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User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#1

Welcome to the Compendium of SSBM Knowledge! If you're new to the game, the board, or competitive Smash, or need to look up a term, check a stat, or just get better, this is the place to come first. Definitions, videos, links, essays, statistics: we've got it all.

Note, however, that this is not a thread for general help. If you are having trouble beating or unlocking anything, check the FAQs/Walkthroughs, the GameFAQs Codes and Secrets section for SSBM, or http://www.smashvrs.com/ for help. There are also several topics on the board already for things like Home Run Contest and Break the Targets; before creating a topic, use the board search function to see if there already is one.

This latest update is the work of mastersword118, with editing and revision from ycz6.



Guide to Posting
------Freeze Glitches
---Directional Influence
---Tournament Legal Rules
---Advanced How to Play
---Combo Videos
---Stadium Videos
Other Links
---Jump Speed
---Max Falling Speed
---Grab Range
---Jump Height
------Off Ground
---Short hop
Clone Comparisons
---Fox vs. Falco (Fox is better)
---Dr. Mario vs. Mario (vs. Luigi) (Doc > Mario > Luigi)
---Ganondorf vs. Captain Falcon (Captain Falcon is better)
---Marth vs. Roy (Marth is better)
---Link vs. Young Link (Link is better)
---Pikachu vs. Pichu (Pikachu is better)
Character Damage Lists
---Donkey Kong
---Ice Climbers
---Mr. Game and Watch
---PAL vs. NTSC

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#2

A Guide to Posting- originally written by FastFox of the Smash World Forums boards.

The original: http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=95295

All credit goes to FastFox.


- The most vital rule for any type of posting. Using the search function prevents you from looking like an idiot and reposting a thread that has already been made, and can provide you with the information you need without making another thread asking for it. Using this function is common knowledge here on GFaqs, and you will most likely be flamed for its lack of abuse.

We can't tell you how to beat your friend

- In the GFaqs Melee board, members take pride in being able to help out other members on any questions and concerns they may have in regards to the game. Questions such as "What is the best way to beat event match __?" are perfectly acceptable, as they maintain the appropriate content to pop up in this board. However, questions such as, "MAH FREND HE PLAI DAT SHEIK HOW DEW I BEET HIM HE ALWAYZ USE NEEDELZ HOW?!23", are not. To be blunt, we have absolutely no idea how your friend plays, and you will most likely receive flaming for the horrible spelling and grammar. If you have a question in regards to character match ups, go to your character's specific board and ask there. An alternative would be to consult the All Characters Match-up Chart.

I'm not going to tell you who you should main

-People always ask who they should main. Why? We can't tell you, nor can anyone else. It's a personal decision, personal preference, personal everything.

Read the sticky

- The sticky is the topic with the tack next to it at the top of the board. You may be reading it right now. It contains a good deal of information about SSBM. Search it before you make a thread asking a question.

"Who's your favorite character" polls/threads

- These can get pretty darn annoying after a while, especially when one pops up every two weeks or so. If you really want to know someone's favorite character, e-mail them and ask. Threads like these only provoke one-word responses, and no intelligent thought whatsoever. It is also extremely likely that you can determine someone's favorite character based on their username or signature. Refraining from making these kinds of threads will ensure that nobody has to take four seconds of their precious internet time to post, "Falco is my fav. character".


- There are twenty-six available characters in SSBM. No more, no less. Please avoid bringing up five year old rumors, as it will only get you laughed at and flamed. SWF and GFaqs are the most reliable source for SSBM information on the internet. If you see something on another site, verify it by browsing SWF or GFaqs until coming to a conclusion that it either does or does not exist. If all else fails, use the search function.

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#3

Hey, this is new!

- If you think you've found something that is new to the game and want to tell the whole world about it, make sure to use the search function first. Making a thread with an already discovered technique or stage glitch won't get you very far now, will it?


- Avoid making threads that target specific individuals. They are annoying, and discourage other members from posting in that thread, due to its targeting of a specific member.


