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User Info: itachi134

7 years ago#11
These dice pools all look too similar. Its always:
1- Have loads of power-up monsters
2- Have a main monster
3- Use Feral Imp and Thousand Dragon
4- Throw in some level 4 dice for crests

You need to have more flow. The power-up monsters, save for Mammoth Graveyard, all have the issue of having bad crest sides for the most part and do not help you gather the major crests you need to have at the start of the game. Its not a bad idea at all to use them, but you really do not want to flood your dice pool with four or more of them, because there are much better options out there.

Its true that the dice pools I've been posting are limited to one of the same dice only, but even then the only dice that I might want to have at more than one copy are Crater Creator, Battle Warrior, Time Wizard and Lord of D. Those particular dice have way too big of an impact on the game state when you are allowed to have more than one of them though, which is why the limitation was invoked.

Your use of Metalzoa in these dice pools seems unnecessary as well. In general, you want to have specific crest dice at each level, and not just level 4. This way you can always roll one of them for crests at any point in the game and also roll two creatures that you wish to summon. Energy Disc is a good one for level 1 dice, but I also highly suggest Kuriboh and Mystical Elf in most of these pools as well, since they give you exactly what kind of crests you need at the start of the game. Kuriboh in particular would give you four attack crests, which is more than enough to win a standard game against the CPU and two guard crests, which is again usually more than enough against the CPU. Mystical Elf gives movement and magic, and it also is a great choice to summon as it has great stats for a level 1 monster.

You are on the right track with Feral Imp and Thousand Dragon for level 2 dice, but throw in Winged Dragon #1 as well since he is basically the level 2 version of Energy Disc and can get you even more movement crests. Anyway, I don't want this post to sound derailing because I'm not trying to call you out or anything like that. Its just more food for thought on how you can improve on some of these. Good work so far though man, and good luck on those future dice pools!

User Info: Artoo_64

7 years ago#12
I'll be honest. I love gimmicks. If you search on tvtropes the article for "Awesome, But Impractical," that's the way I play. Of course, this only works against computers, and since I've never played link battle, I honestly don't know the best ways to optimize the pools. But at the same time, I don't really want to since I'd rather have the 5 million ATK monster in the dungeon.

So yeah, despite all the calculations I did in the beginning of this thread, I don't really have anyone to play against to actually see what is optimal. So I'll make the disclaimer now that these pools are not optimal, only to optimize fun for me.

To optimize fun, I throw down a big monster boosted by other monsters, and use certain dice to get the crests I need. Because movement is the most important crest in the game, I always roll level 1 dice with Energy Disc. Is it optimal? No, because you'll need other crests once in a while. But the computer is too stupid to take advantage of this, and I have plenty of time to roll Metalzoa to get movement and defense crests, as well as plenty of time to roll Thousand Dragon and Feral Imp to get the attack crests I want.

Sometimes when I get really mad at bad luck (i.e., I summon two level 1s and try to summon a level 3 forever but failing while computer literally gets all 10 dimensions up already from one level 3, six level 2s, and three level 1s or something of the like), then I actually go around the entire dungeon killing every single one of his monsters before killing his dungeon master. Not even close to optimal, and extremely bad manners against a human, but that is why there are helpless computers to beat down on.

User Info: itachi134

7 years ago#13
Lol, yeah. It is fun to pick on the CPU with overpowered monsters. You should try out a Dark Magician Girl dice pool, since that is definitely the most fun to play and you can strengthen her more than any other monster in the game.

Don't worry too much about optimizing if you are playing just for fun, but I still think my suggestion can help you out a little. Having just one Kuriboh can be a big help. Winged Dragon #1 is also a big help. If you don't like Winged Dragon #1, The 13th Grave is another option. I think it might be a little more useful to you than Metalzoa if you had a few more dice at level 1 and 2 that offer good crests, because those are the main dice levels you will be rolling throughout the game.

User Info: Artoo_64

7 years ago#14
Magician Dragon
Level 1:
3x Parrot Dragon
1x Energy Disc

Level 3:
2x Magician Dragon
3x Right Arm of the Forbidden One

Level 4:
3x Thousand-Eyes Restrict
3x Metalzoa

Magician Dragon is the most dangerous monster in the game. Its stats are only 20 ATK/10 DEF/40 HP, but what makes it strong is its magic ability. For 3 magic crests, everything up to 3 squares away from it is destroyed. That includes traps and even your own monsters. This is stronger and still cheaper than Blast Lizard's ability, which is already strong. For 3 trap crests, you can also take your opponent's defense and add it to your own.

Since you won't attack with Magician Dragon except to kill your opponent's dungeon master, start out by summoning a couple of Parrot Dragons for defense. Then summon Magician Dragon, collect magic crests with Thousand-Eyes Restrict, and just destroy everything and kill your opponent. Trap crests aren't really necessary since with two Parrot Dragons, Magician Dragon's defense is already 30 and he already has 40 HP, but if you want it, roll Metalzoa.

User Info: Artoo_64

7 years ago#15
Bump to prevent archive, though I've been really busy lately so I haven't played much.
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