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  3. Why isn't the Pilot's Seat optional?
chazmataz123 7 years ago#1
Thought I'd humor myself by coming to a dead board and seeing if there are any replies before this topic dies too.

Question's in the topic title.

EDIT: Shoot, I should've waited until this board was a year without posts. I was only a month off...
SSBMaster11 7 years ago#2
Too late now, you ruined it! Good job.

A better question would be, Why aren't the Libra and Sagittarius optional? They actually serve no functional purpose.
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super_luigi16 7 years ago#3
The best reason I can come up with is that Olimar needs a seat buckle...

Lame, I know.
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ninto55 7 years ago#4
Maybe long term space travel is just not an option without a seat. Only excuse I can think of.
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  3. Why isn't the Pilot's Seat optional?
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