User Info: mogofwar913

9 years ago#24
if my ps3 was bc i would be playing this

i hope they dont screw over 3 and also im tired of annoying pc elitists blaming deus ex 2 on us

User Info: KrossRoads

9 years ago#25
They think Mass Effect 2 is the start?! Morons! What were they paying attention to when this game was flying around? This is Mass Effect's granddaddy, and you should always respect your elders.

However, I do think that ME2 is the event of a gaming trend where RPG traits are fusing with other genres. Like pretty soon super mario is gonna start leveling up so you can put points into "Jump" skills and moustache growth rates. More people are starting to like the idea of the game hero gaining better abilities that you choose after so much playing time on the player's part.
"Why, I never!" "You should, it's fun"

User Info: rwallacefan

9 years ago#26

im also making a video playthrough of myself beating it :)

User Info: wtrldz2124

9 years ago#27
"Kerr Avon" hits the nail on the head. Between work, relationships, 2 bands, etc...etc... I don't have the time to spend that I used to playing video games. Still, I will visit this board occasionally and throw D Ex in and pick up wherever I left off...it's been so long I have no idea where I may be in the game at this point...but true classics never die.
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