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  3. Anyone still playing this great game?

User Info: brute_strength

9 years ago#1
Just put it back in to play again and it's amazing the things you forget about after not having played it for a little bit. It also brings back a lot of memories of the very first time I played. Anyone playing this one again?

User Info: dsagent7

9 years ago#2
i just beat it yesterday for the 2nd time.
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User Info: o5pr3y

9 years ago#3
I still play it. It's amazing. In fact my PS2 is set up just to play this and Half-Life
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User Info: Red_Jester

9 years ago#4
You need to grab yourself the PC versions. They're dirt cheap and will run on any system that wasn't made in the stone age.

There's plenty of mods, custom campaigns to play and even people still playing multi-player for Deus Ex. For HL1, times everything stated above by over 9000 and that's the amount of content and population still around for it.
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User Info: RGR490G

9 years ago#5
I just beat it for the first time today with the Helios ending
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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
9 years ago#6
>I still play it. It's amazing. In fact my PS2 is set up just to play this and Half-Life

DE is pretty much all I've used my PS2 for in the past few weeks. I've completed DE several times in the past few years (it's my favourite PS2 game), and I still enjoy replaying it. I'm currently partway through it, but I've not touched it in a while, as I've recently been spending my too limited* gaming time on Metroid Prime (Gamecube), and Jet Force Gemini (N64).

* Work, relationships, etc, mean that I have far less free time now then when I was young. And somehow, I seem to have less money now too!!!

DarkVandal, what are the best mods for the PC version of Deus Ex? I know about Shifter, Hotel Caridone (or whatever it's called), and TNM (The Nameless Mod), but what else would you recommened, please?
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User Info: 0penyourmind

9 years ago#7

I still play it, and I probably won't stop ever!

You should definitely get the pc version though :).

User Info: SonOfChewbacca

9 years ago#8
I still play this and the PC version to this day.
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User Info: 0penyourmind

9 years ago#9

If only games like that could come out more often..

User Info: KrossRoads

9 years ago#10
Add my name to that list as well, it's a hidden gem that's fun for just about anyone to play. It's hard to find a game of this quality for any platform.
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