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  3. In friendlies, how many different characters do you play

User Info: MaskedSheik

3 months ago#1
I like playing basically every high tier character and occasionally borderline characters (like Ganondorf, Mario, Link). I never enjoy bad characters, though. Maybe a jaunt or two with Roy or Bowser but it feels like I'm playing another, worse game when I force myself to use some floaty character with no reach or punish game
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User Info: BlackG0ld

3 months ago#2
Fox Falco Marth Sheik Puff Falcon Peach ICs Ganon Young Link Mewtwo Roy were my most common friendlies characters (not necessarily in that order), occasionally I'll bust out Mario Luigi or Doc, used to play DK and Pichu a bit.

The last few months before I stopped playing I would just go random for everything (including in tournament), was pretty satisfied with any character I got except for Yoshi lol
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User Info: johneaston

3 months ago#3
In friendlies I mostly play Link, Marth, Sheik, Ganon, Peach, Pikachu, Ness, Kirby, and occasionally Young Link, though I enjoy playing about anyone other than Mewtwo/Yoshi/Icies.
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User Info: Doopliss_Power

3 months ago#4
Fox, Falco, Marth, Jiggs, Falcon, Samus, Doc, and Ganon. Used to use G&W, Mewtwo, and Kirby, but it's just not that fun to be bad in this game.
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User Info: PoIl6177

3 months ago#5
I only play Peach
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User Info: PerseusRad

3 months ago#6
Pretty much all top/high tiers, sometimes Samus, rarely others. I use Puff/ICs less though

User Info: sleepy_k

3 months ago#7
every character except ylink
i hate ylink
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  3. In friendlies, how many different characters do you play
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