Back in 2003 this game was recalled worldwide (SPOILERS)

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  3. Back in 2003 this game was recalled worldwide (SPOILERS)

User Info: Slamdance_Karma

9 years ago#1
I've been surfing a few articles about it from that time (which are still available on the Net), and it seems nobody at MS, or MS Japan in particular picked up on the Koran verses used as a background chant being potentially offensive to devout Muslims. Seems it took a protest from the Saudi government and its oil billions to get their attention.

Well, Kakuto-Chojin isn't a great fighting game, but IMO it deserved a better fate than this. A sequel might even have been good, if the development team that MS Japan had cobbled together from ex-Dream Factory and Tekken staff would've had a chance. So sez moi.

As for the Koranic chants, I read from one source (the Guardian newspaper's story linked to at the wikipedia article) that they were removed, and the game re-released, although I don't think that occured in North America.

When it comes to religious content that is potentially offensive there have been a few games I can recall that savaged Christian images and messages (SPOILERS)
...such as the Grandia game with the very Papal-looking villain screaming over and over again "I shall SMITE THEE", um, yeah...

But then perhaps insulting Christians is somehow politically correct to today's mass media types (mass media including Windows products, of course), when such "freedom of expression" doesn't potentially involve oil-rich murderous terrorist fanatics kidnapping your employees and pirating/sabotaging your wares. X(

So IMO this mediocre game became a pawn for a much worse act of censorship and extortion.
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User Info: King_Tigerclaw

9 years ago#2
Ok...........ummm, thanks for the history lesson? >_>

Seriously, though.........I was looking for news on why this game was supposedly recalled or banned or whatever.
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User Info: Gouki22

9 years ago#3
"Beating me is against God's will."
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User Info: Namine_Zero

9 years ago#4
I bought this game last year in a bargain bin at a Fred Meyer. I wonder if it still has that offensive part in it. I had actually heard about the recall back when it happened, but I didn't know it was this game that got recalled. And just remember, nothing is racist/prejudice, as long as your only talking about christian white males.
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  3. Back in 2003 this game was recalled worldwide (SPOILERS)

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