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User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#1
This board may be small, but it's alive. This small community of game-save contributors may not be swarmed with questions like the other larger and common forms of contributions, but it doesn't mean we don't get our fair share of questions.

What exactly *is* a gamesave?
A game save is a digitally stored piece of data which holds the information about a player's progress in a game. For example, 78% complete in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an example of progress.

How do I use gamesaves from the Internet?
Easily. Say you're not happy with 78% in San Andreas, but want the juicy extras that come with 100%. First, you find the game:

Then, if there are saves listed, click on the Game Saves tab:

Select the save you want and simply click to download it! Using a save/cheat device, you simply transfer the downloaded save to a memory card. Load the game up with that save and die happy. You've got your 100% complete save.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down there. Transfer?! Cheat device? I'm not some 1337 haxx0r. What do I need?
Relax. You're not doing anything complex here. A cheat or save device is a special accessory you can pick up in your local game store. There are different versions of cheat devices and such, all for different consoles. GameCube, GBA, PlayStation 2, XBox, DS, and PSP all have these devices available, as well as some for older consoles.

Where do I get one and how much will it set me back?
Most game stores should have these devices in stock, but if not, the Internet will be your best bet. Action Replay is a prime example of a cheat device which can be ordered from their website:$&r=0&l=1

That's the American listing, but they are available worldwide.

Okay. I'm ready. How do I submit one of these saves?
Submitting a save is very easy. Use the following link:

Search for the game you want and you will be directed to the submit form. Here you simply fill out the details of the save.

Save Date:
The date you want it listed as submitted.

Here you describe what it is. Like 100% complete or All Bonus Extras unlocked. The limit is 230 characters.

Here you select a region. Games are region encoded, much like DVDs, so it's important to label your save's region.

Save Type:
You choose what type of cheat device you used. Once again, it's important you select the right choice.

Local file to upload:
Using this, you select the save from your computer to be sent to GameFAQs. Be sure to store all of your saves in a folder to save time looking for them.

You use this form to give some details to the person who is reviewing the save. These will only be read by the administration team and won't be put online.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#2
How long does it take to be accepted or rejected?
Not as long as you would think. The saves queue is really small compared to cheats or FAQs so is tackled first. A few days at most.
Usually there aren't many of these and I can get through them pretty fast (checking what's already on the site, file format, descriptions, etc). ~ Sailor Bacon.

Erm. Mine was rejected. What gives?
Check to see if there was a reason given. If not, double-check your work (e.g. make sure nobody's submitted an identical save, grammar of description, etc.) and submit it again, but this time using the notes box to ask why it might be rejected again.

But I've got a reason why it was rejected...
Then correct it, of course. If it can't be corrected, then sorry, that save will never see light on GameFAQs.

I know that FAQs and reviews get counters for how many people have looked at them, but do we get one for saves?
Nope. 'Fraid not, although there is a petition going on for one at the moment. Be sure to add feedback to it:

What do you guys think? It's a first draft and I'd like to include your opinions and stuff.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#3
I should add a section on how to transfer a save from the console to the PC and vice-versa.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#4
How do I actually get one of these saves from my console to here at GameFAQs?
If you read the manual that came with your save device, you should know the answer, but we still get questions on it so here we go.

First, make sure you save your game exactly how you want it (e.g. All Bonus Tokens collected, 75/100 car designs unlocked etc.) and save it to your memory card. Now, some devices don't use memory cards and instead use Flash-Drive pens, Wi-Fi and more, so if that's your problem, consult your manual or Tech-Support site of the your save device.

Now that you've got it on your memory card, plug it into your dock. As an example, here's the XBox Action Replay dock:

These docks connect to your computer's USB. Now, you should have installed your save manager onto your computer already, so load up that program now. Once again, I'm using the Action Replay for XBox as an example:

On the far left are all the saves on the memory card. In the middle (cut off by the prompt box) are all the saves on your PC. The far right is something you don't need to worry about just yet. Now, find your saved game in the memory card section and simply DRAG & DROP it into the PC section where it will automatically sort itself. Now you're ready to submit it to GameFAQs.

Use the below submit form to do so:

For more information on how to submit it, see Okay. I'm ready. How do I submit one of these saves?

User Info: Big_Slim

13 years ago#5
man...maybe you can help me... i have armax evo edtiion... im trying to trans a game save to my ps2 memory card and i did everything that it says. yet game save doesnt show up in my load game area for game i downloaded it for.. any ideas

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#6
As mentioned in the other topic, some games use a profile system of 1, 2, 3 etc., much like the Current-Gen Grand Theft Auto games (8 slots). If you have 9 saves, it will only display the first 8 in terms of age. If you delete the old save and replace it with the new one, it should load...

User Info: Big_Slim

13 years ago#7
but see that my issue. i only have 5 saves in my gta sa, so i dont get why these saves i got offline arnt loading into memory card

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#8
Which game is it for? San Andreas?

As I said, they use a number system. You can't have more than two of any number. If you have an extra 5 for example, it will display only the one you first had on the card.

User Info: jimfish

13 years ago#9
I'm trying to copy a save from my XBox onto a memory card, but there's no option to copy and the card isn't even full. What gives?
The most common reason for this is because it's a "tailor-made" save as Code Junkies would call it. Basically, the game you have makes the save so it's designed for your own console and won't work on anybody else's. Meaning? You won't be able to copy or transfer the save.

Do you have a list of these games?
I don't have any list whatsoever other than a few examples given by Code Junkies. Those are: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Phantasy Star Online, Burnout 2, and Kung Fu Chaos. There are plenty more, but I can't confirm anything.

User Info: LinuxRocks

13 years ago#10
It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed. - Vladimir Lenin.
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