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User Info: MasterKnight75

8 months ago#1
I thought I'd provide a tier list for AW1, even if I guarantee there wouldn't be an active metagame, but if you're curious, here you go:

BAN Tier:

Top tier:

Mid Tier:

Bottom Tier:

Joke Tier:

My explanation on each character's placement:

*Sami - that passive 10% DEF boost to infantry would already give Sami a high place just for suffocating Anti-Air Tanks and neutering Max's Light Tanks from 1HKOing them, but what gets her above Max is Double Time. Not only is it inexpensive, but it benefits from AW1's painfully worse offensive charging, AND it furthers the defense boost and makes captures easier as a result. When soldier flooding is already dominant causing even Max's directs to get swarmed outright and then Grit becomes unable to hard counter her as well, particularly with Grit's soldiers even actually losing attack power and he can't stop a Double Time capture with a single Artillery shot, Sami gets a surprisingly easy ride to the top of the list.

*Max - make no mistake: Max still has that +50% ATK on most of his units. He does at least demand unit type juggling to make the most of his directs, but beyond that, he has more 1HKOs than he has a right to, and he's not putting up with defense being the monster it becomes in AW2 and AWDS. Sami's infantry are simply outrageous, but every other CO has their Infantry carry around either no defense boosts to ruin his 1HKOing, or a significant drawback, so Max wouldn't have to worry about that. And when Max isn't being beaten to the first MD Tank, he isn't going to care to deployed his weakened indirects. Easily banworthy just as much as Sami.

*Grit - while Grit wouldn't get his passive power boost to indirects until AW2, he still has his +1 Range, and Snipe Attack has the stats of AW2 Super Snipe for the same defensive charging amount as AW2 Snipe Attack. Grit has the best chance against Sami, but unfortunately, -20% ATK on his infantry will definitely make it harder for him to accomplish the needed setup when Sami can just pull an economy rush no sweat. Otherwise, Grit can just focus on stopping immediate rushes to set up his death ball. Max would still deconstruct the Artilley cluster, but most COs would have problems if they don't nip it in the bud. Grit gets up here because his worst matchup is already banworthy.

*Eagle - Eagle has the best shot against the top 3 IMO, particularly Grit, the only one who would be at the least risk of being considered banworthy. Although Eagle's D2D is normal aside from better air units (at the cost of sea units in case those get used), Lightning Strike is what gets Eagle here, because it requires only 5/8 of the defensive charging that it does in AW2, granted that it also has a penalty here, but is anybody going to argue much against double turn? With the lesser charging requirement, Eagle would have more living vehicles for his Lightning Strike even with the offense charging issues.

*Sturm - I would actually place Sturm as #3 and another ban if not for how bad he gets against Grit. Yeah, Sturm has a mobility advantage, but his Recons aren't going to be good at disrupting Grit's economy, and without that, he has to put up with Artillery shelling that will just laugh at his defense boosting to where the occasional Meteor Strike isn't going to make a difference when it would take too long to charge up. Otherwise, Sturm just asks for combat to become slapfights. Eagle has the best chance against Sturm just because of Lightning Strike.

(Continued for Mid to Bottom.)
Master Knight DH at your service.

User Info: MasterKnight75

8 months ago#2
*Kanbei - those higher costs actually get to mean something, because Kanbei's inflated stats can only mean so much, since he's not going to get as much vehicle firepower, particularly painful against Max. AW1 Morale Boost is also a joke, being actually weaker than AW2 Morale Boost, not exactly a stellar Power, for a higher cost of 50K compared to 36K, and defense isn't as ridiculous as it is in AW2 even before Samurai Spirit gets involved, not to undersell Sami's own defense, but she doesn't have added money costs with it. Still, Kanbei is at least capable of being a decent threat otherwise, just that he's going to lack the mobile offense to combat Eagle or Sturm.

*Nell - passive D2D with a CO Power that can do some shocking damage. Luck damage isn't that strong, though, but everybody I have below Nell isn't very adept to begin with, such that AW2 actually buffed them by giving them their Super CO Power and also doubling the offensive charging rates while slightly reducing their pure defensive charging requirement because they just plain lack decisive strengths here. Nell got the same treatment, actually, but yeah, luck damage.

*Andy - 2 HP healing can at least help with an extended attack and does have Andy indicated to be player phase friendly. However, Andy lacks any decisive strengths to manage anything incredible, though healing can allow for more survivability with the infantry.

*Drake - Tsunami can effectively improve attack power by about 16% against enemies on Cities before the CO Power boost, but it still costs quite a bit, and meanwhile, Drake's air units are laughably bad (why they're nerfed even further in AW2, I don't know) so he has a subpar D2D. Tsunami in AW1 also doesn't even apply a fuel cut, so he can't even manage supply disruption.

*Olaf - unfortunately, Blizzard isn't good against clusters, and Olaf doesn't have any boosts to call his own to punch through against them. There's a reason he would get a mass damage Super CO Power in AW2. Contrast to Drake who at least can Tsunami his opposition. (Oh, and before you ask, Olaf's Blizzard is 3 Stars in AW2.)

*Sonja - dealing 1.5 HP less at random for no valid strengths. Need I say more? And no, the hidden HP doesn't count. There's a reason her D2D in AW2 makes her counterattacks stronger.
Master Knight DH at your service.

User Info: Fiop

2 days ago#3
Thanks for sharing. I remember looking for something like this awhile ago after playing this game but not finding it.
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