- If you come here looking to talk about the weather, or another video game, you've come to the wrong place. This is THE SSBM BOARD, and as previously stated plenty of times beforehand, the purpose of this forum is to discuss this particular game, not how to get unlimited plasmas in Halo.

The Three R's of Successful Posting

Read - Read the entire post before you reply. It makes no sense to skim over something that could offer you insight in relation to the game, or help you along with playing it. Make sense of the post while reading it.

Reflect - Think of what the post means to you. How can you relate to what the original poster is trying to say? Is it appropriate to post, and can it offer others insight.

Reply - Self explanatory. Reply with your thoughts, keeping in mind the previous two steps.


- It saddens me to see a newer member post something that's a bit old, or has already been discovered and get flamed for it. If there is a thread made with an already discovered in-game exploit, don't flame the creator. Simply let him/her know that what they are talking about is already well-known, and give them kudos for being an active member on the boards. Nobody likes to be shoved into an oven, especially the proverbial penguin.

This guy is an idiot. I'm going to let him know.

- If you disagree with something that another member says or does, don't make a big deal out of it in the public. Discuss calmly, or check his profile for an e-mail, homepage, or IM.

i dint grajooayt first grayd

- When posting, make sure that you are legible. If we can't understand what you're trying to say, how do you expect us to respond to your post? Chat-speak is alright, but not recommended, as long as you get your message across to the other posters.

My opinion is the only opinion

- If you're going to post what you think, be prepared to have some opposition to your theory. Instead of arguing, however, accept the other member's critique graciously. It may improve your game, or even further enlighten your thinking. Try not to deliberately cause the argument to escalate if one occurs. Follow the previous recommendations if an argument breaks out.

So what'd you have for supper today?

- When posting, try to stay on the same topic as the thread creator's initial intention. Whilst posting in a thread, do not get carried away in another discussion with an online friend or a real friend that is currently online. The irrelevance just causes chaos in the thread and a sharp turn away from the original intent.

I don't need a textbook!

- If you're planning on posting, make sure you know what you're talking about. This way you have a strong foundation and you get your point across. Nothing feels better than a successful post, am I right?

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#4

Everybody always asking, “What does _____ mean?” Well, you should never ask that knowing that there is this huge list. And this time, it’s all in alphabetical order. (ycz6 version only: This particular section steals just a tad from AlphaZealot's updated Compendium at smashboards.com. Sorry. Hope you don't mind. Also, I wrote the quotes. Some are probably incorrect.)

Air Dodge- L or R in the air results in an air dodge. Until a character lands after an air dodge, he cannot do any attacks or jump, like after most recovery attacks. You can also influence the direction of an air dodge with the control stick. Air dodges can be used as an “extra jump” for characters without a good up-b (Yoshi, Jigglypuff, etc) “He tried to airdodge my f-smash, but I saw it coming and grabbed him instead.”

Attack- The A, B, and Z buttons, along with the C-stick all make your character do an attack. The B button is for special moves, and the rest control standard attacks. The C-stick performs an uncharged smash when used on the ground and performs aerials when used in the air. It can only be used in versus modes. Also, the Z button is only an attack when used in the air. Samus, Link, and Young Link do not do attacks with the Z button, instead they shoot their respective grappling items when in the air. “Many of Ganondorf’s attacks do considerable damage.”

Bat drop- In the Home Run Contest, pressing Z to drop the bat, followed by an attack that prevents it from flying off the platform, most often a spike. By doing this you are giving a lot of damage in a short amount of time. This is the technique most commonly used to get high scores in Home Run Contest. Abbreviated as bd. “At world record speed, Mr. Game and Watch can do ten bat drops before going a Judgment 9; however, doing nine bd ADAs into a bd J9 goes further.”

Bomb jump- Samus and Link can both bomb jump, but in different ways. With Samus, if you use a bomb in midair, drop, and use another bomb, you'll bounce into the explosion of the first bomb and bounce again. You can repeat this for as long as you like giving Samus great horizontal recovery. With Link, when he is recovering you have to pull out a bomb, as you use your second jump, then throw it up, Up-B into the bomb, and then use Up-B again after the bomb hits you. The result is one jump but two Up-B’s. “Samus’ bomb jump allows her to go completely under many stages, including Corneria and Final Destination.”

