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  3. Submission rejected b/c it's "already in GFAQs' database" but it's not

User Info: MrFwibbles

5 months ago#1
I tried submitting data for the Chinese/English physical release of Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4), but it was rejected on the grounds that "data for this game already exists in the database"... but it clearly isn't there.

Here is the page for the game: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/195874-earth-defense-force-5/data

You can see that there is no "AS" region release listed at all, let alone the physical one. You can buy this release from Play-Asia or Heavy Arm. It's all over eBay, too. I have a copy myself and the disc is currently in my PS4, so I know it's definitely real.

I don't understand why my submission was rejected. It seems like the staff made a mistake, but I can't be bothered to resubmit the data or argue with them. It came out in December 2018, I can't find an exact date for the Chinese/English release though.

If anyone reading this cares about maintaining the accuracy of the GameFAQs game database, please submit this release info on my behalf.

Edit for clarification: I'm not interested in taking credit for the contribution, I just think the release info should be available as GameFAQs currently makes it seem that there's no physical English release of this game.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

5 months ago#2
You might be able to PM ZoopSoul and ask for a more detailed idea as to why it was rejected. He's usually pretty open to that sort of thing in my experience.
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User Info: ZeoKnight

5 months ago#3
When submitting the data, you can leave the source link there to enable GameFAQs team to recheck the validity of it. In my opinion eBay is a already solid source, and multiple (eBay) links couldn't hurt. If UPC is available, compare it with the other available data; sometimes what you want to submit has the same UPC as one of the previously available data even though the game was released in different region.

Writing the date as "December 2018" is acceptable. Many classic games only have the month and sometimes even only the year because it's already way in the past.

I'm not interesting to post something that's work of someone else. Just try to give it a chance one more time.
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User Info: oliist

5 months ago#4
Since no one else seems to be interested in submitting it (again), I did it. ;)
FYI: I used the product page from Play-Asia as my submitted source.
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  3. Submission rejected b/c it's "already in GFAQs' database" but it's not
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