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User Info: evil_hamster123

12 years ago#1

Well, I have the original version of this game, not the box or gold edition.

I have installed the patch and tried running the game in each and every one of the compatibility modes.

The problem is that while the map is supposed to be revealed smoothly as a unit gets nearby, it instead reveals large, square chunks. Then, when a unit isn't nearby, the fog of war doesn't come back. I cannot see units where the fog should be, but the complete lack of the fog makes it difficult to tell how far my units can see and whether or not there are actually opponents nearby.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could change to remedy this problem?


User Info: lostsa

12 years ago#2

Yo man, I had the same problem too, it was damn irritating. I eventually found a solution, check this out:

"Regarding AoM: Simply backup the i845.gfx, now backup geforce3.gfx and finally rename geforce3.gfx to i845.gfx and you're done :) AoM plays with all resolutions and finest graphics. Enjoy! The *.gfx files are in the gfxconfig (and gfxconfig2 for The Titans) subfolder. Maybe Intel should add this to the GMA965 FAQ to help other AoM players using the X3000/3100 chipset.

Fenvarien "

from here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/user-community-for-intel-graphics-technology/topic/56093/

It worked for me.

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