BtT- Short for Break the Targets; that is, Target Test. “I’m trying to get my BtT total under four minutes.”

BYOC- Short for Bring Your Own Controller. A common rule at tournaments. “I forgot about BYOC and had to borrow a spare from my crewmate.”

Camping- Sitting in one spot and not letting the opponent get close enough to attack you. It’s a method of delaying a kill, most often used in an effort to stall out a match. Projectiles are usually used to help keep the opponent from landing attacks. “He camped me for two stocks, then broke out an incredible combo for the third.”

Cancel- From the air, many characters can cancel attacks or effects of attacks- usually lag- by doing an attack close to the ground. Some examples are:
Peach's Float cancel- Start an aerial attack while floating, and land while still doing the attack. There will be no lag from the attack.
Samus' Missile cancel- The missile will fire, but there will be no lag from it, and Samus will be able to move instantly. Alternatively, the missile (forward-B) will still make a sound, but no projectile will be fired.
Falco's Laser cancel- see above (Except use B attack)
Sheik's Needle cancel- you get the idea
“You can cancel Jigglypuff’s Sing on the edge to remove lag, then combo into a rest.”

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#5
Chainthrow- Repeatedly throwing another character in such a manner as to prevent them from landing. They can’t escape during the chain, allowing you to continue to rack up damage. Eventually, the characters damage will be so high that the throw sends them out of your reach. And for a little more about chain-throws:
- Mr. G&W is the only character that is capable of chain throwing with all directions.
Some common chains are:
Marth - Up against fastfallers
Ganon - D-throw
Sheik- D-throw
“He tried to chainthrow me, but I got out at 30% and managed a nice edgeguard for the win.”

Combo- Technically short for "combonation", but nobody says that anymore. A combo can be either natural or improvisational; a true combo is two or more hits that register a 'Combo' reading in training mode. Basically, though, a combo is any set of attacks that is difficult to escape from if the first attack hits, and does a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Combos can often be ruined by good DI (see the section below on Directional Influence). “It seemed like he was trying to imitate Ken, but his combos never landed and he lost quickly.”

Crews and Crew Battles- Groups of people who Smash together usually form a crew. Crews are usually unique to a region or location within a region. An offshoot of crews is the concept of a crew battle, where two crews delegate stocks to each member of the crew and subsequently fight until one crew loses all stock. “The East Coast vs. West Coast crew matches are always intense. The strategy is surprisingly deep.”

Crouch-canceling- Holding down on the control stick when hit by an enemy attack. Up to a certain damage percentage, this will prevent you from being sent flying, though you will slide back. Abbreviated as CC. Also, a crouch cancel counter (CCC) is crouch canceling followed by a retaliatory attack. Do not confuse with Dash-canceling. This has recently been discovered to be an effect of Smash DI; see the section below on DI. “I crouch-canceled his aerial into a CCC f-smash.”

C-Sticking- C-sticking is just a name used to describe the act of using the c-stick to do aerials, smash attacks, and other things. This does not work in any 1-player mode. “I find it easier to shffl u-airs by c-sticking.”

Damage- Each character in a fight has a counter of his own at the bottom of the screen that tallies his health in points, displayed as a percentage. At the lowest percentage (0%) attacks will not send your character very far, and effects like Jigglypuff's sing are easy to shake off. Grabs become harder to get out of at higher damages, and attacks send you much farther. “I survived to over 200% damage with good DI and techs.”

Dash-canceling- During a run, pressing down will cause you to crouch and therefore stop the run without experiencing the lag of the dash-stop animation. “He shielded my dash-canceled f-smash, then followed into a wavegrab.”

Dashdancing- Quickly smashing left and right on the control stick, so the character does the opening animation of the run in both directions, usually in place. Used as a fake-out tactic of sorts. “His dashdancing completely threw me off. I couldn’t land a single grab on him.”

Dash grab- see grab/throw.

