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  3. The Melee scene isn't the same as the Smash scene.

User Info: MaskedSheik

4 months ago#21
DeanWhipper posted...
It'll never change

well, I can change! ;)

User Info: DeanWhipper

4 months ago#22
MaskedSheik posted...
well, I can change! ;)

Power to you brother
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User Info: bulgarian_kid

4 months ago#23

Anybody wants to front, they can get hit like a mother****ing blunt.

User Info: MaskedSheik

4 months ago#24
I think we were a lot more in the business of pwning noobs in mid-2000s GameFAQs than we were in Socratic dialectic

User Info: bulgarian_kid

4 months ago#25
No doubt. Our approach and probably motivations were wrong then. I'm just suggesting that "nerds" arguing - and I'm not too fond of that pejorative btw - need not necessarily be "toxic," but can have positive, constructive value if conducted appropriately. Like the old observation regarding tools/science/knowledge being neither inherently good nor evil, but depending on how we choose to use them.

These days especially we might all benefit from arguing not as a combat between enemies with a winner and loser, but as a cooperative exercise with the common goal of mutually improving our ideas and understanding, getting closer to truth (at which we will never wholly arrive, recognizing our limitations as imperfect beings a.k.a. humans). Though perhaps we collectively lack the humility for that.
Anybody wants to front, they can get hit like a mother****ing blunt.

User Info: Branded

4 months ago#26
no one was worse than that poll guy

User Info: profzX

3 months ago#27
I honestly think the melee community on this board on gameFAQs was not as toxic as other communities within gaming or even other communities on this site.
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User Info: mothballs

3 months ago#28

yea...whatever smashFAQS...

User Info: HikaruYami

2 months ago#29
Rango posted...
Salem was right.

And at this point, you should be grateful that the Melee scene isn't the same as the Brawl/Smash 4/Ult scene.

I mean, Salem was "right", but the way he worded it was and still is awful.

The right way to say it is "the melee scene and the modern smash scene are separate". In his wording, he declared a monopoly on "the smash scene" on behalf of the *modern* smash scene. To me, the melee scene deserves more of a right to the name "the smash scene" :)
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: -ZIO-

3 weeks ago#30
I was born and raised on the Melee. As someone born in 1986, it was Melee that really gave me a lease on life. It was because of it I have all my life long friends. Because of it I bothered to be competitive in 2008. Because of it I learned and grew as an adult.

I have alot to be thankful for. The scene as it is now. Perhaps it is because I've grown distant and am 35, but swaths of it have become cringe to me. The way some cling to it is overly dramatic. I can't fault Nintendo wanting focus on the here and now on their latest product, as a business. Melee is dead for. No need for attention on it. The whining has put me off alot. The #FreeMelee thing was cringe to me.

I've moved on. I still like the game, but I can't see myself play with people today. I'm rusty and old. I can't compete with them. So it's just a game of frustration at that point. I do enjoy watching. I'm all in with Zain. Guy is going to be the best player, hands down. As time marches forward and the "gods" become too old to keep up. I am excited to see who comes to fill the shoes.
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