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User Info: Mimorox

5 months ago#11
My interest in the melee competitive scene has remained relatively constant since I started paying attention. I thought Shine was a fantastic tournament to watch
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User Info: cawmaster5

5 months ago#12
KalimariX8 posted...
The only thing I miss is the grassroots magic. There's too many tournaments and it all blurs together, there's no importance of a major win. When you got to see US players vs the swedes once or twice a year it was quite the treat

this is one of the things the 64 scene has over melee. lots of great international players so when matchups do happen it's hype (like wario vs. alvin for example)
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User Info: MaskedSheik

5 months ago#13
I think it's super cool that the 64 has world class players in Japan and Peru. Three continents of Smash magic! Whereas Melee's top level is basically the USA sprinkled with two Swedes, one aMSa, and maybe Ice or Trif on a good day.

Javi needs to come back :/
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User Info: raserucort

5 months ago#14
You making me dancing.
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