Dash-jump- Jumping out of a dash, often with a short jump. The character will usually move faster forward in the air than if it were a non-dash-jump. The three characters that don't move any faster either way are Jigglypuff, Bowser, and Zelda. “The dash-jump after target 4 in the Fox BtT WR strategy throws me off sometimes.”

Desynching- Staggering the Ice Climbers’ actions to have them perform actions independently of each other. “IC dittos are crazy. The desynching makes them seem like 2 vs. 2 battles.” See http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=53912

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#6

Disjointed Hitbox- Every character has a hitbox for every attack. Any attack will hit everybody within a certain area, its hitbox. When a hitbox is not attached to the character, such as in Marth/Roy/Link/Young Link's sword attacks and Ness's bat smash, its called a disjointed hitbox. A sword and a leg (such as Captain Falcon's) are going to be affected differently by fire. The character whose knee comes in contact with the fire is going to get hit, but the character with the sword is not, since damage to the weapon (a disjointed hitbox) does not affect the character. See hitbox. "Marth's disjointed hitbox allows him to control small stages such as Battlefield and Yoshi's Story incredibly well."

Double Jump cancel- Basically, you can stop the upward motion of Mewtwo, Ness, Peach, or Yoshi's second jump with an aerial attack. For example, if Ness does two jumps in short succession, followed by a quick aerial attack, he should be VERY low to the ground. This is useful for combos and mind games. Double Jump cancel is abbreviated "DJC." The term DJCFFL, an improved version of the SHFFL using the Double Jump Cancel, is sometimes used, but the fastfall and l-cancel are usually assumed. "Wow, Fumi's DJCing is crazy. Are you sure Yoshi isn't top tier?"

Edge/Ledge-guarding- Attacking the enemy as he/she is recovering to prevent them from making it back onto the stage. "Ken may be the best edgeguarder in the country."

Edge/Ledge-hogging- Only one character at a time can hold onto an edge. So if you are on the edge, your opponent can't be. This is useful in preventing an enemy's recovery. The best way to edge-hog is to either wavedash or short-jump backwards onto the ledge. "I edgehogged him, and his teammate spiked me off the edge."

Edge/Ledge-hop- A jump quickly following a press of down or away from an edge-hang will let characters do a short edge-hop. All characters can do attacks out of this, though some are rather short. "The edge-hopped counter, as Marth, can throw off your opponents completely."

Extended Grappling Beam (Samus)- Hit Z. Keep pressing Z, and at the same time, alternate up and down on the d-pad a few times. The exact button presses required are Z, up, down, up, Z. The grappling beam should now go much farther, and if you hold L while using it, you can target the nearest player to you. To grab, press A when the tip of the beam is over an opponent. "Wes's use of the extended grapple in the FC3 crew matches got a rather interesting response from certain members of the crowd."

Fastfalling- Pressing down while in the air will make your character fall faster than usual. You can fast-fall any time you are falling after the peak of your jump. "I'm trying to learn how to fastfall during bat drops as Captain Falcon."

Fox's infinite combo- Short hop drill kick L-cancelled into a waveshine (reflector (down-B), then wavedash out of it), followed by a short hop drill kick, L-cancelled into a waveshine, etc., etc.. Very hard to do, even on the slower speeds of training mode without considerable practice. This only works on certain characters. "MoFo is notorious for his training mode videos of the infinite combo on several characters."

Foxtrot- Dashing then stopping over and over again, causing the character to only do the opening animation of the run. For some characters, this is faster than just running. "Foxtrotting can be an effective mix-up tactic when combined with wavedashing and dashdancing."

Frame- A term used in videography and game design to describe each individual picture, which when put together make video. SSBM runs at 60 frames per second, so one frame is one 60th of a second. "Ganondorf's neutral-A comes out in one frame, which makes it as fast as the Shine and Rest."

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#7
Freezing glitches-
Ice Climbers: Roll behind the enemy using the L or R shield. Halfway before the roll is over, start holding Z, and the second Climber MUST grab the enemy. Do a forward B in the direction you just rolled from and if it worked, the enemy should be frozen after Nana (second IC) throws him/her/it. This glitch only works on NTSC versions.
Mewtwo: Throw a red shell, then use Confusion (forward-B) to reflect it five times. After the fifth time, have your opponent stand directly in front of you. Use confusion once more immediately before the red shell hits. You should hear the shield break sound clip, and your opponent will now be stuck to you. If you throw another opponent, they will be frozen in midair. This glitch is known as the Soul Breaker, and the freezing is known as the Soul Stunner. "Freeze glitches are useful for getting max combos in training mode."

