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User Info: lelewow

8 years ago#11
It's the same as the original, just like the PS1 Classics
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User Info: theGlegend

8 years ago#12
you can call me a max payne game noob. when max payne came out to me, it was controller revolutionary. until that point i had loved, not having to use the left analog stick it was just there.. then that game made mandatory use of both and i was so used to the dpad i couldnt adjust. i guess a little later halo 1 came out and a friend insisted on it and it was..(i never played 007 and all its n64 gloriousness other than a 1 v 1 game where i just was dumbfounded by fps and controls,... and extreme 9 foot triangle polygonization...) properly evolutionary because games finally hit that eyeball orgasm level where my whole childhood demandedgames look like those damn fmv's and they did finally. i was no means a halo freak or xbox hore or whatever... fps just suddenly felt great because it was so up close and detailed..

then you max and the maddden/wwe photo cropped realism, and the awesome blood splatter and imitation rag doll. playin it on psn i now know why it was loved, i like it 12 years later finally.. even though the slightest touchmakes the gorilla feet run. havent beaten it yet, but it also reminds me in addition to passing it uo was cuz of graphics, you got drubk wall textures, and then (anybody remember this??) project snowblind with cutting edge graphics, and the #$5*&^ of gun sounds.
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User Info: Kashmir75

8 years ago#13
MP1 was, and still is, a great game, IMO.

I have it for PS2. I didn't play MP2 sadly, I hope they put it up on PSN.

MP3 is great, I bought it the other day.

The only parts in MP1 that were annoying were the platformer parts. I found them especially difficult.
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