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  3. Did anyone enjoy the Library?

User Info: abresson

10 years ago#1
It was a long time ago when I last played CE, but for some reason I remember enjoying the Library. All the frustration I remember from playing the level was from turning a corner and just being hit randomly by a rocket.
I still think every mission from CE is better than any other Halo game, except maybe some of H2.
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User Info: Massaca

10 years ago#2
I loved the Library >_>

I really enjoy playing it in co-op with my mate. I usually have a Plasma Pistol and shotty and he has a Pistol and AR. Sometimes we swap the AR/shotty over or both take shotguns, but I always keep a Plasma Pistol cause it's so good.

Oh, and I love H2's campaign/levels the most.
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User Info: Lord_Revan90210

10 years ago#3
best level of all the halos
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User Info: Numan_Dakari

10 years ago#4
really good level,but Bungie gave the flood rockets (WTF Bungie?!?) but overall made the game feel new,and you can play it different every time! sometimes your forced to run and hide,but sometimes the only option is to get Gung-Ho on those gurgling freaks,and sometimes you gotta taake cover and fight but keep a watch on your ammo!and those are only my ways of playing it! easily up there with T&R, AotCR, and The Silent Cartographer!
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User Info: MurphysGhost

10 years ago#5
Yes, I enjoyed the Library.

It was a good change-up for gameplay, and I liked the mildly creepy environment/atmosphere.

I liked fighting the Flood in Halo 1 and 2. In Halo 3 I didn't think they were very fun- didn't like their design in that game at all.
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User Info: Numan_Dakari

10 years ago#6
i just finished another library run-through on legendary and this time i was ALONE,needles to say i died...a lot, but i truly got the feeling of how great and important the library is to the storyline.
.The Dakari Are Strong.The Dakari are fearless.The Dakari are the one,true,masters of the force.
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User Info: burningsmurfs

10 years ago#8
Yes even though people say it was repetitive and endless I liked that it felt like it was SUPPOSED to be like that and be creepy and feel like you'd never make it out. Great atmosphere that really fit the situation.

"whew I finally made it through that door, oh great more flood spewing out and I'm locked in here"
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User Info: Comix6190

10 years ago#9
It was my most hated level until Cortana. Repetitive, boring, a bit confusing... Guilty Spark was infinitely superior as a flood level.

User Info: mooseifer69

10 years ago#10

It was difficult and... not annoying, but I can't find the word. At the time, I hadn't played much games. There was a certain quality to playing that level. At that point in my gaming, I had no opinion on good or bad games, I just played them. Nothing stood out to me. I had fun in the beginning of Halo, and I was going to play it until I beat it. It's almost nostalgic now, and there's something almost charming about it.

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