Friendly Fire- An in-game rule setting. When turned on, your attacks damage your teammates as well as your opponents. It is standard to turn this on in tournament 2 vs. 2 matches. “They had to reset the match, since friendly fire is off by default.”

Grab/Throw- Every character can grab with Z or L/R + A/Z. Hit A or Z while holding an opponent to do a grab attack. A grab attack is an attack that does little damage. It can only be performed while holding an opponent. You tilt the control stick in a direction to hurl them in one of four directions. You can break out of a grab faster by moving the control stick around quickly. Since the C-stick serves as a shortcut to the control stick + A, you can use both sticks together to escape more quickly. If you grab while dashing, you do a dash grab, which usually has a different animation and different startup and lag from a standing grab. “I swear he grabbed me 50 times in that match. I had no idea Marth’s grab range was that long.”

High jump glitch- If a character, moving upwards from a normal/double/up-b/screw attack jump gets hit by either Mario's or Dr. Mario's cape attack, they will go almost twice as high as normal. Mewtwo's Disable attack has a similar effect on certain up-b's, such as Pikachu's. “He tried to cape my recovery, but, since I was Samus, it only ended up helping thanks to the high jump glitch.”

Hitbox- When a character does an attack, the hitbox is what determines how wide a range the attack covers. It's called a hitbox despite not being shaped like a box for most attacks. The term hitbox is also used to describe the area of a character that can be damaged by attacks. See disjointed hitbox. “Bowser’s Whirling Fortress has an enormous hitbox.”

Invincibility frames- Certain moves and tactics give a character temporary invincibility. Both shines, Bowser’s up-B, Pichu’s d-smash, and some others give their users invincibility for a frame or few. Grabbing the edge, teching, rolling, walljumping, and getting up also do as well. See frame. “I’m not sure how he managed to dodge my f-smash; I guess he just got lucky with the invincibility frames of Doc’s up-B.”

Jacket- An extension of the Yo-yo glitch.

John- Slang: an excuse for losing, getting hit, failing a recovery, or any other unfavorable event that occurs in-game. Often when a player makes a john, other players will respond "No johns." The term was reputedly coined by Rob Money after his friend John, who would always make excuses. “He made more johns than I thought possible out of one n00b after our money match.”

Juggle- Keeping the opponent up in the air by using ground attacks or air attacks that send the opponent on an upwards trajectory. Basically, you are continually keeping them from hitting the ground by attacking them repeatedly. “Fox’s u-air juggles well, but it shouldn’t hit more than twice with good DI from the opponent.”

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#8
Jump-cancel- While dashing, if you jump and then attack or grab during the jumping animation, you can stop the dash immediately and then attack. For example, if you run forward and then hit up+A simultaneously, you will do an up-smash instead of a jump and a u-air. Jump-canceling grabs allows you to execute standing grabs while moving. Also used to describe jumping out of Falco/Fox's shine or the shield (Yoshi cannot do the latter). Commonly used to cancel the lag from the taking down of the shine/shield. Abbreviated as JC in both cases. “I was playing Falco, and my opponent was Fox. On the third stock, I shielded his jump-canceled u-smash and JC wavedashed into a shine combo.”

JV n-stock- If you have x stocks remaining, with no damage, when your opponent is defeated in a 1 vs. 1 match, it’s referred to as an JV (x+1)-stock. Coined by the pro JV4X4. See also n-stock. “Ken’s JV 5-stock was ruined after his opponent countered the final d-air of a Ken combo.”

Ken combo- As Marth, a combo of several f-airs into a d-air spike. Named after pro smasher Ken. See combo. “While not the flashiest or most damaging of combos, the Ken Combo has gained a sort of notoriety in the Smash community, and is likely to be greeted by shouts of “KEN COMBO!” from bystanders when executed.”

