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User Info: Mew2King

13 years ago#1
It's terrible

I played Marth mostly, but tried most of the chars once or twice, I think Marth is the best in Brawl from what I've played so far, but it could also be because of ssbm

The game sucks for tourney play for multiple reasons, but mostly because of the lack of any advanced tactics I could find and extremely slower and less deel feeling gameplay. The only good thing, which DSF and some others told me, is shield cancelling, but it's basically just that the lag from releasing your shield is less than it was in melee (by half? not sure just a guess). If you want to run up with marth and do F smash or Down tilt then you need to run up, shield, release your shield, then F smash (or anything you want).

there's no dash dancing

Tripping is RANDOM. Sometimes you start a match, DASH TOWARD THEM right after the announcer says to start, and you just trip. It's COMPLETELY random from what I've been able to tell these past few hours, it's like luigis misfire except much less likely to happen. Speaking of which, if you wanna know something funny, I did like 6 luigi forward Bs, couldn't get a misfire, then gave it to my friend, and he got a misfire. So I try a few more times, can't get one, i give it to him again and he gets misfire. Then I try a few more times, can't get it, then he doesn't get one (thank god I'd be so mad if it happened again). -.-

no wavedashing (can't find much air dodge use yet, but I probably could later). Although you can do some aerial attacks like a frame before landing (there's no lag unless the actual attack hitbox comes out so far) to slide a little bit. Don't know how useful this will be yet.

no crouch cancel

auto sweet spot

if you are more than even with (anywhere technically under if you draw an invisible straight line down from edge edge) the stage on FD, then Marth (and most others from what I've seen) will be caught under the stage. Battlefield is my new favorite standard stage because it's not stupid.

after you grab the ledge, you have to wait for like a third a second ( I guess, all i know is it feels like a ton of time) before you can do anything, which means ledges (edge guarding people is gonna be waiting for them to get up and will be slow and boring most likely unless I find other ways like air dodging) are going to be really dumb if you just have to wait for them to get up.

they can grab the ledge right after you start your ledge roll, so you have to use invincibility frames by grabbing the ledge just before they do if you want to edge hog

shield grabbing is WAY WAY too broken, but you can't even throw combo easily (if at all in most cases) unless its DeDeDes down throw chain grab

you can't buffer roll or buffer dodge, but you can using the C stick to do them, but you can't buffer them by using C stick

C stick while holding down makes you tilt instead of smash, but that's not important though, since you cant crouch cancel anyway


the best thing about melee, besides the fact that it had so much more, is that it had tons of combos you could do if you were good enough. This game has hardly anything.

Marths fair hits them away, but it's WAY better if you tipper in terms of power and horizontal angle.

User Info: Mew2King

13 years ago#2
Attack power deteoriation is a lot bigger in this game than the last one, which sucks because you are going to be using the same moves over and over since most of them feel useless. In SSBM I used Marths F tilt a lot but now I never find myself using it, it's just spamming aerials now.

Tippers are too hard to get though, with many moves esp F smash and mostly Dair in actual matches. Same for Zelda's thunderkick it's much harder to hit with now.

Most people who love how melee is won't like this game, too many skill based elements and depth were removed. I know I only had it for like 4 or 5 hours so far, but I can't find anything yet in the random matches I played with my friends. The game felt like it was going to be way better before it came out. Dumb commercialism.

Anyway life sucks, at least for me. I choke at the last melee tourney (which hopefully won't the be the last since brawl is horrible) and a new, awful game is replacing melee. Things couldn't be any worse. Only reason I'd try to become pro is because I would hate to quit instead, and want to try to win tourneys, but honestly, so far I hate this game a lot. Feels way way too shallow. BTW WiiKey works, I own the game now.

Sorry if this is so pessimistic and depressing to read, but those are my true feelings about it.

User Info: Mew2King

13 years ago#3
less deep* feeling

User Info: Dumast

13 years ago#4
TrafficWarden | Posted 5/29/2007 11:53:01 PM | message detail
Dumast just won this topic.

User Info: mufficity

13 years ago#5
Well, you ruined my day.
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User Info: Mimorox

13 years ago#6
give it time, we'll find some new advanced techs. >_>

but the slower gameplay and new engine definitely look like they will make the game a little less enjoyable.
mihi techno

User Info: b0ltmAg3

13 years ago#7
Idiots will be shot for drinking my beer. Survivors will be shot again.
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User Info: Pulse_Rephux

13 years ago#8
Did you try high grav mode? I heard that makes it at least somewhat like Melee.

User Info: Spade59

13 years ago#9
Its ok, I'm sure Melee will sustain itself for another 7 years.
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User Info: Loschen

13 years ago#10
For the love of god you played the game for less than a day. Of course there's no advance techniques at the moment. Do you even remember how melee started? It seems everyone who is disappointed in brawl is because there were expecting melee 2.0.
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