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User Info: CultCryptik

8 years ago#1
rip ps2

User Info: Lessermook

8 years ago#2
lol why max payne in UK
Weird to me.
Im not a troll.
I just hate everything you like.

User Info: fitftw

8 years ago#3
I never owned it on PS2. I had downloaded it for PC like 6 years ago and I loved it. Just bought it on the PSN store to relive some memories. I love how the game progresses. It's not too hard, not too annoying, it's just perfectly set up.

User Info: guwa

8 years ago#4
Can't say I've ever played it.

User Info: TylerID

8 years ago#5
Worth checking out then:)

User Info: Uncleseb

8 years ago#6
Lessermook posted...
lol why max payne in UK
Weird to me.

What's weird?

User Info: DH2007

8 years ago#7
Do you mean last ps2 game made or last ps2 game made available for download? Because I seem to remember there being a sequel to this game on the ps2, either way this is a great series.
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User Info: lelewow

8 years ago#8
how could this be the last PS2 game? this came out in 2001!
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