Knockback- Refers to how far a character is sent after being hit by an attack. It’s usually used in reference to an attack. "The knockback of Yoshi's d-tilt doesn’t vary based on the opponent's percentage".

L-cancel- When L, R, or Z is pressed before you hit the ground, the normal recovery time after an aerial attack is decreased. This works for N-air attacks only. For example, Link's aerial down-A L-cancelled will result in his pulling the sword out of the ground faster. Keep in mind that L-canceling doesn’t get rid of the lag, it just reduces it. L-canceling plays a key part in shffling and most combos. Certain aerial moves cannot be L-cancelled. See lag. “He consistently missed l-cancels, and was punished throughout the tournament.”

Lag (also called recovery time) - When a character executes an attack, there is a certain amount of time after the attack is over in which that the character cannot move. This is called lag time. Moves that are "laggy" carry an large amount of lag time. Some examples are Ganondorf's ground forward-B when it misses, and Link's aerial down-A not L-cancelled. See L-cancel, startup. “Pikachu’s aerials have more landing lag than Pichu’s.”

Ledge cancel - By landing at the edge of a platform with momentum going away, you can cancel any kind of lag, as your character will land, then fall off the platform. “Ledge canceling is common in SSB Board the Platform strategies, since most platforms can’t be fallen through.”

Light Shield- Holding L or R lightly or Z brings up a bigger but weaker shield. It prevents shield-stabbing and is great for guarding against weak attacks. When used by holding the Z button, light shielding is called Z-shielding (the only difference is the name). See shield. “She can light shield more consistently than anyone I know. Pillaring has little effect against her Jigglypuff.”

Meteor Smash/ Meteor Spike- A meteor is a spike that can be meteor-cancelled. Most send the opponent straight down. This includes most spikes. See spike, meteor-cancel. “Meteor smashes are good for edgeguarding, but they can also be used while the opponent is on the ground as combo set-ups. The opponent will pop up into the air.”

Meteor-cancel- Jumping out of an opponent's meteor. If you double jump or up-b immediately after being hit by a meteor smash you can cancel the momentum from the meteor smash. “He meteor-canceled repeatedly, until his opponent got pissed off and just kneed him off the side.”

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#9
Mindgames- There are two senses in which this can be used. The first describes actions taken by a player that surprise his or her opponent, usually through unorthodox movement or sub-optimal strategy. The second describes the thought process of a player throughout a match; players that think on a significantly higher level than their opponents in terms of predictions, counters, and strategies, are said to have better mindgames. Both definitions are intertwined in many ways. "Aniki has insane mindgames; he uses Link and Samus and doesn't wavedash, yet he still manages to place well in tournaments."

Money match- a match played with a set monetary bet on the side. “I wonder how much Isai makes off of money matches?”

Moonwalk- Moonwalking can be performed by many characters, but the most effective moonwalker is Captain Falcon. To moonwalk, dash in a direction and quickly do a half circle rotation back (during which you should be pressing down at some point). The character will dash forward, then slide back while still doing their dashing animation. “Silent Spectre popularized the moonwalk, and it has now become a popular mix-up tactic for CF players.”

No-ping hit- Hitting with the handle of a home-run bat, so that it does not make the distinctive "ping" sound. Sends the target at a higher trajectory than a tipper. No-ping hits go further than tippers, up to a certain percentage. See tipper. “I was on record pace, but got an aerial forward no-ping instead of the tipper I wanted.”

Phantom Hit- Describes the glitch where an attack hits but doesn't move the opponent and only does half of the normal amount of damage. Occurs when the opponent is hit by the very edge of a hitbox. “Phantom rests are one of the most hilarious things that can happen in a match; that is, until you get one in a tournament.”

Pillar- Two forms of this concept have arisen over the years. The first, its formal definition, involves a Falco player chipping away at an opponents’ shield by alternating between shuffled d-airs and his shine attack. The second, more commonly used definition is the actual shine to d-air combo where the opponent receives damage. It is also used, rarely, to refer to similar tactics as Fox. “His pillaring’s pretty good, but his edgeguarding isn’t much. He’s not very good at punishing mistakes.”

