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User Info: spade88_

8 years ago#1
A group going by the name of PSOR (Phantasy Star Online Resurrection) has made it clear they are making an attempt to bring PSO back to the original XBox.

I think it is clear we all know PSU did not do that well, and PSO2 will be released soon as a free to play. But where does that leave all the other PSO versions, and what will be done to preserve their legacy?

PSO on the GameCube, DreamCast, PC have their own private servers now, and are run in a fan base online community. However PSO for the original xbox was left out of that mix for a lot of reasons. Xbox Live being one of the main problems which has stood in the way of progression for so many video game programmers & enthuses.

Xbox Live opened a vps connection on port 3074 though which psox calls system network protcals from the xbox dashboard network. Now that XBL is down permanently for the original xbox hope of a comeback looked very dry.

PSOR was able to find support from the video game programmers who brought back PSO on the new servers. Although a hand full of them are not registered on PSORs forum they agree and support PSOs comeback on the original xbox. (weather fans of new or old PSO agree this project is being worked on)

True you could right now install PSOBB on your PC and start playing on one of the private servers or do the same with DC/GC, but for veterans of the xbox it will never feel the same.

Google PSOR , check their twitter, and visit their forum it's all up to you...

User Info: Ice_Shield

8 years ago#2
Why are you posting this on the GC version boards?
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User Info: sonic479

8 years ago#3
Xbox version

Stopped reading there. You're at the wrong place.
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User Info: roy5000x2

8 years ago#4
I imagine that no one looks at the xbox PSO board to begin with >.>

I doubt there are many people that even have the xbox version of PSO (besides myself I mean). While it would be cool to play around with my characters on there again, I think I'll stick to blue burst.
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User Info: nhat

8 years ago#5
yea most people have PSO for the GC or PC nowadays. Xbox is long dead because of difficulties of getting it online to a private server.

Also this is the GC board. lol
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User Info: Sxmfct

8 years ago#6
this interests me as i've been playing the xbox version for a couple of weeks now, offline only :[
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User Info: Sxmfct

8 years ago#7
wait, i didn't read the first post properly. for some reason i assumed the server was up and running

oh well, i doubt you'll manage this but good luck
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User Info: Illuminoius

8 years ago#8
Why would we need to preserve a game's "legacy"?
Especially one that's getting a sequel that's better in every possible way?

User Info: TormaDFK

8 years ago#9
Illuminoius posted...
Why would we need to preserve a game's "legacy"?
Especially one that's getting a sequel that's better in every possible way?

Why not? There's no harm in it.

User Info: Gunbladelad

8 years ago#10
Not everyone feels the need to constantly upgrade to "latest & greatest" fad. Some of us are quite happy to continue minding our own business.
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