Powershielding- Shielding when a projectile or thrown item is inside the range of the shield. This will result in a white flash and the attack not hitting you or weakening the shield. This causes projectiles to be reflected. “Powershielding Falco’s lasers has apparently become pretty common, as they are rather predictable.”

Priority- What the chances are of an attack taking precedence over another attack if they collide with each other. It is under dispute whether priority is an actual programmed quality of an attack or simply based on hitboxes, spacing, and timing. “Grabs have priority over every other attack in the game.”

Repetitive Move Transmutation- When any move is used repeatedly, the strength and knockback of that move will gradually go down. It can be brought to normal strength by using other moves and/or dying. SSkeeto's term. “I’ve come up with a new HRC NBA strat for Falco that takes into account Repetitive Move Transmutation.”

Rising Pound- Jiggypuff’s forward-B, Pound, can give horizontal distance with almost no loss in vertical height. To perform it, do the pound, then slide the control stick upward. Often used for recovery purposes. Banned in most tournaments as a stalling method, but allowed for recovery. “The Fox u-aired him while he was trying to recover with a Rising Pound.”

Roll- A moving dodge done by tapping the joystick to the left or right while pressing L or R. The roller is invincible for most, but not all, of the roll. Lag, startup, duration, and distance vary by character. “Mewtwo has the longest roll in the game.”

User Info: ycz6

13 years ago#10
Sex Kick- This term refers to any neutral N-air kick that does damage after the actual movement of the foot is over. The attack gets weaker and has less knock back the longer it is out. The only exception is Dr. Mario. His sex kick attack actually gets stronger, and has more knock back the longer it is out. Fox and Falco's aerial backwards A is also considered a sex kick. The "sex" affixation can also be used for swords, chairs, etc... "Samus's sex kick is one of the best n-airs in the game: it's great for disrupting combos and edgeguarding."

Shffl- See the section on shffls below.

Shield- Holding R or L will cause the character to put up a circular shield around their body. The character is immune from most attacks while the shield is up. The shield naturally shrinks over time, and hitting it will shrink it further. If a shield is completely destroyed, the shielding character will experience an enormous amount of stun, essentially giving their opponent a free hit. Jigglypuff will fly upwards if her shield breaks and die if there is no solid object above her. Yoshi's shield looks like an egg, and completely surrounds him regardless of how much it is weakened. By lightly tilting the control stick, one can move the shield around to provide more protection against shield-stab in certain areas. See the terms below for more details, as well as light shield and jump-canceling. "He sat there and shielded my projectiles, but I stayed patient and eventually he had to try to approach."

Shield grab- Hitting A or Z while shielding will allow you to grab the opponent out of a shield. An essential tactic for countering overaggressive opponents. Note that it is sometimes possible to hit a shieldgrabber before the grab comes out. "Isai is notorious for being able to shield-grab almost any approach."

Shield-stab- Attacking a shielded opponent where the shield's leaving a part of the character vulnerable, allowing them to bypass the shield's defense. This gets easier to do as your opponent's shield gets smaller. "One of Jigglypuff's few advantages against Marth is her near-invulnerability to shield-stabs, which are a Marth specialty."

Shield stun- When an attack is shielded, there is a brief period of time during which the shielder cannot do anything. The amount of lag time depends on the move used. "The developers of Melee had to tone down shield stun from the original SSB, in which you could repeatedly attack a shielding opponent and break their shield without letting them react."

Shine- Another name for Fox's and Falco's reflector (down-b). "Many people consider Fox's shine the best move in the game."

Shine-spike- The term for spiking someone using Fox's reflector. Because Fox's reflector sends people down, is instantaneous, and has invincibility frames, it is a very useful method for edge-guarding. See spike. "Zelgadis became infamous for his shinespikes after his video 'Shined Blind' was released."

Short hop- While running or standing, pressing a jump button or up on the control stick for a shorter time than usual will result in a shorter first jump. Abbreviated as SH. "Luigi's combos often involve maneuvering with short-hopped aerials."
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